Hachifukumaru Ramen – Off-The-Radar Ramen Shop By The Popular Nantsuttei Group

Hachifukumaru Ramen

Hachifukumaru Ramen – an offshoot of award-winning Nantsuttei Group – is tucked at the end of OG Orchard Point’s first floor.

The 31-seater ramen shop is renowned for its unique addition of aromatic black garlic oil into the rich ramen broth.

Open daily from 11am till 10.30pm, Hachifukumaru Ramen’s location along prime retail district Orchard Road makes it convenient to pop by when you have a ramen craving to fix. Choose your ramen soup base from Chicken, Miso or Tonkotsu, and complete your meal with their delectable variety of Japanese delicacies such as Mentai Atsuyaki Tamago, Yude Won-Ton and Fried Pork Karaage.

This is surely one underrated ramen shop in Singapore.

For those who are not in the know, Hachifukumaru Ramen is a restaurant concept by the successful Nantsuttei Group. Chef Ichiro Furuya is a popular chef who has made special appearances in many Japanese TV shows and reputable presses. His ramen creations have won numerous accolades – which is unsurprising, given how his dishes are original and one-of-a-kind.

Hachifukumaru Ramen Orchard

What are the chances where you would actually walk into a Japanese restaurant that is situated at an obscure corner of OG Orchard Point? Discovering Hachifukumaru Ramen by chance is almost impossible and everyone who shows up here for a bowl of piping hot ramen has either heard of its glorious brand name from the media or relied on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Yet, Hachifukumaru Ramen receives patrons daily who are eager to savour their tasty ramen.

Hachifukumaru Tonkotsu Ramen

And affordability is also one key factor that keeps its patrons loyal. The most basic Nantsuttei Tonkotsu Ramen Rich Creamy Pork Soup is priced affordably at S$10.80++ and S$12++ for a regular size and Japan size respectively.

The robust tonkotsu broth is topped with fragrant black ma-yu. Mind you, the garlic has actually been painstakingly fried over seven phases alongside several condiments – which remains a secret – to achieve that harmonious blend.

The signature Hachifukumaru Ramen (regular size – S$11.80++, Japan size – S$13++) is a nutritious chicken-base soup prepared with chicken bones and chicken feet that have been cooked for approximately 12 hours. The slightly creamy broth contains a myriad of healthy ingredients – bean sprouts, carrots, chives, corn, garlic, ginger and spring onions.

Tori Kaarage Hachifukumaru Ramen

Tori Kaarage Hachifukumaru Rameni (regular size – S$13.80++, Japan size – S$15++) is the bestselling Hachifukumaru Ramen topped with succulent fried chicken chunks. You can select either red or black roasted garlic oil to be added to your chicken soup. We had the former and the bowl of goodness is characterised by a tolerable level of pepperiness.

Spicy Siro Miso Chasumen

The Hachifukumaru Ramen’s Spicy Siro Miso Chasumen (regular size – S$17.30++, Japan size – S$18.50++) has a customisable spice level – from level zero to level four. Chicken soup and miso soup have been blended together with dried fruits and fried onions to attain the exquisite taste.


It is worth mentioning that each bowl of ramen noodles are incredibly springy. The chashu used here are created with premium pork loin. You can also top up your bowl with bean sprouts (S$1.50++), eggs (S$1.50++), seaweed (S$1++) and unlimited garlic (free of charge).

Hachifukumaru Ramen Appetisers

Delicious ramen aside, Hachifukumaru Ramen’s menu has a splendid selection of à la carte items. Fried food lovers must not miss out on the Fried Chicken “Karaage” (S$6++). A sweet soy sauce base – merged with Japanese soup – has been smeared over these ultra juicy fried chicken slices and topped with wasabi mayonnaise and egg tartar sauce.


Fuufu Enman Gyoza – also known as Happy Couple Gyozas (S$6++) – are skilfully made from scratch with Nantsuttei’s original gyoza recipe. Each piping hot pan-fried dumpling is filled with garlic and meat stuffings.

Mentaiko Tamago

Last but not least, a highly recommended sharing dish is the Mentai Atsuya Tamago (S$6++). We were pleasantly surprised by this simple-looking and unassuming omelette. The fluffy atsuyaki egg omelette wraps a rich mentaiko filling and is drizzled with mayonnaise sauce. The pickled cod roe is mildly spiced.

Hachifukumaru Ramen is a non-pretentious Japanese eatery and we certainly will return for their wholesome bowls whenever our ramen craving strikes.

Hachifukumaru Ramen
#01-13, OG Orchard Point
160 Orchard Road
Singapore 238842
Tel: +65 6737 9713
Daily: 11am – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Somerset

This post is brought to you by Hachifukumara Ramen.