EwF Is Back With New Burgers And Fries – Free Upsize & S$1 Cone Fries


The beloved local brand, EwF, for casual burgers and fries is back at its space in Bugis Junction, this time with new burgers and fries!

EwF is known widely for their tasty yet affordable burgers, with prices as low as S$7.90. To complete a meal, you only have to top-up an additional S$2 for a serving of fries and a drink of choice. It is little wonder they’ve enjoyed popularity for as long as they have been around!

Now, EwF is back with new fries and burger options that are better than ever; think Shrimp Salsa Burger and Mexicana Fries. The other good news is the revamped EwF menu does not have any pork and lard!

From now till 31 September 2016, quote ‘Ladyironchef’ to receive a complimentary meal upsize when you order any burger or fries set at EwF Bugis Junction. In addition, there will be cone fries going for only S$1 every alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the month of September!

EwF Beef Burger


As we were digging into the burger, we noticed the burger is slightly taller than before. We found out that EwF has decided to fatten up the beef patties in their signature burgers.

Yay to a bigger beef burger (S$7.90 for single patty, S$9.90 for double patty)!

Har Jeong Kai Nuggets


Perhaps unknown to some,EwF also serves the wicked Har Jeong Kai (prawn paste chicken) in bite-sized nuggets (S$6.90).

This deep-fried goodness is so tender and soft, with a lingering fragrance in the air and in our mouths, it makes us wonder why no one has done it before. But EwF is a genius; we are hooked to this already on the first bite.

EwF Shrimp Salsa Burger


Meanwhile for the Shrimp Salsa Burger (S$7.90), we have a sea of salsa that sits atop a shrimp patty. We enjoyed the refreshing touch of salsa for it gave the burger a much-loved crunch. This burger is a relatively lighter option and with more veggies, and it is no surprise the females on our table loved it so.

EwF Cajun Chicken Burger


If you are not a seafood person the Char-grilled Cajun Chicken Burger (S$7.90) is one to consider. It is built pretty similarly to the Shrimp Burger, with a chicken patty soaked with Cajun seasonings and accompanied by garlic aioli, green pesto and salsa.

EwF Cheesy Slider


With all the magnificent burgers right in front of us, The Slider (S$7.90) also left us with an impression. At times when a typical burger is too big and messy to deal with, sliders come in to save our day.

The beef is well-marinated and shares its space with crispy turkey bacon and green pickles encased in a soft bun. Here comes the best part: the fillings are drenched in sticky, melty cheese.

EwF Fries


Well, it is high time someone came up with this idea. Who said fries always have to be an accompaniment?

At EwF, fries are main courses too! Lunch can be a plateful of fries with Cajun Chicken on Fries (S$8.90) or Mexicana Fries (S$8,90) doused in cheese sauce. The Mexicana Fries come with fresh guacamole – which, of course, we couldn’t love more.

EwF Cheesecake


EwF is also launching a dessert in conjunction with their reopening.

The Super Awesome EwF Cheesecake (S$6.50) is so soft upon slicing in, the cheesecake crumbs fall all over into a wonderful mess. The flavours are not overly intense, so this is also for non-cheese lovers! There was a slight salty note too, and it was only a matter of seconds before we devoured the creamy cake.


From now till 31 September 2016, simply quote ‘Ladyironchef’ to receive a complimentary meal upsize when you order any burger set at EwF in Bugis Junction.


EwF is having an amazing S$1 Cone Fries deal on 7, 13, 21 and 27 September 2016. A different flavoured cone fries will be available each week. It is a deal too good to be missed. Mark the dates down!

EwF Burgers

200 Victoria Street
#04-05, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 6338 0135
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Bugis

This post is brought to you by EwF.