Yàn – Stunning Cantonese Restaurant in National Gallery Singapore With Omakase

Yan Singapore

The official opening of the long-awaited National Gallery Singapore saw the opening of several stellar dining establishments, and Yàn is one of the gastronomic destinations that every epicurean should make a special trip to.

154-seater Yàn is a beautiful Cantonese restaurant that sits on the fifth floor of the stunning museum, and we are completely in love with the restaurant’s chinoiserie-chic vibes and menu of elegant Cantonese cuisine.

A new Chinese gourmet star has emerged in Singapore’s City Hall district and we have to share with you the dining highlights of our meal at Yàn. From Crispy Roast Suckling Pig, Double-boiled Chicken Soup to Dim Sum Platter, here are 9 Dishes We Love From Yàn.

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double boiled chicken soup yan


No better way to start your meal than with the Double-boiled Chicken Soup (S$22++ per person). Unlike traditional herbal soups that are served in ceramics, Yàn’s rendition of the chicken broth is interestingly served in a young coconut and with crispy breadstick on the side.

Dig in and you will discover a few clams, dried longans and goji berries. The overall taste profile is light and aromatic with a lingering aftertaste of fresh coconut flesh. It is one chicken broth that we won’t soon forget.

suckling pig


Yàn’s signature Crispy Roast Suckling Pig (half – S$124++, whole – S$248++) requires an advanced ordering a day prior to your visit, but the lusciously crispy skin will be worth the effort.

pig fillet yan

Imagine sinking your teeth into fragrant crispy pork skin complemented with pancake, carved suckling pig’s shoulder and a tender pig fillet oven-baked with lemongrass… We are certain that you will love it.

crabmeat egg white


A recommendation by the chef was the Pan-fried Crab Meat with Egg White (S$12++ per person), and we sure loved it. The hearty dish features braised duo vermicelli tossed served with crabmeat, beansprouts and golden pumpkin sauce. Grab a spoonful of the de-shelled crustacean mixture, wrap it with a green lettuce and you are good to go.

yan roast


Roasts are synonymous with Cantonese cuisine, and Yàn showcases an impressive selection of mouthwatering roast delights – such as Barbecue Honey Pork (from S$18++), Peking Duck (half – S$40++, whole – S$80++), Roast Crispy Chicken (medium – S$23++, large – S$46++), Roast Duck (from S$20++), Roast Pork Belly (S$14++ per serving) and Soya Chicken (from S$18++).

Can’t make up your mind? We couldn’t too, that was why we went for the Barbecue Combination Platter (from S$22++).

crispy noodle ball


Master Chef Chan Kung Lai – with over two decaades of culinary experience – has successfully nailed the haute Cantonese cuisine with his gorgeous creation of Fried Live Prawn with Crispy Noodle Ball (S$12++ per person).

The seafood dish itself is an art; diners are supposed to pour piping hot broth over the deep-fried ball of crispy noodles, and the end result is a partial-crisp-and-partial-soft texture. Served with delicate sweet prawns, it is one light dish that is seemingly simple, but it will leave you craving for more with its light sweetness from the broth.

chilli crab buns


Ever wondered what a cross between Cantonese fare and Singaporean cuisine would look like? Well, the answer is right here.

Yàn has pushed all boundaries and surprised us with their newest dim sum creation – the Pan-Fried Chilli Crab Meat bun (S$9++ / 3 pieces). Think generous amounts of our national dish Chilli Crab stuffed in tasty wok-fried buns. It is akin to eating chilli crab the usual way, with our mantous and all, but this packs a different punch with the bun’s fragrance and slight oiliness, complete with sesame seeds no less.

yan liu sha bao


We are unabashedly ashamed of being hopelessly obsessed with custard buns, or better known as liu sha bao. In fact, we are on an eternal pursuit to hunt for the best in town, and with this meal, Yàn has made the cut to our top few.

Yes, Yàn has seriously taken these awesome salted egg yolk buns to a whole new level. These buns are deep-fried, yet successfully retained its lava fluidity. We admittedly took a long time to photograph these treats – so imagine our surprise that the yummy lava was still flowy when we finally tucked in. Thumbs up, Yàn! We will be coming back for more of these!

yan hot almond cream


Hot Almond Cream is a classic and timeless Chinese dessert – made from almond and rice – that instantly warms our hearts. Head Chef Chan Kung Lai is born and raised in Hong Kong, which is no surprise there on why the sweet treat tastes authentically Cantonese.

No frills about the cream, really. Just finely pounded almond to create the smoothest almond cream with equal consistency and at just the right degree of sweetness.

dim sum platter


Yàn does an excellent job in injecting new elements of surprises in its presentation of dishes, but without compromising on the key essences of authentic Cantonese recipes.

The Dim Sum Combination Platter (S$18++) features six delicate bite-size treats – steamed black truffle prawn dumpling, steamed fish roe siew mai, steamed vegetarian dumpling, deep-fried taro dumpling, deep-fried stuffed golden mushroom and deep-fried seaweed beancurd sheet.

A great sampler if you cannot decide on which dim sum dish to order!

Yan main dining


Yàn is one place that is suitable for every occasion thinkable, from anniversary celebrations to birthday parties, business luncheons and family meals.

Private rooms are also available for booking, and omakase meals are an option should you be in the mood for some surprises. And what we love most about the omakase option is that you get to dine at your own budget.

Just let the chef know your budget, and he will customise a multi-course meal for you. Regardless of your budget, he will try his best to incorporate Yàn’s signatures so that you have a true taste of what the team is proud of and known for. Now, that’s one omakase that wouldn’t have you feeling ripped off.

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1 St. Andrew’s Road, #05-02
National Gallery Singapore
Singapore 178957
Reservations: +65 63845585 / [email protected]
Mon to Fri: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Sat and Sun: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: City Hall

This post is brought to you by Yàn.