Mukshidonna – Our Favourite Korean Tteokbokki Hot Pot Is Now In Hong Kong


It is no secret by now that we are huge fans of Mukshidonna Tteokbokki Restaurant in Seoul. If there was only one place we could go to when in Seoul, this would be it.

For all who have never heard of Mukshidonna , they are a chain of casual eateries and are famed for their affordable and extremely addictive Korean¬†Tteokbokki Hot Pot. And they are now in Hong Kong! This, we couldn’t be more excited about.

Mukshidonna Hong Kong is pretty much like the original shop in Seoul.

Mukshidonna hotpot

You are to choose from 5 different soup bases (HK$58 for lunch/ HK$68 for dinner) – cheese, seafood, bulgogi, budae and vegetable. We like the bulgogi the best, and that is not to say you can’t have the rest.

The other ingredients can be added on, but the base is the one that makes the difference in the overall taste.

Carbs such as noodles (HK$15 per portion) are available for add-ons too, and the options include ramen, vermicelli, udon and jjolmyeon.

Other toppings (HK$18 per portion) include ham, seaweed, egg and meat dumpling.

Seafood Hotpot

Prices are naturally higher (slightly more than double) than what you would pay in Seoul, but it is still relatively affordable by Hong Kong’s standards. More importantly, it is easier for Singaporeans and Indonesians to fly to Hong Kong to satisfy our cravings, yes?

1F No 726 Nathan Road
Nearest MTR: Mong Kok

1F, Jardine Center
No. 50 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway BayNearest MTR: Causeway Bay