Awfully Chocolate’s New Outlet At Marina Bay Link Mall Is Giving Away Dark Chocolate Truffles*

Awfully Chocolate Katong

The word ‘chocolate’ has almost become synonymous with our home-grown brand – Awfully Chocolate. At least, it is so for Singaporeans. In the past few years, the brand has grown significantly with many outlets islandwide now, but one thing remains – the awesomeness of their chocolate cakes. That, we will always swear by.

Marina Bay Link Mall is their next conquest. Much like the main outlet in Katong, the spanking new outlet will offer a selection of chocolate-focused drinks, including a menu of brand new and never-before-seen ones. Of course, you can still pick up their popular whole cakes here.

To celebrate the opening of the new outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall, Awfully Chocolate will be offering a complimentary box of their gorgeous Dark Chocolate Truffles with every order of a whole cake*. Meanwhile, here’s to all you fellow chocolate lovers. Let’s party with Awfully Chocolate!

Chocolate Banana Cake


We have been fans for a long time, probably since Friends were around. The one with the signature chocolate cakes sound just about right, because that was how Awfully Chocolate started.

It was a whole episode of just whole chocolate cakes and nothing else. Just three flavours to not complicate things – All Chocolate, Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Rum & Cherry.

The 6-inch cakes is the perfect size for small gatherings and family dinners, giving us a reason to still savour it without any special occasion. For any larger parties or events, the cakes also come in 8-inch sizes and above.

The All Chocolate Cake (S$34 for 6-inch, S$68 for 8-inch) is quintessentially Awfully Chocolate. It is the cake that made everyone’s heart skip a beat upon trying it for the first time.

It is hard to forget how rich and fudgey the cake is. The moist layers sandwiching the fudge is incredibly gratifying to bite into. The One With The Signature All Chocolate Cake is one stellar episode and it is one that we will always and forever revisit.

Chocolate Banana Cake AC

The Chocolate Banana Cake (S$36 for 6-inch) is our favourite.

Featuring two beautiful layers of freshly mashed bananas, the Chocolate Banana Cake is a fine blend of varying sweetness. The bananas are just slightly mushy, but still fragrant and its addition actually makes the sweetness of the cake less cloying.

The more adventurous ones should head straight for the Chocolate Rum & Cherry Cake (S$38 for 6-inch).
Chocolates are often paired with different alcohols and liquors, but rum has been our favourite ever since we had this. Look forward to the cherries that are cocooned in between the layers. They are generously soaked in rum, and it is an explosion of flavours with every mouthful.

Chocolate Cakes


It is easy as much as it is convenient.

Need your cake but you are too busy to pick it up from the store? Simple.

The preorder form allows you to place your order and have the cakes sent to your doorstep at a nominal charge of S$10.70 per location. There is also a premium option (S$21.40) of delivery within an hour if you need your cake urgently.

Hei ice-cream can be delivered in single and double scoops and in pints, too! The next time you catch up on your drama serials and movies at home and need some chocolate-lovin’, you know where to go to. Awfully convenient.

Chocolate Desserts & Drinks


Awfully Chocolate is no longer just all about the signature cakes.

They have a whole trunk of individually-portioned desserts – yes, all about chocolates, too. Super Stacked Chocolate Cake, Hazelnut Crumble and Salted Butterscotch Brownie are some that everyone knows.

But we do have our favourites apart from these popular kids.

White Chocolate Cake

The White Chocolate Butterscotch Block (S$7.90 per slice) is a star.

This is essentially a swiss roll in a block of fluffy white chocolate. It might be a slight sweetness overkill for those without a sweet tooth, but when eaten with the salty butterscotch, it really cuts the sweetness out well.

Dark Chocolate Truffles

People often speak of their truffles, and relate it to “biting into heaven”; we could not be any more agreeable. They are so creamy, and at S$1.60 per piece (S$1.80 per piece for the champagne ones), it makes a great gift idea too.

Chocolate Cupcake

You might think nothing of this Chocolate Ganache Cupcake (S$6.90); we too initially dissed it as being just a flavoured buttercream topping. But this pretty thing is really decadent ganache atop soft, gooey cake.

Chocolate Drinks


At the new outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall, expect a dedicated menu of hot and cold chocolate drinks. No, really. Chocolates are so versatile and Awfully Chocolate is so good with handling them – be it solid or liquid form, they’ve nailed it.

Hot Chocolate

The drinks menu will feature chocolate drinks such as Classic Dark Chocolate (S$8), Mocha Royale (S$7.90), Chocolate Banana (S$8) and Skinny Hot Chocolate (S$8).

The Mocha Royale is so indulgent and flavourful that we decided immediately it is our favourite. Every cup is prepared with three full pieces of dark chocolate truffles to give the drink its richness and intensity.

Skinny Hot Chocolate is a lighter version of the Classic Dark Chocolate as it uses skim milk instead.

Awfully Chocolate MBLM


In conjunction with the opening of the Marina Bay Link Mall outlet, Awfully Chocolate will be giving away a free box of Dark Chocolate Truffles with every order of a whole cake via their website - to be collected at this new outlet.

This offer only applies for collection between 02 May to 06 May 2016, and orders must be placed at least 2 to 3 days in advance. Even more reason to buy the cakes now, yes?

Awfully Chocolate
#B2-33 Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018984
Nearest Station: Downtown MRT Station

This post was brought to you by Awfully Chocolate Singapore.