Everything with Fries – Har Jeong Kai Burger & The New Ice Cream Accident

Everything with Fries

Having been in the scene for almost 6 years now, Everything with Fries is a familiar name to most. A bistro concept by the folks behind renowned local chocolate brand Awfully Chocolate, you can be absolutely sure that the folks put in the same amount of dedication and precision in their food here.

Do not be confused with their (even more) casual concept at Orchard Central (OC). EwF is presented in more of a grab-and-go fast food style, whereas Everything with Fries at Holland Village is more of a sit-down, table-service style and a tad more refined.

Of soups, salads and desserts, here is what we loved about Everything with Fries at Holland Village.

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Curry Fries EWF


The name of the restaurant literally beckons – you can never miss out on this. Even after six years, the fries are still as good, if not better than when we had them way back then. If you think truffle fries are boring and overrated, you need not settle, because there is something even better here – Curry Fries (S$8).

Yes, this humongous sharing plate is for just S$8 and we honestly cannot get sick of it. Our favourite flavour yet!



Some times, salads are just thrown in to the menus for the sake of it and from experience, we know that not all restaurants put in thoughts into their salads as they would with mains as desserts. And you will not have this problem here at Everything with Fries.

If salad is the only thing you are feeling that day, know that Everything with Fries has two amazing options for you – Chunky Peanut Butter Slaw (S$10) and Battered Tofu Salad (S$10). Don’t be intimidated by the former. We, too, were a little nervous when we first had it, but the flavours and textures somehow worked and reminded us of rojak.

EWF-Chicken Noodle Soup


Regulars of Everything with Fries and EwF would be familiar with their classic One Egg Soup (S$8). How about a change now? We suggest you try the Chicken Noodle Soup (S$8) and we can bet it is nothing like you’ve ever had before.

Shredded chicken wrapped up in thin layers of pasta, simmered in a very rich chicken broth. Have it warm and it will remind you of home.



What’s a hearty meal without milkshakes, right? Choose from flavours such as Mega Milo Dino, Horlicks & Maltesers, Nutella and even Butterscotch (S$8 each). Everything with Fries does awesome milkshakes that are so thick and substantial, so we’d suggest these for sharing.

Har Jeong Kai Burger


Now, it is time for the good stuff – the mains! We are probably the biggest fans of The HJK (S$17) or Har Jeong Kai burger. It is basically a prawn-paste marinated chicken leg, deep-fried and sandwiched between perfectly toasted buns. No, really. You are missing out in life if you haven’t tried this.

Ewf Beef Burgers

The Great Burger (S$16) is for all you beef lovers, and it is guaranteed to make your tummies oh-so-satisfied! A huge 180g beef patty is paired up with red cheddar roux, cherry tomatoes and crispy bacon.

We have this usual problem with overly-cooked beef patties in burgers, but thankfully, the standard at Everything with Fries is consistent and we are often pleased with the patty’s juiciness.

We always love the flavours of tandoori chicken and Everything with Fries does a great Tandoori Chicken Sandwich (S$15). Look forward to a well-marinated chicken leg, and the accompanying side of smokey sea salt fries sure completes this dish.


On days when something simple does the trick, go for the Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich. We call it Ham & Cheese XXL, because this big serving is sure to fill you up.

Miso Baked Salmon


Here’s where the Japanese flavours come in. The Miso Baked King Salmon (S$23) is one of our favourite dishes at Everything with Fries. The miso crust on the salmon adds a beautiful saltiness that cuts through any fishiness that you might be afraid of, and when paired up with very apt wasabi fries, it left us craving for more.

EWF-Fish and Chips

Don’t write the classics off just yet. The Battered Fish (S$18) is a pretty darn good. With a crisp exterior and a glistening centre, the dish is served with a side of very addictive sea salt & malt vinegar fries. Deep fried everything always works for us.

Ice Cream Accident


Our jaw dropped when this crazy dish reached our table and we could not wait to tuck into it. The ‘Ice Cream Accident’ (S$8.90) will be launched on 01 December 2015. Dark chocolate ice cream (a slightly lighter version of everyone’s favourite Hei ice cream from Awfully Chocolate) is topped on a bed of vanilla bean cream, covered in chocolate soil.

We all loved the variety of textures and flavours of this dessert. Heck, it might just be the best accident ever!

Everything with fries Desserts

We know you have seen the Gula Melaka Doughnuts from its sister restaurant, Sinpopo Brand but this is just a slightly different version. Here at Everything with Fries, the doughnuts are coated with butterscotch instead, and served with a side of affogato.

And because we have a penchant for citrusy desserts, the Lemon Yogurt Cake (S$9) was a delight.

Everything with Fries-Interior

During Everything with Fries’ Happy Hour (after 9pm), you can get Asahi, Heineken, Hoegaarden, and Corona at S$10 for 2, as well as Erdinger Dark/Light at S$18 for 2.

But you know what is even better? You can enjoy this Happy Hour promotion at any time of the day with the order of a main dish!

Everything with Fries
Holland Village
40, Lorong Mambong
Singapore 227695
Tel: +65 6463 3741
Mon to Thu, Sun: 12pm – 11pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Holland Village

This post is brought to you by Everything with Fries.