EwF by Everything With Fries – Fastfood Reinvented, With Gourmet Burgers & A Lot Of Fries


EwF by Everything With Fries has changed our perceptions of fast-food concepts forever. It is common to assume that fast food – especially burgers – will be lacklustre. And boy, were we totally wrong!

EwF by Everything with Fries currently has two outlets at Bugis Junction and Orchard Central and it serves scrumptious gourmet burgers prepared with fresh meats, and the fluffy buns are all made from scratch. Fries lovers are also in for a treat. Well, because it is Everything with Fries, right? Five irresistible flavours of fries – Sour Cream and Onion, Barbeque, Curry, Garlic, and Truffle - await you!

Besides the delicious burgers and fries, EwF’s menu also features sinfully tasty side orders, drool-worthy desserts and a variety of hot and cold drinks. Prices at EwF are extremely budget-friendly, especially when the portions are more than substantial. A mouthwatering burger combo (inclusive of a burger, fries and beverage of your choice) starts from an affordable S$11.90.

From now till 30 Sep 15, quote ‘Ladyironchef’ to receive a complimentary meal upsize when you order any burger set at EwF by Everything with Fries in Bugis Junction.

Thanks to EwF by Everything with Fries, gourmet quality burgers are now made accessible to those with financial and/or time constraints. Indeed, we were surprised by how their decadent ala carte burgers start from a reasonably low price of S$8.90. There is an optional add-on of S$3 to complete your meal with fries and drinks!


As the brand name suggests, EwF is famous for their amazing fries. Priced at S$4.90 per portion, you can choose from the following four flavours – Sour Cream and Onion, Barbeque, Curry and Garlic. The Truffle option is S$5.90.

Deep-fried to perfection with crisp exteriors and fluffy insides, we found ourselves having no problems devouring countless helpings of these addictive piping hot fries. Our absolute favourite is Sour Cream and Onion; what about you?

Har Cheong Kai

EwF is so confident of their signature Har Jeong Kai Chicken Wings (S$6.90) that they have proclaimed them to be the ‘Best Wings in the World’. For non-locals, Har Jeong Kai is a popular Singaporean dish of fried chicken wings marinated with fermented shrimp paste. The crispy, fragrant and juicy wings are served with a sambal chilli dip. We were sold upon sinking our teeth into the sizzling wings, and you have no clue how we always crave for them.

Har Cheong Kai Burger

EwF’s culinary interpretations with Har Jeong Kai have extended to their burgers. You would want to hear this – the Har Jeong Kai Burger (S$8.90/ala-carte, S$11.90/meal) features a succulent prawn paste chicken leg sandwiched between two delicate handmade sesame buns, then topped with mayonnaise.

Everything With Fries is the first restaurant in Singapore to create Har Cheong Kai and it has gained a legion of fans since its first appearance in its flagship store at Holland Village and we are unabashedly one of them. Do we even need to justify?

Tandoori Chicken Burger

Besides the best-selling Har Jeong Kai Burger, there are also a few other Asian-inspired burger inventions at EwF, such as the semi-spicy Tandoori Chicken Burger (S$8.90/ala-carte, S$11.90/meal) and Hainanese Pork Chop Burger (S$8.90/ala-carte, S$11.90/meal).

The former has been a longstanding favourite among its regulars, while the latter is a relatively new dish that has been no less popular. We like that that it is topped off with a sunny side-up, because simple goodness like this always works.

Beef Burger

If none of these unique burgers appeal to you, opt for their classic beef burgers. Those with bigger appetites should order the Double Decker (S$11.90/ala-carte, S$14.90/meal), which is essentially a juicy double patty beef burger stuffed with melting cheese and other goodness. It is worth mentioning that despite being a fast food restaurant, the buns and sauces are all handmade.

Nutella Tart

On to the sweets. We always save some space for desserts, yes?

EwF is not just a destination for burgers, or fries for that matter. Their desserts are so impressive that we dare say they are truly worth the extra calories. The highly acclaimed Nutella Tart with Ice Cream (S$8.90) – another original creation by Everything With Fries – consists of rich pure Nutella filling with Nutella glaze over an oreo biscuit crumb-based tart, still tasted as good as the ones we had in yesteryears. Yipe, we have been fans since Day One.

Browned Butter Sugee Cake

The Browned Butter Sugee Cake (S$6.90) is an interesting adaptation of the local brown sugar sponge cake. Light and with a surprising crisp texture on the top, the sweet slice of cake is covered with almond streusels and coated in browned butter fudge. It is a definite must-try, and we actually found ourselves caught in between this and the Nutella Tart. Can we just have the best of both worlds? You won’t judge us, right?

Nutella Crepes

Last but not least, the Nutella Crepe (S$6.90) is an exclusive treat to EwF. A millefeuille-like nutella pastry with twenty alternating layers of paper-thin chocolate crepes and nutella cream filling, this is not as decadent as Nutella Tart, so if you still want your Nutella fix, this makes a great alternative.

Need more to satisfy that nutella obsession of yours? Indulge further with a cup of Hot Nutella (S$5.90/regular, S$6.90/large).

Otherwise, we say give the Katong Jelly (S$4.50) a go! It is a concoction of pink lemonade and fresh agar-agar jelly that are made and “grated” in-house daily.

For the uninitiated, Katong Jelly is a long-lost Katong drink which disappeared from Singapore about 20 years ago. The good people at Everything With Fries wanted to bring back the nostalgic taste of Katong so they went on a quest around the neighbourhood to ask the old residents about the drink.

Everything with fries

As mentioned earlier, from now till 30 Sep 15, quote ‘Ladyironchef’ to receive a complimentary meal upsize when you order any burger set at EwF by Everything with Fries in Bugis Junction.

EwF by Everything With Fries
200 Victoria Street
#04-05, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 6338 0135
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Bugis

This post is brought to you by Everything With Fries.