[Closed] Spizza Mercato – New Dining Concept At Capitol Piazza + S$12 Pizza/Pasta Weekday Lunch


Spizza Mercato at Capitol Piazza might just be our newfound favourite already! It is a slightly different concept from the ever popular casual dining pizzeria chain – Spizza by The Senso Group, and you will see why we love it so.

The huge and edgy outlet at Capitol Piazza boasts a large dining area by the fountain, and a “market” – where Spizza offers retail items such as authentic Italian ingredients and condiments and homemade pasta.

Spizza Mercato - Capitol Piazza

Spizza Mercato has a super affordable menu and a wide variety of pizzas (but of course), and what it is exceptionally popular during lunch for its amazing weekday lunch deals – S$12 for a dry pasta with classic sauce or a 10 inch pizza, anyone?

Pizzas are the limelight here at Spizza Mercato, but that ain’t all. Here, we share with you the highlights of our meal, and all that we love at and about Spizza Mercato.

Stepping in, we were impressed by the very sleek and vibrant interior. Passing by the retail area, we fell in love with the “mercato” and was so distracted by all the takeaway items such as paninis and salads, for the busy professionals or those who choose to takeaway their meal.

Burratina - Spizza Mercato


This show-stopping antipasti of burrata cheese and parma ham, in a dish called “Burratina” (S$22), started our meal with a bang. As cheesy as this may sound, we really cannot tell you how much we are deprived of good burrata in Singapore and how this one here totally made it to our list.

Smooth, creamy, milky goodness is every burrata lover’s dream, and there is an inexplicable sense of gratification from cutting the burrata apart and being rewarded by fine shreds of silky white cheese. Served with the classic pairing of aged parma ham and arugula, the Burratina had us all succumbed.

Calamari - Spizza Mercato

We settled for a second appetiser of freshly prepared Calamari (S$13.80) that comes with a spicy ‘pizzaiolo’ dip. The calamari itself boasted the right amount of crunch and was pretty addictive. The sauce was not as memorable for us, but we were just happy the rings itself tasted so wonderful on its own. This appetizer makes a great sharing plate for two or more.

Spizza Pasta


Fresh stuffed pasta are not commonly served as they take up a lot of time to prepare, and requires a certain level of culinary skill to perfect it. And when we spotted some of these on the menu, we knew we had to have a go with them.

So it was the Red Tomato Mezzelune (S$15) and Black Squid Ink Round Ravioli (S$14) for lunch.

The former is basically a smoked duck ravioli and it was more than awesome. The smoked duck flavour really took the whole pasta dish up a notch, and we were in love that we really couldn’t nitpick much even if we’d wanted to!

The latter features minced seafood stuffing, which garnered mixed reviews from our team. It might be a little fishy and rich, but if that is the way you love your seafood, go for it!

Spizza Gnocchi

The Gnocchi (S$18) was a surprise find too. Even though they were just essentially potato dumplings, the gnocchi was cooked with gorgonzola and other cheeses, and it was an entirely flavourful dish that would make the perfect main for any cream pasta lovers.

Spizza Truffle Pizza


Pizzas are, without a doubt, Spizza’s speciality and it is no different here in Spizza Mercato, where they offer the same selection of pizzas. For lunch, you can enjoy a 10-inch pizza (or a dry pasta with sauce) for just S$12++. We now realise why the lunch crowd is crazy here, because this is for sure an unbeatable deal.

We had two pizzas, both signatures – Quinta (S$19, 10″) and Tara (S$20, 10″). Quinta is a meatless pizza that features mozzarella, a full egg and black truffle paste. The paste was so generously spread out and the smell of black truffle was incredibly distinct the moment it was laid on our table. We knew we would love this, and we sure did.

Spizza Pizza

Tara is one of the classics with a slight twist. This pizza features mozzarella, a full egg, bacon and button mushrooms. Think of all kinds of happiness all in one pizza; that was the exact thought that got us excited. Well, you bet the pizza tasted even better when soaked slightly in the runny egg yolk.

By the way, for the large pizzas (12″), you can customize them to be half-half. In other words, two flavours in one pizza. Yes, yes and yes.

Spizza Panna Cotta


The great thing about the food at Spizza Mercato is that it will always leave you and your tummy ultra satisfied. We ended our meal off on a sweet note with two classic Italian desserts – Panna Cotta (S$8) and Tiramisu (S$9.50).

Spizza Tiramisu

While the former was a good dish as a whole, it was nothing to shout about. Especially when compared to the star – the Tiramisu. The tiramisu was light, just the way we like it, with strong notes of fragrant coffee and light mascarpone cheese.

Spizza Delivery


This is a life saver! And it might just be your next favourite pizza delivery option. We’ve tried the delivery too, and were completely amazed by how our food arrived hot.

You would think it is “just hot”, and that’s that. But wait. Would you believe it if we told you our pasta was still moist and warm, our chicken wings were still crispy, and our pizza was ever fresh? God knows how they do it, but we are so done with soggy delivered food, and that’s why we are sticking to Spizza’s delivery already.

And our order arrived even earlier than the promised time. Yay to zero frustrations from long waiting times!

Spizza delivery can be made via www.spizza.sg, or through their mobile apps (iTunes and Google Play).


This rewards programme is put in place for all who celebrate their love for Spizza. Enjoy a 10% rebate with a minimum spend of S$50 at any Spizza outlet, as well as delivery orders. And these rebates can be utilized on your next visit to or delivery from Spizza.

Note that Spizza Mercato has the same menu as other Spizza outlets, with an added Light Bites & Snacks and Pasta Ripiena section.

Spizza Mercato
13 Stamford Road #B2-52
Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178905
Tel: +65 6702 1835
Daily: 10.30am – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: City Hall

This post is brought to you by Spizza Mercato.