Aqua Luna – A Swanky Open-Concept Bar By The Infinity Pool + 50% OFF Drinks

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You would never expect to find a swanky open-concept bar in Alexandra. This new hangout is called Aqua Luna, located on the 7th storey of Park Hotel Alexandra, offering an alternative view of the beautiful Queenstown precinct. The stylish alfresco bar is parked right beside the 25-metre infinity swimming pool, and boasts an exciting gourmet menu of bar nosh and exotic cocktails.

But more than its tranquil vibes and interesting variety of tantalising cocktails, Aqua Luna is a stunner and the perfect venue for post-work drinks with colleagues and/or a great night out with your beloved other half. Upon stepping to the outdoors of the pool level of the property, we were amazed and in complete disbelief. The circular rooftop bar was dimly lit and set against the evening skies, candy floss coloured post-sunset skies welcomed us, and our moods were instantly lifted; how can a so-called neighbourhood bar be so sexy?

Aqua Luna Food

We can just hear all of you who are sick and tired of the CBD’s overly crammed bars; it is time to make your way down to Aqua Luna, this all new tranquil oasis that we have been to several times now, and are completely in love with.

From now till 13 November 2015, readers of ladyironchef can get an exclusive 50% off the second drink at Aqua Luna (more details at the end of the post). So grab a cocktail and some light bites, watch the sunset from an alternative venue, kick back and enjoy an evening of being away from the madness in town. You deserve this break.

Set to be a laid-back hotel bar in Southern Singapore, Aqua Luna indeed exudes remarkably chill vibes throughout the afternoon and even into the night. It also serves as a swim-up bar for in-house guests; how cool is that?

The scrumptious selection of bar food and premium cocktails will impress even the most discerning epicureans. The spanking new bar is partially encased by a glass-to-ceiling transparent windows, hence allowing one to simultaneously admire the picturesque surroundings whilst indulging in a meal.


Gone are the days where you can easily find a handcrafted cocktail under S$20. So imagine our surprise when we found out that Aqua Luna’s special cocktails and classics are all reasonably priced at S$18++ each! What a delightful steal! Each invigorating concoction is prepared with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, and don’t they just look gorgeous?

poire basil cocktail

Signature must-tries include the Breezy Berries and Poire Basil. The former is a blend of mint, lychee liqueur, cherry bitters and Pisco, while the latter is a revitalising mix of Absolut Pear Vodka, basil, grapefruit bitters and zesty lime juice garnished with fresh pear slices.

Both cocktails are served in old-school silver metal tins and decorated with real fruits. These beverages are actually very potent and you will get the bang for your buck!

hot melons

Another drink that you should try is their spiced cocktail Hot Melons (S$18++) – a brilliant Asian fusion invention inspired by the liqueur affogato.

Muddled with chilli padi, shaken with dark rum and served with a soursop sorbet, the cocktail is a unique sweet-and-spicy concoction. The spiciness have been underwhelmed by the ice-cream so you do not have to worry about having your tongue on fire!

Aqua Luna Cocktails

Or you can also savour the classic margarita, martini and mojito with an additional unexpected twist of your choice. Spiced mojito or mojito infused with peach or mixed berries, what say you?

Similarly, you could have an apple or lychee martini instead of the traditional one. Last but not least, enjoy either a mango or mixed berry margarita – or stick to the good old classics. These enthralling classic tipples are priced at S$18++ each too.

If you are here to catch the dazzling sunset, do order an Alexandra Sunset (S$18++) to kickstart your evening.

Named after Aqua Luna’s location, this golden-hued cocktail creation – an infusion of Grand Marnier liqueur with flamed Rosemary, pineapple juices, white rum and dark rum – is served in a classy wine glass and a hit amongst both the ladies and gentlemen.


Aqua Luna keeps its entire menu extremely affordable. We were pleasantly surprised by how generously portioned and appetising the unassuming Battered Cauliflower (S$8++) was.

Each crispy fried batter contained an impossibly tender cauliflower and we love how it packed a punch with its hints of fragrant curry and onion. The addictive vegetarian dish is served with an irresistible cheesy béchamel dipping sauce on the side. Sinful as it may sound, we would return to Aqua Luna just for this, because diet can (sometimes) wait.

Polenta Fries

Sick of the ubiquitous truffle fries? Give their heavenly Truffle Polenta Fries (S$10++) a shot and you definitely will not regret wasting your calories on this amazing savoury treat. Well, for those who always tell us truffle fries are too mainstream for their liking, this would do the trick for you!

For the uninitiated, polenta is a type of thick cornmeal that is most commonly used in Central Europe It is consumed in other parts of the world such as South America and the Middle East, and they may be named differently and more commonly known as cornmeal.

For those who are keen to try something different, you will enjoy these delightful polenta fries that are dusted in parmesan cheese and served with a dollop of homemade truffle-infused mayonnaise dipping sauce.


Oysters fan, please join us in feasting with these freshly shucked Seasonal Oysters (1/2 doz – S$24++) served au natural with a classic mignonette. Can you imagine slurping them juicy oysters while swimming? Oh god, the life!

Those who do not fancy the exquisite oysters can still find other seafood nibbles, such as the A Pint of Prawns (S$14++) served with cocktail sauce, and A Pot of Mussels (S$18++) – blue mussels that have been cooked with Chardonnay.

Dirty Steak

Of course, the carnivores can join us in feasting on the decadent “Dirty” Steak (S$36++) which is grilled to medium-rare and charred in the wood-fired oven while sitting atop charcoal. It is served with anchovy butter and a pinch of sea salt.

How awesome does steak by the pool sound, right? We are all so used to steak in fine restaurants, and this experience at Aqua Luna sure is a fresh breath of air.

Flat Bread

On to the flatbreads now, my friends. Essentially wood-fired pizzas served fresh from the oven, these bar snacks are actually very filling and enjoyable with some cocktails (but of course).

There are a total of five flavours to choose from – Crabmeat & Artichoke (S$24++), Margarita (S$18++), Beef & Chilli (S$20++), Tiger Prawn & Pesto (S$24++) and Chorizo & Onion (S$18++).

It is also worth mentioning that the breads have been painstakingly proofed for at least three hours, hence giving rise to a light and crispy crust. And they are made fresh daily!

aqualuna infinity pool

aqua luna singapore

When daylight wanes away and night-time takes over, Aqua Luna transforms from a tropical paradise into a dimly lit romantic bar; the latter is how we will always remember Aqua Luna to be, as when we first saw the bar in its full glory against the golden sunset.

You should, too, drop by during the evening for a spectacular sunset experience – watch the sun descend right before your eyes and witness the landscape transform into mesmerising city lights with a glass of signature cocktail in hand. We will return in a heartbeat for this lovely sanctuary. Will you?

park alexandra pool


From now till 13 November 2015, quote “ladyironchef” when you reserve your table at Aqua Luna and get 50% off your second drink (of lower value). Advance reservation is required, with a minimum of 2 guests (up to 12 adult patrons) in a single bill.

This promotion is not valid on eve of and on Public Holidays. Please call +65 6828 8885 or email [email protected] to make your reservation.

Aqua Luna
Level 7 Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159972
Tel: +65 6828 8885
Email: [email protected]
Sun to Thu: 12pm – 11pm
Fri and Sat: 12pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Queenstown / Redhill

This post is brought to you by Park Hotel Alexandra.