Twenty Grammes – Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce, Yogurt Parfaits + 50% OFF Waffles

Salted Egg Yolk Waffles - Twenty Grammes

Essentially a dessert cafe and ice cream parlour, Twenty Grammes has been constant in serving up quality ice cream, great waffles and unique flavours. Located along North Bridge Road, where an influx of new cafes have seen their way to the neighbourhood, Twenty Grammes has since upped the ante and new creations have been added to the menu to introduce more excitement for patrons.

Walking into this inviting and brightly-coloured cafe with perfect natural light streaming in, you will feel an immediate sense of comfort while being hit with the rich aroma of freshly prepared waffles.


It is also interesting to see how Twenty Grammes has curated some of Singapore’s recent dessert trends and attempted their own renditions.┬áHere are some of the things that we love at Twenty Grammes; think savoury waffle with sea salt caramel ice cream, charcoal waffle with homemade salted egg yolk sauce, yogurt parfaits and more.

From now till 31 October 2015, flash this post at Twenty Grammes (Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 or 753 North Bridge Road) and get 50% OFF the second waffle purchased (of same value or lower) from Mondays to Fridays only.

Flavoured Latte


You might have noticed a stream of “flavoured” lattes on your social media timelines. Although you might pass it off as a marketing scam, the subtle and refreshing flavours offered by Twenty Grammes impressed us. Both the Blackberry and Macadamia were interesting alternatives for our caffeine crave.

The former is a subtle fruity punch to the rich coffee, while the latter is an aromatic and nutty delight. Twenty Grammes also offer other flavoured lattes, such as Caramel, Hazelnut and Vanilla at S$5.50 each.

Salads - Twenty Grammes


For a light but satisfying meal, indulge in one of their five salad choices. The King Smoked Duck Salad (S$9.50) came with smoked duck slices that were extremely flavourful and tender, much to our glee. The salad of green and red lettuce was tossed with tomatoes and walnuts for an added crunch.

The House Special Salad (S$11.90) includes a generous amount of smoked salmon atop green and cold sesame pasta, and is too finished with some tomatoes and walnuts.



The 753 Pie (S$11.50) is a chicken and mushroom pie that is served with a side of truffle chips and garden salad. We totally loved the aroma of truffle, and it perfumed the chips evenly that we couldn’t stop eating. Of course, sitting inside the flaky crust of the pie are big and tender chunks of chicken.

Savoury Waffles - Twenty Grammes


We were apprehensive initially, knowing that the turkey ham was weaved into the waffle batter and it would be a savoury instead of the usual familiar dessert waffle. But this dish took all of us by surprise – a pleasant one, of course. It changed our perception of savoury waffle altogether. With the use of truffle oil, the waffle’s enchanting aroma wafted into our hearts. The waffle itself was extremely crisp and because turkey ham was added inside, the batter tasted more flavourful.

We love the perfect marriage of sweet and salty in their sea salt caramel ice cream, which was dolloped on top of this mouth-watering savoury waffle.

Froyo Waffles - Twenty Grammes


By aesthetics sense, this would be the best-looking waffle. Perched on top of their fluffy waffles is a generous portion of their signature soft-serve frozen yogurt. With plenty of fruits sitting around this waffle (S$12.50), this is the choice for those who choose to skip the richness of ice cream and want to stick to something healthier.

Salted Egg Yolk Waffles


Before you have your doubts about this dish, the Charcoal Waffle (S$8.50) at Twenty Grammes was definitely on point. The crisp outer layer, coupled with the addition of an ultra-rich salted egg yolk sauce, is such a divine combination.

The sauce is served in a huge and generous pot and we could not have been more delighted and satisfied. It is an additional S$3.50 for one scoop of ice cream on top and S$6.50 for two. You can pick from their wide range of ice cream flavours, but we recommend the Triple C which is made of chocolate, caramel and chocolate chunks.

Rose Lychee


We found a slice of heaven with Twenty Grammes’ Rose Lychee Cake. It is both light and extremely packed with refreshing lychee and rose flavours. The cake itself remains moist despite it being not overly dense, and the taste is light on the palate.

Melbourne Iced Coffee - Twenty Grammes


Twenty Grammes’ Iced Melbourne Coffee (S$7.90) is a genius idea and a great way to enhance a typical iced latte. This cup of iced latte is topped with a scoop of their popular sea salt caramel ice cream for a more concentrated flavour. Honestly, sea salt caramel ice cream in coffee is simply brilliant. How come no one thought of it?!

Froyo - Twenty Grammes


You can pick either TG Froyo (S$4.50, one topping) or TG Yogurt Parfait (S$6.90, four toppings). And yes, it is going to sound familiar. Pick from an extensive range of ingredients such as tortilla chips, honey mustard soy crisps, granola, peaches, blueberries and more. Then, complete with a drizzle of any one of their sauces (that is considered one topping’s worth). On a lighter note, the toppings option is mind-boggling; you have been warned.

The range of sauces include chocolate hazelnut sauce and caramelised cookies sauce. The latter is already a popular favourite here. You can also choose from a more premium range of toppings (S$1.90 each). Some of these premium toppings are coconut gula melaka granola and manuka honey cashew nuts. The froyo itself is light, and a great way to combat the heat.

Twenty Grammes

Twenty Grammes is currently in the midst of renovating its second outlet and it will be opening in Ang Mo Kio by next month – another cafe in the North of Singapore you can look forward to!

Twenty Grammes
753 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198721
Tel: +65 6717 1733
Mon to Thu, Sun: 12pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Bugis

This post is brought to you by Twenty Grammes.