Squeezed! At Waterway Point – Mac & Cheese and Froyo in Brioche Buns

Squeezed Brioches

Squeezed! started off as a kiosk serving cold pressed juices at both Leisure Park Kallang and Suntec City. Their spanking new outlet at Waterway Point in Punggol kickstarted the launch of the signature stuffed brioche buns that range from sweet to savoury creations.

Besides the 6 signature buns flashed on the overhead menu, you can also grab a ‘Naked’ (S$4.30) and original Squeezed! bun filled with froyo only.

This unique concept has been making waves on social media lately and we just had to have a go.


11 Frozen Yogurts in Singapore That Rekindle Our Love for Froyo

Froyo Singapore

What makes a great cup of frozen yogurt? More affectionately known as ‘froyo’, the yogurt itself has to be just the right amount of tart and sweet, and secondly, the toppings has to be interesting, creative and even unexpected, too.

Of course, we are not shaming the basic froyo cup with fresh fruits and/or chocolate sauce, but we have to admit that unique toppings do stand out.

The froyo trend started off as the talk of the town but has seemed to fade off in the recent months. Still, that does not mean that froyo has lost its place in our hearts, as we still witness many like-minded froyo-loving individuals queueing up for this amazing treat.

Singapore has no lack of froyo options, and there has always been a debate on which one is the best. While we have our absolute favourite, we have picked out some of the better ones you can find in Singapore, to bring you this list of Best Frozen Yogurts in Singapore.


Twenty Grammes – Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce, Yogurt Parfaits + 50% OFF Waffles

Salted Egg Yolk Waffles - Twenty Grammes

Essentially a dessert cafe and ice cream parlour, Twenty Grammes has been constant in serving up quality ice cream, great waffles and unique flavours. Located along North Bridge Road, where an influx of new cafes have seen their way to the neighbourhood, Twenty Grammes has since upped the ante and new creations have been added to the menu to introduce more excitement for patrons.

Walking into this inviting and brightly-coloured cafe with perfect natural light streaming in, you will feel an immediate sense of comfort while being hit with the rich aroma of freshly prepared waffles.


It is also interesting to see how Twenty Grammes has curated some of Singapore’s recent dessert trends and attempted their own renditions.┬áHere are some of the things that we love at Twenty Grammes; think savoury waffle with sea salt caramel ice cream, charcoal waffle with homemade salted egg yolk sauce, yogurt parfaits and more.

From now till 31 October 2015, flash this post at Twenty Grammes (Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 or 753 North Bridge Road) and get 50% OFF the second waffle purchased (of same value or lower) from Mondays to Fridays only.


Llaollao Frozen Yogurt Opens Its Biggest Outlet In The World At Suntec City



Who else is a fan of the very famous Spanish froyo (frozen yogurt)? If you haven’t even heard, which is close to impossible, Llaollao is a must-eat dessert in Singapore and the very photogenic froyo has been getting so much attention from everyone since it set foot on our shores. What is essentially just frozen yogurt is so much more with Llaollao, and they have changed the way we eat froyo forever.

With the array of toppings and sauces, Llaollao has revolutionised froyo, and they are no less pretty than ice cream sundaes. The good news is we no longer have to stand in queue for thirty minutes before we get our froyo fix, especially with the newest Suntec City shop – Llaollao’s biggest outlet in the world – that boasts a huge space with significantly shorter queues.

From now till 31 October 2015, flash this post at Llaollao’s Suntec City outlet and get 50% off the second item purchased (at same value or lower). Imagine buying one Sanum and getting the second Sanum at half the price!


Yogurt Places in Singapore

Yogurt Places in Singapore

If you are among those who never understand the appeal of forking out a couple of dollars for a cup of frozen yogurt (FroYo or Frogurt) — hey we belong to the same kind, I totally understand how you feel — I was once the same, until recently.

I know that there are people who have been puzzled by my recent tweets about living a healthier lifestyle, and eating yogurt daily. Addiction is an understatement when I have been testing out all the Meiji yogurt, F & N Alive yogurt and Marigold Yogurt. If you must know the reason, everything started with this question two weeks ago:

“Why don’t you eat Yogurt? It helps in digestion and it’s good for your skin complexion too!”

I am not sure how true this claim is, but I decided there’s no harm giving it a shot. In recent months, we have seen many new Yogurt places in Singapore, and this can only be good news for all the Fro-Yo fans.