Squeezed! At Waterway Point – Mac & Cheese and Froyo in Brioche Buns

Squeezed Brioches

Squeezed! started off as a kiosk serving cold pressed juices at both Leisure Park Kallang and Suntec City. Their spanking new outlet at Waterway Point in Punggol kickstarted the launch of the signature stuffed brioche buns that range from sweet to savoury creations.

Besides the 6 signature buns flashed on the overhead menu, you can also grab a ‘Naked’ (S$4.30) and original Squeezed! bun filled with froyo only.

This unique concept has been making waves on social media lately and we just had to have a go.

The kiosk is located on the basement level of the East wing, right at the entrance that is hard to miss. The savoury selections of the signature buns includes Tori Tori (S$5.80) and Royal Rumble (S$5.80). The former is a bun stuffed with teriyaki chicken, mayonnaise and bonito flakes and it is a great as a light meal option.

But we went for the latter – one that is stuffed with Truffle Macaroni and Melted Nacho Cheese.

Squeezed Buns

To be honest, we hardly tasted any truffle inside it (and we mean not even a hint), and the mac and cheese just did not weave in with the bun as well as we would have liked it to be. They were good separately when eaten piping hot but sadly, they felt like two separate entities that should never have been put together. We heard good remarks on the Tori Tori, so we might give that savoury option a shot on our next visit.

There are 4 sweet signature bun options and they are Life’s A Peach, Bed & Breakfast, Smores & More and Elvis’ Reese – all at S$5.80 each. They all came with different fruity or sweet toppings, ranging from peaches to Reese’s bits.

We eventually settled for a ‘Naked’ bun instead as we were curious on just how good the bun would be with only froyo and nothing else.

It took us quite a few bites to actually begin enjoying the bun. The froyo and the brioche blended together slightly better than its savoury counterparts, and it actually makes for a good option on a humid day.

Squeezed Exterior

While we were not swept off our feet with the actual stuffed brioches here, it is admittedly a pretty cool concept that just needs a bit more tweaking and pimping to be really great and successful.

83 Punggol Central
#B1-K8 Waterway Point East Wing
Singapore 828761
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Punggol

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