Llaollao Frozen Yogurt Opens Its Biggest Outlet In The World At Suntec City



Who else is a fan of the very famous Spanish froyo (frozen yogurt)? If you haven’t even heard, which is close to impossible, Llaollao is a must-eat dessert in Singapore and the very photogenic froyo has been getting so much attention from everyone since it set foot on our shores. What is essentially just frozen yogurt is so much more with Llaollao, and they have changed the way we eat froyo forever.

With the array of toppings and sauces, Llaollao has revolutionised froyo, and they are no less pretty than ice cream sundaes. The good news is we no longer have to stand in queue for thirty minutes before we get our froyo fix, especially with the newest Suntec City shop – Llaollao’s biggest outlet in the world – that boasts a huge space with significantly shorter queues.

From now till 31 October 2015, flash this post at Llaollao’s Suntec City outlet and get 50% off the second item purchased (at same value or lower). Imagine buying one Sanum and getting the second Sanum at half the price!


Where do we even begin? Sanum? That’s everyone’s favourite, right?

Alright, Sanum it shall be. You might have seen a thousand photos of this iconic parfait on your social media feeds already, but that does not make it any less attractive. Sanum is Llaollao’s signature – at S$6.95 per cup, it is really a froyo parfait that you can customise to your own preferences with three types of fruits, two crunches and one sauce. The possibilities are endless for Llaollao always stocks up their counters with so many types of toppings.


Many times, we see customers stressing up over the counter, not knowing what to order. Perhaps this is where we can help? We have five Sanum combinations that we enjoy, and you may want to use the mix-and-matching of toppings as inspirations on your next order!

Caramelised Sanum

First up, we have Caramelised Cookies everything. This is our default Sanum, and we can never get enough of this combination!

Suggested toppings: caramelised cookies x2, strawberries x2, banana, Cookie sauce.

Raffallao Sanum

Our next favourite is the Raffallao sauce. We believe this is many’s favourite too. It is essentially white chocolate sauce with coconut bits, so you can imagine how awesome that is.

Suggested toppings: chocolate peanuts and caramalised cookies, pineapple, mango, watermelon, Raffallao sauce.

Berries Sanum

For a berry-dominated combination, do the Berry Lovers way. Berries everything, that is.
Suggested toppings: Chips Ahoy and muesli with chocolate, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, Wild Strawberries sauce.

Chocolate Hazelnut Sanum

Can’t decide if you prefer hazelnut or chocolate? Then do both. It will be a colourful treat with the toppings.

Suggested toppings: Smarties, dehydrated cranberries, melon, strawberries, banana, Nocilla sauce.

Chocolate Sanum

All Dark, if you like to go heavy on the chocolate. All dark, all for decadence, yes?

Suggested toppings: Oreo, crunch, mango, banana, strawberries, Black Chocolate sauce.

Ask any Llaollao fan and they will agree the fun comes from watching your parfait being built, one topping at a time. There is something therapeutic about seeing how your yogurt twirl around in the cup, and a pretty Sanum deserves a spot on our Instagram. But of course, we suggest you have fun and go all out with your creativity. The fruits are always fresh, the crunch variety is aplenty, and there many sauces are sure to excite.

Llaollao Yogurt


On to the smaller sizes if you do not prefer froyo overdose, though we think that is a good problem to have. For a small midday perk-me-up, the Small (S$4.90) is a simple serving with one topping of your choice. Whatever you like – crunch, fruit or sauce, take your pick. We like it with a simple Mango sauce. You?

Want something bigger than Small but not as big as Sanum? If you can relate to this “dilemma”, then Medium (S$5.90) is your answer. You have more options here, with three toppings of your choice. Why, this is splendid because you can pick a sauce, a crunch and a fruit!

Llao Smoothie


Llaollao is also home to great smoothies. What is otherwise under the radar, because everyone’s attention is always on Sanum, is their series of smoothies with froyo. As cliche as it may sound, we would like to think of this as a perfect summer drink.

Split (S$6.90) is our favourite combination! The sweetness of the cookie sauce cuts through the tartness of the froyo, and the fresh banana slices make a great complement. Something refreshing, something unusual, and no less fun; we will totally return to Llaollao for this.

Llaollao Suntec


In Llaollao’s earlier days in Singapore, we saw crazy queues are every outlet; some go up to an hour! We were one of those curious ones who stood in queue, who waited patiently to discover all the wonders Llao Llao can do for our souls. Well, we fell in love, of course. But we were not prepared to wait another thirty minutes for a cup of Sanum.

Llaollao Froyo Singapore

Luckily, our prayers were heard, and there are now many more outlets in Singapore. The newest one at Suntec City (near to H&M and Din Tai Fung) is the largest one yet.

Being the most spacious unit, Llaollao at Suntec City is our go-to outlet for its strategic centralised location; anywhere we are, when we crave for some froyo goodness, Llaollao Suntec City it shall be.

llaollao Froyo

The toppings selection is a lot fuller, and the queue is significantly shorter. Yay to saying goodbye to long waiting time! And the great news we bear with this post is, in celebration of Suntec City’s opening, OUR READERS ENJOY 50% OFF THE SECOND ITEM PURCHASED AT LLAOLLAO!

Llaollao Singapore


From now till 31 October 2015, Ladyironchef’s readers can get 50% off the second item purchased (at same value or lower). This is exclusive to Suntec City’s outlet, and all you have to do is to flash this post when you are ordering your Sanum.

We cannot think of a better way for you to visit the biggest outlet. Of course, if it is going to be your first time at Llaollao, make it a great one with Suntec City’s Llaollao!

Llaollao Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard
#02-313 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Nearest Station: Promenade

This post is brought to you by Llaollao Singapore.