The Crazy For Crayfish And Crab Buffet at PARKROYAL on Beach Road + Giveaway

Crayfish and crab buffet

Crayfish cooked in eight different styles and crabs prepared in four different methods… Welcome to Plaza Brasserie’s Crazy For Crayfish and Crab Buffet – a teaser to its hugely popular annual Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet (which is happening later this June).

Known for its Best of Asia Buffet, Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Beach Road is introducing the Crazy For Crayfish and Crab Buffet for the very first time this year. In addition to its four signature crabs – chilli, black pepper, salted egg and curry – the restaurant is featuring crayfish cooked in eight different sauces. Sounds unreal, yes we know. You know this is one buffet you cannot skip.

Wok-fried Crayfish with Salted Egg, Crayfish with Chilli Crab Sauce, Rendang Crayfish, Thai Basil Crayfish, Honey Rock Sugar Crayfish, White Pepper Crayfish, Black Bean Sauce Crayfish and Hot Bean Sauce Crayfish. Good Lord, just take our money!

Crab Buffet

The Crazy For Crayfish and Crab Buffet is available at Plaza Brasserie from 3 to 26 April 2015. Be sure to ring up and make your reservation, because they are known to always be booked out real fast. The Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet last year was fully booked by the first week, and we wouldn’t expect anything less for this buffet. Crayfish and crab buffet? This is the best of both worlds!

[ Giveaway ] We are also giving away 3 pairs of weekday buffet dining vouchers for the Crazy For Crayfish and Crab Buffet. Leave a comment below, and share this post on your Facebook timeline to win. More details on the giveaway at the end of this post.

Rock Sugar and honey crayfish


You must be wondering how this combination tastes like, and we will tell you that it is one so well-balanced between sweet and savoury that you simply cannot stop at just one serving. We had thought it would be bizarre, but hey, if you are not going for it, we will help ourselves to more!

By the way, this sauce mixture is actually not new to Plaza Brasserie; you can find dishes such as chicken and prawn cooked in rock sugar and honey sauce from its Best of Asia Spread.

Black Bean Crayfish


We are usually more familiar with Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce or Wok-fried Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce, but a Black Bean Crayfish? Now, that’s a first. With the right amount of seasoning, onion and black bean sauce, this is a dark horse contender to Plaza Brasserie’s best crayfish.

Black Pepper Crayfish


Because black pepper is too good to just be used on crabs alone! We now have a crayfish version, and the poignant flavour is oh-so-divine. Thick, sweet flesh from the crustacean cooked in a copious amount of black pepper sauce, Plaza Brasserie’s version is a fine mix of spicy and salty.

Redang Crayfish


If you love rendang, you would love Plaza Brasserie’s Rendang Crayfish. Who would have thought! But yes, the popular Indonesian flavour is now an option for your crayfish. It is the Malay’s idea of beef curry, prepared with mainly chilli, ginger, coconut milk, lemongrass, turmeric, garlic and galangal. In other words, a brilliant combination of herbs and spices. Eat this with rice; ahhh… simple pleasures in life.

Hot Bean Sauce Crayfish


Chilli, fermented bean sauce and sesame oil. This is a variation to black bean, and it is not any less flavourful. Slightly spicier, with complementing ingredients for a more robust sauce without overpowering the sweetness of the crayfish. The Hot Bean Sauce Crayfish is an innovative creation and one that the Chef is so proud of.

Chilli Crayfish


Well, well. Singaporeans love their chilli crab, so they will fall (hard) in love with this chilli crayfish too. Deep fried buns are available as an accompanying side; need we say more? Go ahead, help yourselves to a bigger portion. We won’t tell.

Thai Basil Crayfish


Thai basil does not just stop at minced pork. The culinary team decided to wok-fry the crayfish with the ever-popular Thai basil, and you can be assured that what you’d get is a kickass spicy flavour that you cannot get enough of. We always love a good Thai basil dish; the more fragrant the basil leaves, the better!

Salted Egg Yolk Crayfish


Our favourite among the eight flavours – but then again, we are biased towards anything that has salted egg yolk in it. Generously coated with Plaza Brasserie’s signature salted egg yolk sauce, this crayfish dish will be an instant hit with friends and family. Calories don’t count if there is Salted Egg Yolk Crayfish on the buffet counter, because it is impossible to say ‘no’ to this heavenly dish. Triple portions, please!

Salted Egg Yolk Crab


Of course, you can stuff your faces silly with the Salted Egg Yolk Crab too. Go ahead, we won’t judge.

Black Pepper Crab


So when we told you there was the Black Pepper Crayfish, you were already expecting a crab version, right? Your wish is granted. Indulge and eat as many black pepper crabs as you want! This will totally make your buffet money well-spent.

Chilli Crab


Singapore is synonymous with food, and when you talk about our local food, chilli crab always comes to mind. Yes, Plaza Brasserie does their chilli crab well and worthy of Singaporeans’ never-ending affection. Eat all you can with deep-fried mantou, did we hear?

Curry Crab


Damn, this Curry Crab was sooo good that we were momentarily speechless. But we are not surprised, because Plaza Brasserie is famed for their Indian food. In case you do not already know, they have dedicated chefs hailing from India; cannot get more authentic than this, can you? Now, all you really need is a bowl of fragrant white rice to fully savour the curry sauce. 


If you still have room after feasting on crayfishes and crabs, the Best of Asia Spread has hot pot stations (on rotation) serving dishes such as Braised Oxtail, Kampong Chicken Curry with Bread Loaf, Lotus Root and Pork Belly Soup and Seafood Tom Yum Soup. The live stations (on rotation) feature Crepe with Durian Mousse, Penang Hokkien Char, Fried Carrot Cake, Mee Goreng and more.

3 to 26 April 2015
Buffet Dinner (Daily from 6pm – 10pm)
Adult: S$65++
Child (4 to 12 years old): S$39++


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