12 Dishes That We Love from Cook & Brew’s New Menus

Cook & Brew New Menu

There are restaurants that we return to because we love the ambiance, there are those that we return to because the prices are friendly, then there are also those that hold a special place in our hearts simply because the team of chefs and waitstaff are like friends to us.

Cook & Brew at The Westin Singapore is one of those places, and it is not your typical restaurant. It is a gastrobar, sitting high on the 33rd level and with a glimpse of the city from above, with an exuberant team who are ever passionate about their food and beers, and a comprehensive menu that covers your bar snacks, mains, desserts and all the beers that you can ever dream of.

Cook & Brew Gastrobar

A recent change of menu had us revisiting the gastrobar, and Chef Aaron has a lot to impress, indeed. On a side note, his humble personality and comical expressions make it so easy to like him. Hailing from Canada, this man is famed for making his own sausages and meatballs, and man, do we need those with our beers!

But of course, Cook & Brew’s new menu is so fascinating that you might just need more trips back to try everything. Here are some highlights from its revamp, and 12 star dishes that you definitely must try from Cook & Brew’s new menus:

Train Car Breakfast


Such a catchy name, ain’t it? Start with this appetizer (S$16) of butter fried brioche (oh good Lord, yes), creamy scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and horse radish. Think of Eggs Florentine, but way better and dynamically flavoursome. Goes best with Kirin beer; yes, you know you need that.

Turkey Meatballs


We are usually not fans of meatballs, but these are just splendid. Chef Aaron spent a great deal perfecting his meatballs, and the usage of turkey makes this meatballs dish a lighter one. Doused in tomato sauce, pecorino and fried bread, Turkey Meatballs (S$15) is best enjoyed with Pilsner Urquell. You can also make this a main by adding fresh cut pasta (S$8).

Smoked Sausages


This is one dish that the kitchen is really proud to introduce. Ever so passionate about making and linking his own sausages, Chef Aaron’s creation of Homemade Smoked Sausage (S$22) comes complete with bubble & squeak, watercress and tomato jam. No fillers, no nut extenders, no binders. No organs and intestines, too. Just pure pork meat that are freshly grounded by the kitchen. Don’t forget to order a bottle of Strongbow Gold Apple Cider too!



Traditionally a Canadian dish that is essentially French fries topped with a brown gravy and cheese curds, Cook & Brew has their own version of Poutine now. Trust Chef Aaron when it comes to this; he is Canadian, and this is his element.

The Poutine “Eh” (S$16) is luxurious with pulled pork that’s prepared fresh in-house on a daily basis, cheese curds and apple Strongbow gravy. Very rustic, and every bit comforting. A dish that is good to share, and best enjoyed with Strongbow Cider Red Berries.

USDA Angus Striploin


We are huge fans of steaks, and we enjoyed this dish thoroughly. Apart from the fact that it is a good excuse to drink Guinness, the USDA Angus Striploin Steak (S$54) is a plate of beautifully seared striploin that is creamy and slightly fatty. Served with roasted mushrooms, stilton and a watercress salad, then topped with buttered bread crumbs that look nothing than tiny bits of scrapes but explosively flavourful, this is to die for.

Fancy Fish & Chips


Because fish & chips is too mainstream, Chef Aaron has to show us how it is done. Use lobsters, he said. And so, that brilliant twist is his take on a fancier version – well, it is not named Fancy Fish & Chips (S$46) for no reason.

Beer battered Nova Scotia lobsters served with sauce gribiche, which is essentially mayo-style cold egg sauce, the Fancy Fish & Chips is one of its kind. Every bite into the sweet flesh was divine, and you can just imagine how addicted we are to it; we are already planning a next visit back to The Westin Singapore!

Smoked Bacon Caramel Chocolate


It sounds strange, but it is absolutely to die for. Heaven meets Earth when bacon is put into chocolates. Who would have thought that the sweet-savoury combination would be so flawless? This dessert of Smoked Bacon Caramel Chocolate Bar (S$13) is easily the most decadent chocolate bar we’ve had in recent times. Like Snickers, but way better and comes with dates, hazelnut and smoked bacon, topped with chocolate sauce and maple candied bacon strip. This is one hell of a life-changing dessert and you have to try it to believe what good it does for your soul!


Chicken Wings are the perfect bar snacks. Cook & Brew has not only one, but three types of chicken wings – Hoisin Lime & Chili (S$12), Double Crispy Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce (S$12) and Hot Wings (S$12) – on the bar menu.

Salt Cod on toast


If you are going to Cook & brew to have some drinks with your colleagues after work, get the Salt Cod Brandade on Toast (S$12) from the bar menu. The salted cod is served on a grilled sourdough, and best enjoyed with a pint of Erdinger.

Sushi Bowl


Happy to know that perennial favourites are staying on the menu too. We’ve tried the Sushi Bowl (S$18) in Cook & Brew’s opening days, and boy, was it satisfying. Think of a deconstructed sushi, with BBQ salmon, egg roll, avocado, radish and wasabi mayonnaise, this is on the ‘Starter Fare’ section, but the ladies would love to know the generous portion works well as a main itself. Best enjoyed with Leffe Blond!

Cook & Brew Fried Chicken


Fried chicken + Beer = Happiness. Which is why we can never say no to Cook & Brew Fried Chicken (S$27). Glad that this classic dish is a mainstay, because it is ever so satisfying with the homemade wasabi mayonnaise, sesame spinach salad and cherry tomatoes. Needless to say, you need your beer with this. We’d say go for the recommended Leffe Blond, and your night is well complete.


Cook & Brew also has some local fares for the patriots and all who love a good Singaporean dish. The Duck Rice (S$25) sounds unassuming, but what do you know?Ruby red roasted duck served with white rice and braised sauce, the Duck Rice is fragrant and very enjoyable with Tsingtao beer. But of course.

Cook & Brew

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