Guide to Dining at Changi Airport: 20 Places to Eat

Changi Airport Dining Guide

Singapore Changi Airport is more than just an ordinary airport, it is a delectable gourmet world with many restaurants, eateries and cafes serving cuisines from all over the world. And we swear this feature will have you develop a newfound love for dining at an airport.

Whether you are in transit, need to fill your tummy before a flight, or just simply want a good family dinner, our airport can be your answer for any occasion and with this post, we will prove the typical perception of airports having the worst food options wrong. Yes, you’ve got that right – you do not have to settle for horrible food with ridiculous price tags. Whatever your craving is, however much your budget is, even if you are on a mission to catch your plane and running out of time, there will always be food. You just have to decide what cuisine you like.

Seafood Paradise

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Welcome to a gastronomical experience at our lovely world class airport. Here is a guide to dining at Changi Airport, featuring 20 restaurants, eateries and quickbites in the public and transit areas.


Spent too much time shopping at the duty-free shops that you do not have much time left to have a proper meal before catching your flight? Or just feeling peckish and want a snack? There are many food and beverage outlets at Changi Airport that offer ready-to-eat items and simple snacks that you can just grab and go. There will not be anymore reasons to go hungry when you are at the airport – even if you are running late.

Gong Cha (T2 Public Area)

For as far as we are concerned, bubble tea makes one happy. And it is definitely a good idea to grab a cup of your favourite sweet drink before your flight. Pudding Milk Tea for us, please!

Terminal 2 Arrival Hall (South)
Daily: 24 hours

Killiney Kopitiam (T2 Transit Area)

We miss local food the most whenever we travel overseas, so we always make sure to satisfy our craving for our favourite kaya toast. Killiney Kopitiam, one of the most established names for kaya toast and local coffee, is the place to head to. Fuss-free and comforting!

Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge (South)
Daily: 24 Hours
Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge (Central)
Daily: 6am – 1am

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette (T2 Public Area)

Fans of Paris Baguette will be delighted to know that the famous Korean bakery chain is now open at the airport. Besides their signature pastries, cakes and breads, sandwiches and salads, the branch at Changi Airport is also serving an exclusive brunch menu.

Terminal 2 Arrival Hall
Daily: 24 Hours

Toast Box

Toast Box (T3 Public Area)

Another place that we always frequent is Toast Box because it not only has popular local classic dishes – like kaya toast, laksa, curry chicken, and peanut butter thick toast – but it also opens for 24 hours, making it the perfect place to have a quick bite.

Terminal 3 Departure Check-In Hall, Level 2
Daily: 24 Hours

Tip Top Curry Puff

Tip Top (T2 Transit Area)

Pick up a piece of Curry Puff – the locals’ favourite snack – and enjoy the fragrance of the curry and diced potatoes from Tip Top, an established brand since 1979.

Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge (Central)
Daily: 6am – 1am


The best thing about Changi Airport is the mind-boggling selection of F&B outlets; even when you are not hungry, you feel compelled to dine there. Whether you are going for a holiday, sending your loved ones off, or to simply hangout and have a meal – there is always something to eat at Changi Airport. Here are some of the restaurants and eateries in Changi Airport’s public area that you should include in your list:

Central Thai

Central Thai (T2 Public Area)

From tom yum to Thai mango salad, green curry seafood and phad thai, Central Thai serves a great variety of classic Thai dishes prepared by native Thai chefs at pocket-friendly prices.

Terminal 2 Viewing Mall, Level 3
Daily: 10.30am – 11pm

Itacho Sushi (T3 Public Area)

Salmon skin sushi for S$0.40 – everyone will know Itacho Sushi because of this. But more than that, they offer a wide variety of sushi creations at very pocket friendly prices. When dining at Itacho, treat yourself to a selection of makis, rolls and nigiris made with fresh ingredients.

Our picks have got to be the wagyu nigiri – quality beef that is so rich in flavour and well-marbled, the salmon aburi that is torched to perfection, and sweet makis with creamy avocado and soft-shelled crab. Itacho Sushi always satisfies.

Terminal 3 Level 3
Daily: 10.30am – 11pm

Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive (T3 Public Area)

Gurney Drive presents the best of Penang hawker food like Penang laksa, prawn noodles, and char koay teow – which was, in particular, quite a plate of heaven with a generous serving of juicy prawns and sausages atop rice noodles. The food is pretty authentic and pleasantly affordable.

Terminal 3 Viewing Mall, Level 3
Daily: 10.30am – 11pm

Dian Xiao Er (T3 Public Area)

This traditional Chinese restaurant is another popular haunt for families to have a simple and casual meal. Its renowned herbal roast duck is always immensely satisfying.

Terminal 3 Level 3
Daily: 10.30am – 11pm

O Coffee Club

O’Coffee Club (T3 Public Area)

Need some sugar rush? Go for O’Coffee Club’s signature Mudpies. The picture speaks for itself.

Terminal 3 Departure Check-in Hall
Daily: 24 Hours

Ramen Champion

Ramen Champion (T3 Public Area)

Pork base, chicken base, miso base… whatever you are feeling, Ramen Champion has a bowl to feed that craving. Our favourite has got to be Keishoken by Chef Kazuo Sukuraoka, who exhibited his concept of colors via the toppings – black, red, orange and yellow. The red topping deserves a special mention for its sizzling spiciness atop rich pork broth.

Terminal 3 Basement 2
Daily: 10.30am – 11pm


Saboten (T1 Public Area)

Tonkatsu is ever popular, and Saboten does theirs well. Which explains why they are always packed, but we really would not mind the wait just to have a serving of the gorgeously-fried hire Katsu (pork tenderloin cutlet); we never leave Saobten without a serving of that. And the cheese katsu is a fabulous alternative that we always add-on, too! The various sets is another reason why Saboten is an ideal option for families.

Terminal 1 Viewing Mall, Level 3
Daily: 8am – 11pm

Seafood Paradise (T2 Public Area)

If you need your crab fix before your holiday, or if you are returning from a holiday with a major craving for our local crabs, head to Seafood Paradise and indulge in a luxurious seafood spread. Crabs aside, we really love their cheese lobsters – fresh, chunky crustaceans lavishly soaked in a bed of cheese. Eat it with deep-fried mantou! Also, the cuttlefish with kangkong is a favourite among locals, too!

Terminal 2 Viewing Mall
Departure Check-in Hall, Level 3
Daily: 10.30am – 10.30pm

Soup Restaurant (T2 Public Area)

Serving an unparalleled menu of daily brewed soups, families can always count on Soup Restaurant for a good meal. Its quality comfort Chinese food with reasonable price tags includes the all-time favourite Samsui Ginger Chicken.

Terminal 2 Viewing Mall
Departure Check-in Hall, Level 3
Daily: 10.30am – 11pm


Swensen’s (T2 Public Area)

We always end up at Swensen’s when we are back in Singapore on a midnight flight because it opens for 24 hours, and also because of the variety of dishes on the menu – there is something for everyone to choose from.

Terminal 2 Arrival Hall
Daily: 24 Hours


We are huge advocators of arriving and checking in early at the airport so as to enjoy the facilities and amenities. Treat yourself to a good meal before your flight! With so many restaurants and eateries in the transit areas, you will be spoiled for choices on what to eat. Here are some places that you can go.

Cedele (T2 Transit Area)

The ladies’ favourite, Cedele, offers a delicious and healthy menu of sandwiches, soups and desserts that are prepared using the freshest ingredients.

Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge
Daily: 24 Hours

La Cave

La Cave Wine Bar (T1 Transit Area)

Head to the rooftop Cactus Garden to enjoy fresh air and a pint of beer or glass of wine at La Cave Wine Bar.

Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge
Daily: 7am – 2am

Peach Garden

Peach Garden Noodle House (T1 Transit Area)

Signatures like the wasabi salad cream prawn, golden salted yolk prawn, braised ee fu noodle with baby lobster, and to-die-for custard buns is why this casual dining eatery has our loyalty. Peach Garden always dishes out consistently good Chinese food that is hard to not love.

Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge
Mezzanine Level 3
Daily: 6am – 12am

Tai Hing

Tai Hing (T2 Transit Area)

Tai Hing is one of the most well-known roast meat restaurants in Hong Kong, with more than 30 branches dishing out its much-lauded roast goose and other cooked dishes. If you are not heading to Hong Kong anytime soon, we would definitely recommend coming here for a meal before going off for your holiday.

Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge
Daily: 24 Hours

The Green Market

The Green Market (T1 & 2 Transit)

For the health conscious, head over to The Green Market, a modern casual Japanese Restaurant that offers a salad and appetiser buffet (11am – 1am) for S$20.

Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge
Daily: 6am – 1am
Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge
Daily: 6am – 1am

Changi Airport T3

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We can stay at the airport for a week and not run out of ideas on where to eat! Have you shortlisted your favourites, and mapped out an eating plan for your next trip to the airport? And if you have time after your meal, remember to check out the other wonders. Read our previous guide on 12 Things You Never Knew about Changi Airport.

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