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Beer Market

Football and ice cold beer come hand in hand. We all need night outs with our pals, and we really would not miss watching the latest football matches. Times like these, we turn to our regular haunts for reliable familiarity and comfort, where we can get our favourite beers and cheers to great goals.

And what if we tell you – on top of all these, there is a haven where you can fill your tummies with awesome food with even more awesome beers, too? Lately, Beer Market has sprung up to being one of our favourite chill-out spots, and with this post, we will make you forget what a typical pub means, and have you rethink and redefine what enjoyment really is with quality F&B.

Beer Market Clarke Quay

Strategically located at the bustling Clarke Quay, Beer Market is not your ordinary pub. Or bar. Or whatever Singaporeans deem as a place only for drinks. Beer Market is an institution, a place that is committed to offering a myriad of beers – both classic favourites and limited rare brands – and a menu so comprehensive, and even more appealing than the beer options! Some of the dishes like chicken rice pizza, squid ink fried rice, and salted egg yolk seafood pizza are enticing enough to make us go back again and again.

Happy Hungry Hour

One of the highlights at Beer Market is its Happy Hungry Hour (6pm to 8pm from Tue to Thu, and whole of Sun) where you can get three pub grubs for S$10+. The choices include chicken wings, spring rolls, silver fish, mini sausages, and the addictive luncheon fries. With finger food so affordable, no one should drink on an empty stomach.

Beer Market offers its Four Heavenly Kings sauce – Tartar Sauce with a tinge of honey, Honey Mustard, the fiery hot BTH (Buay Tahan) sauce, and our favourite BM Shiok Sauce, which as the name suggests, so good that it is the perfect dip for any dish. We really went all out with the BM Shiok Sauce, and for all we could remember; we ate it with every dish.

Seafood Shooter

There are several seafood appetisers like Fried Baby Squid (S$9.90), Sautéed Pesto Tiger Prawns (S$11.90), but our pick is the Seafood Shooters (S$22.90) – crab meat, prawns and sashimi salmon presented in shooter glasses, alongside a Tiger Radler beer that is to be poured into the glasses and eaten together with the seafood. Chilled freshness and every bit refreshing; this is not to be missed.

Sizzling Salmon

More seafood? Go for the Sizzling Salmon (S$18.90) – a huge slab of salmon grilled to perfection. Other main courses include Fish & Chips (S$13.90), Chicken Truffle (S$15.90) and BM No-Nonsense Steak (S$22.90). Yes, the BM Shiok sauce goes well with all of that, too.

Salted Egg Yolk Pizza

And then there are pizzas too. Love your Chicken Rice? Now, you can have it on a pizza! We never thought a Chicken Rice Pizza (S$17.90) would be possible, but there you have it – only at Beer Market. And Singaporeans will be delighted to know that the other tantalising option is the Salted Egg Seafood Pizza (S$21.90). These two creations are the best testament to what Beer Market is about – their alternative interpretations of local favourites will stop you in your tracks and have you see them in a different light.

Tze Char Dishes

On Beer Market’s new menu, you will also be treated to several mouth-watering Tze Char dishes. We love having comfort food accompany our beers. Beer Market’s renditions of the popular classics are not quite classic, but all the better because we had a chat with the Executive Chef, Steven, and we understood why. He is always craving perfection, and when perfection is achieved, he takes it to a higher level by elevating the flavours further with the addition of complementary premium ingredients.

BM Beef Horfun

Take the BM Beef Horfun (S$14.90) for instance. While we are not the biggest fans of horfun, we were impressed by the generous chunks of sirloin beef strips, and this dish is actually served with French onion soup gravy. So many layers to savour just in one dish!

Midnight Seafood Rice

And we have to admit that the Midnight Seafood Rice (S$13.90) blew our minds. We stand firm on the belief that the simplest dish is the best tell tale to a chef’s culinary skills, and where tze char is concerned, fried rice is the best indicator. While this version of squid ink and seafood stir-fried with rice looked unassuming and mediocre upon first glance, it is one that have us making a pact with ourselves to order it every time we drop by.

Beer Market Exchange

Upon stepping in, you would notice from the decor of the place that the concept of Beer Market is highly inspired by the stock exchange. The idea is to buy low and drink high, of course. For those of you who have never been here before, here is a quick guide on how to order beers. On the Beer Market Exchange (BMX), you can find almost any type of beer. Check the TV screens around the bar for the latest prices, which are updated every half an hour. Like stocks, the prices of beer depend on the demand and supply of the market. Needless to say, the more popular the beer is, the higher the prices will go. Similarly, if a particular beer is not in demand, prices will slide.

It is an interesting experience to monitor the beer market while catching up with your friends over good food, of course. And it also gives you a chance to try other uncommon brews – that you might otherwise not try – when they drop to low prices.

Awesome Tofu

There are many reasons why we love Beer Market, but if we had to pick one, it would be their new food menu. A well-balanced selection with a good mix of finger food, pizzas and tze char dishes that pair well with beers – all at extremely affordable prices. Rethink night out, less the busting credit card part.

The casual and relaxed atmosphere, coupled with affordable drinks and well-executed food, makes Beer Market the place to head to the next time you crave an after-dark session to unwind, and when your pals and you need a spot to enjoy your matches.

For the latest updates, go to http://www.beermarket.com.sg/ and like Beer Market on facebook.

Beer Market
#01-17 & #02-02, Clarke Quay
3B River Valley Road
Tel: +65 9661 8283
Sun to Thu: 6pm – 1am
Fri & Sat: 6pm – 3am
Eve of PH: 6pm – 3am
Closed on Mon
Nearest Station: Clarke Quay

This post is brought to you by Beer Market.