Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant Dempsey

Baked Lobster

Everyone knows Dempsey Hill. It is arguably one of the hottest dining destinations in Singapore, with popular restaurants like The White Rabbit, Barracks Cafe and PS Cafe. But not everyone knows about Don Quijote Spanish restaurant at Dempsey. Well, I guess now we all know.

Be it a nice date with your partner; or a birthday party celebration with a big group of friends – Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant is the ideal place if you like tapas, paella and sangria.

One thing to note: the original branch at Lorong Kilat is no longer in operation.

Don Quixote

The menu is huge. From cold tapas like Mixed Platter of Ham, Sausages and Cheese ($36) and Anchovy and Piquillo Pepper on bread ($12); to hot tapas like Tortilla Espanola ($11), Calamari ($12) and Gambas Al Ajillo ($13); to meats like Ox-tail Stew ($36) and Tenderloin Steak ($39); to Paellas ($30 for small); and desserts like Leche Fritta ($9) and Warm Chocolate Cake ($19) – there is something for everyone.


Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant recently launched a Market Seafood Menu where they serve “live” seafood from the market. It largely depends on what is available in the market, but the typical menu will feature a selection of fishes, lobsters, clams, mussels, and scallops.

While waiting for Sophie to arrive, Qiuting and I started with the Mejillon Al Vino Blanco – Mussels cooked in White Wine ($16); and Gambas Al Ajillo ($16) – Garlic fried Live Prawns.


The Scallop ($18) that came next were equally impressive.

Baked Snapper

For main courses, we were served a gorgeous Baked Whole Lobster ($69), and the visually pleasing Baked Whole Snapper ($45).

We stared at the baby lobster when it arrived on our table and for a moment, we didn’t know what to do. After five seconds, instinct took over and the three of us started to attack it with the fork. Om nom nom nom. It was as good as it looked.

The Baked Snapper, on the other hand, was slightly disappointing. The fish was really fresh, but we felt that it was under-seasoned.


And of course, a Spanish meal would not be complete without having Paella. At Don Quijote, there are four different Paellas: seafood, squid ink, vegetarian and meat.

The Paella de Carne ($30 Small/ $45 medium/ $60 large) came  with Beef, Chicken, Chorizo Sausages and rice cooked in a delicious saffron stock.

Tenderloin Cubes with Blue Cheese

Even though we were quite full after polishing off the Paella, we were tempted by the highly recommended Tenderloin Steak Cubes with Blue Cheese ($20). The owner was very confident about it, and truth be told, I was quite skeptical initially. But I had to take back my words after having a cube. It was oh-my-god-yummy.

I also ordered the Chorizo Asado Barbecued Spanish Chorizo Sausage ($10) as Qiuting never had it before. It was a shame that we didn’t have room for desserts, otherwise I would love to try their Warm Chocolate Cake made with Spanish Chocolate ($19).

Don Quixote Spanish Restaurant

Don Quijote at Dempsey Hill is a nice place to go to if you are craving for Spanish food. While prices are not cheap, neither are they exorbitant – it is on par with most of the better Spanish Restaurants in Singapore.

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Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant
Blk 7 Dempsey Road
#01-02 Singapore
Tel: +65 6476 2811
Sun to Wed: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Thu to Sat: 11.30am – 1am
Note: This was an invited media tasting.

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