Man Fu Yuan Intercontinental Hotel

Pu Erh Tea Pork Ribs

Man Fu Yuan at Intercontinental Hotel – one of Singapore’s top Cantonese restaurants – has undergone a refurbishment earlier this year and it has since returned with a stunning decor and a new emphasis on Chinese tea.

While I liked their dim sum, I didn’t frequent the old Man Fu Yuan because the decoration was kind of boring. Boy was I impressed when I went there for lunch recently. The restaurant now has a nice contemporary look with classy butterfly chandeliers, exquisite hand-painted wall coverings, and natural timber floors.

With new Chinese executive chef Chan Siu Kong helming the kitchen, Man Fu Yuan has a new focus on tea pairing. Some of the chef specialty dishes with premium Chinese tea include: Wok-fried Garoupa with White Peony Tea Leaf ($30 per portion), Stir-fried Scallops with Long Jin Tea Leaf ($38 per portion) and the beautiful Pork Ribs with Pu Erh Tea Leaf ($10 per piece) which you see in the photo above.

Dim sum

The dim sum at Man Fu Yuan is good, but the prices are slightly higher than most dim sum restaurants. Besides the typical offerings like Prawn Dumpling ($6.8), Pork Dumpling ($6.8) and Honey Glazed Pork Bun ($5.2), they also have some interesting items like the Baked Lobster with cheese ($6.8), Pan-fried Black Pepper Venison Dumping ($5.2) and Chilli Crabmeat Bun ($6.8). Most of the dim sum are priced between $5.2 to $6.8 per basket.

If you are at Man Fu Yuan for dim sum, remember to check out the custard buns ($12 for 6). They are one of the better custard buns that I’ve had. It is also one of the few Chinese restaurants in Singapore that serves the Deep-fried Glutinous Rice Dumpling traditional style, also known as Ham Sui Kok.

Lobster Noodle

Among the dishes that we tried, I liked the Wok-fried Pork Ribs ($10 per piece) infused with Pu-erh tea leaf in lemon sauce. While it was a shame that the overwhelming lemon sauce completely covered the Pu-erh flavour, the fork-tender pork ribs were heavenly.

By the time we had the Stewed Noodles with Lobster ($12 per 100g lobster), our stomachs were already almost filled to the brim. Nonetheless, we slurped down the lobster noodles and ended the meal with two desserts – Cream of Pumpkin with ice cream ($8) and Chilled Mango Pudding with Pomelo Sago ($8).

Man Fu Yuan Restaurant

Man Fu Yuan at Intercontinental Hotel is a nice place to have a quiet lunch near the town area. Prices are what you’d expect for a fine dining Cantonese restaurant. I like the new interior, so I can see myself going back for dim sum.

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Man Fu Yuan
80 Middle Road
2F Intercontinental Hotel
Tel: +65 6825 1062
Daily: 11am – 2.15pm, 6pm – 10.30pm

Note: This was an invited media tasting.

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