Cupcakes with Love: New Cupcake Bakery

Cupcakes with love

I’ve always loved cupcakes and I am really happy to see the cupcake trend slowly picking up in Singapore. Plenty of cupcake bakeries have sprung up in the past year and it is really exciting for a dessert lover like me.

One of the new places that serve cupcakes is Cupcakes with Love – a full fledged cupcake cafe at Tanjong Katong. A nice cafe which sells nothing but cupcakes. How cool is that?

Cupcakes with Love is located at 348 Tanjong Katong road (closer to Mountbatten road) which is further away from the main stretch of eateries like Punggol Nasi Lemak, Smiths Fish and Chips and With a Pinch of Salt Cafe.

Cupcakes with love cafe

They currently have eight cupcake flavours, so it is still an ongoing process to test out recipes for the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle (they intend to have nine flavours every day).

It is important to note that the cupcakes from Cupcakes with Love have considerately less frosting than the usual ones. They are quite different and I’m guessing that it will probably appeal more to people who do not fancy thick frostings.

A cupcake goes for $3.8, and it comes with really nice boxes for half a dozen ($22) or a dozen ($44) orders. Some of the flavours include cranberry, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, matcha and their signature chocolate rum “adult cupcake”.

Red Velvet

We were too full after dinner so we only tried three of the flavours: matcha, chocolate rum and red velvet. Yes, red velvet. I bet some of you are already rubbing your hands in anticipation.

I never understood the fascination with red velvet cupcake, though. It’s simply an ordinary cupcake with a few tablespoons of cocoa powder and red food colouring. But if you are a big fan of red velvet cupcake, you might want to check out the one at Cupcakes with Love which comes with cream cheese frosting and is one of the most popular cupcakes there.

Cupcake Cafe

The cupcakes are freshly baked every day, so do drop by Cupcakes with Love and give them your support.

Meanwhile, I’m on a quest to try several new cupcake bakeries. I will be blogging a post on the best cupcakes in Singapore soon! Leave me a comment if you have any recommendations for good cupcakes.

Cupcakes will never go out of fashion.

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Cupcakes with Love
348 Tanjong Katong road
Tel: +65 6440 0450
Tue to Fri: 12noon – 10pm
Sat to Sun: 12noon – 11pm

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