5 Frequently Asked Questions on my Food Blog

Singapore Food Blog

Be it a simple thank you note, or getting recommendations of new places to eat in Singapore, it makes my day when I receive emails from everyone.

Here are the 5 frequently asked questions that I get on my food blog:

“You are always making me hungry!”

1. Where can I find a cheap and good buffet in Singapore?

I’m afraid there isn’t any cheap and good buffet. The good ones are usually quite expensive, read my list of Buffet Restaurants in Singapore.

2. What camera are you using, and how can I improve my photography?

I’ve written a post on my food photography equipment. The only way to improve your photography is to practise more. Do read my post on basic food photography tips.

3. Can you recommend me a suitable restaurant for throwing birthday parties?

Take a look at my list of Birthday Party Venues in Singapore. For a romantic yet simple dinner, read: Best Cafes in Singapore, and Romantic Restaurants with a view.

4. What are the things you must-do in Singapore?

For a start, read my post on 10 Things to do in Singapore. You must also eat all the hawker food from places like Chomp Chomp and Old Airport Road Market. Do not leave Singapore without trying chilli crabs, chicken rice, and kaya toast.

5. Where can I find your review of ___ restaurant?

To find a particular restaurant review on my food blog. Google “ladyironchef __ restaurant” (where __ refers to name of restaurant).

There’s another method. Click on the INDEX page which is located at the top right hand corner. It is a list of all the restaurants categorised from A to Z.

The easiest way to reach me is via twitter. I’ll be happy to give you some suggestions on where to go for dinner, just drop me a tweet (make sure your account is not locked).