Pizza Hut’s 30th Anniversary with a New Menu

Pizza Hut Singapore

To celebrate its 30th Anniversary in April this year, Pizza Hut Singapore has come up with a brand new menu with 25 additions. A whopping selection of brilliant dishes created from the finest ingredients and a passion for food excellence, Pizza Hut is sure to wow you with all the exciting goodies in store for you.

Here is a countdown of 10 reasons why you should go to Pizza Hut:

#10. 25 new additions to the menu – 6 appetisers, 3 pastas, 2 pizzas, 6 Western favourites, 1 baked rice, 2 desserts and 5 beverages.

Scroll down, read on.

Pizza Hut Western Favourite

#9. I wanted Pizza, and they surprised me with Crispy Chicken Chop.

OKAY DON’T PANIC. Pizza Hut still has their awesome Pizzas on the menu, but they are going to spoil you with more choices.

There are six options under the ‘Western Favourites’ menu: Hut’s Chicken Steak (S$14.5), Crispy Chicken Chop (S$13.9), New Orleans Chicken Wrap Wraps (S$10.9), Cheez Shroomies Wrap (S$10.9), Beefy Delight Wrap (S$10.9), and Fish ‘N’ Chips (S$13.9)

Amongst them, I like the Crispy Chicken Chop. Fried to a gorgeous shade of golden brown, it was surprisingly tasty. If you are a fan of cheese, be sure to try the Cheez Shroomies Wrap.

As the brand strives to be the favourite casual-dining restaurant in Singapore, Pizza Hut has embarked on expanding beyond its current menu to give customers more reasons to celebrate and gather at its restaurants, and of course, to spoil them with the wide array of food choices. Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome to the new Pizza Hut!

Pizza Hut Cheesy Mussels

#8. Cheese + Mussels = Cheesy Mussels.

Pizza Hut has 24 full-fledged restaurants, and they deliver to almost every Singapore household from 30 delivery stores. I am sure you already know this, so let me tell you something you don’t know.

Cheese + Mussels = Cheesy Mussels. That’s right, Cheesy Mussels (S$7.9).

It seems to be a trend to have a middle name nowadays, so let me think of one for Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Mussels. How about Cheesy-Wonderful-Mussels? I think it sounds more than wonderful, in a tantalising way. And oh yes, the cheesy mussels were really cheesy, in a good way of course. No pun intended.

PS. I can almost smell the cheese once again as I type this blog post.

Pizza Hut Thick Fries

#7. Fries are always good for you, and it tastes even better when you eat it with pizzas.

Pizza Hut served so many dishes that day, and amongst all, we could not stop eating the Thick Fries On Dip (S$6.50) which came with the Salsa and Grilled Cheese sauce.

Pizza Hut's Platter

#6. Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets, Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets, Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets.

Everyone loves Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets. Pizza Hut has make-it-best with the Hut’s Platter (S$13.9) – Tempura Prawns, Calamari Rings, Criss Cross Fries, and of course, Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets.

Pizza Hut Captain Catch

#5. After Stuffed Crust, Crunchy Cheesy Bites, Starzbites and Cheesy 7, Pizza Hut is going to rock your world with Captain’s Catch.

I don’t know about you, but I have never imagined using fillet as the key ingredient for Pizza. You know what is the best part? There were sour cream and onion potato chips on the pizza too. HOW EVIL!

Try to picture crispy Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips, Fillet and melty cheese on a pizza – you get the idea of Captain’s Catch.

#4. You like wraps? There are three wraps on Pizza Hut’s new menu.

Amongst the three wraps under Pizza Hut’s ‘Western Favourites’, we tried the Cheez Shroomies wrap (S$10.9). Let me try it again: Cheeeeezeee Shroomies Wrap! How cute. Pizza Hut obviously knows their customers very well because the tortilla wrap is filled with grilled cheese sauce. There are also Button Mushroom, Onion, Garlic, and it comes with Criss Cross Fries and Salad on the side.

Pizza Hut Seafood Fiesta

#3. Pizza Hut has Spanish Paella. Oops! I meant the ‘Seafood Fiesta’ on the new menu.

As we were trying the Seafood Fiesta (S$13.5), we couldn’t help but notice the resemblance to the typical Spanish Paella. And true enough; the dish is really inspired by the classic Spanish symbol. This is definitely one of my favourite dishes on the new menu.

Pizza Hut

#2. Honey, I love you Pizzas. I really do.

Will you, Brad Lau, take Captain’s Catch as your ___? For better, for worse, for richer for poorer; in sickness and in health; to have and to cherish… Yes I do.

BUT I want the Turkey Bacon ‘N’ Shrooms Pizza too. Oh, Oh, Oh, Pizza Hut also has a new pizza for dessert (SEE PICTURE #1). Can you believe it? A savoury-sweet pizza dessert!

Drizzled with chocolate sauce, the Choco-Berry Banana (S$6.5) has fresh bananas and strawberries on a crispy thin pizza base. Honey, let me finish the Pizzas first.

#1. See Number 10 to 2.

Woah, we are at the end of the post already? I wanted to tell you more about Pizza Hut’s new menu, but there’s only so much I can say here.

See you at Pizza Hut, and Happy 30th Anniversary to Pizza Hut!