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Tung Lok Classic

Most Singaporeans will have probably heard of Tung Lok group of restaurants, which serve a range of food from vegetarian to seafood. From upmarket Chinese restaurant My Humble House, to the family-friendly Tung Lok Seafood restaurant, Lingzhi Vegetarian restaurant, or the causal dining Zhou’s Kitchen – there are options available for everyone.

For a long time, I was confused by Tung Lok Signatures and Tung Lok Classics. The former is about gathering the signature dishes and putting them together in a menu – it’s like the best of Tung Lok under one roof. On the other hand, Tung Lok Classics offers timeless classic Chinese dishes from Shanghainese, Sichuan, Hubei and Cantonese dishes.

It seems like my memory is starting to fail me. I can’t recall if this is fish, prawn or crab, but I remember that the deep fried cheesy coating was absolutely delicious with the meat beneath retaining its juicy and moist texture.

Tung Lok

I was secretly hoping that there’s roasted pork, but we had the Char Siew in the end. Slightly charred on the edges, the char siew was soft, and chewy and sweetly succulent. It was decent, but definitely not the best char siew I had before.

Tung Lok Singapore

Tung Lok Dim Sum

Even though I have been to Tung Lok Seafood restaurant for their dim sum buffet, I never knew that Tung Lok Classics served dim sum too. I was pleasantly surprised when the waitress presented a basket of har gau and siew mai to our table. Evern though the shrimp was fresh and juicy, the steamed prawn dumpling’s translucent skin torn easily. I preferred the steamed pork dumpling which had a good balance of pork-and-shrimp.

Tung Lok Orchard Parade

Tung Lok Classics is all about the visual impact and the dessert that we had was the best testimonial to that. See that red test tube in the picture? It’s a shot of extremely potent beetroot juice — the perfect ending to the end of a good meal.

Which Tung Lok Restaurants have you been to before, and which is your favorite?

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