Chicken wings from No. 5 Emerald Hill Singapore

Best Prawn Paste Chicken

“Shall we go and have the best Har Cheong Gai in Singapore?”

When I saw this conversation between my friends on twitter, I knew that I must try the best chicken wings in Singapore that they were talking about. We even created a blackberry group nicknamed: har cheong gai to discuss and plan for our assault at No. 5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar for their famous chicken wings which are marinated with shrimp paste.

Food Blogger conned to No. 5 Emerald Hill with the lure of best chicken wings in Singapore.’ After praising the chicken wings to the sky, my friend was a little worried about my expectations of it, and teased me with this headline.

When the waiter brought the basket of chicken wings ($17 for 6) to our table, my brain was whispering to the stomach: you know what, this better be good!

Har Cheong Gai

“Dear god, or whoever that is listening, please, please let the No. 5 Emerald Hill’s chicken wings be the best prawn paste chicken in Singapore.” I prayed. I took one by the side, and placed it carefully into my mouth. At that point, I did not care whether or not the wings would burn my tongue and make me go oww. As sadistic as it might sound, I’d probably remember the har cheong kai better if it burnt me.

Anyway, No 5 Emerald Hill’s Har Cheong Kai was extremely crispy. It wasn’t oily, nor was it too dry. The wings were great as finger food, the perfect snack to wash down with a jug of cold icy beer. While they were excellent as chicken wings, one would probably not classify them as Har Cheong Kai since the prawn paste flavor wasn’t strong enough.

Emerald Hill Pizza

While the pizza wasn’t outstanding, it was not too bad for pub grub. Thin-crust, light and not too filling: the excuse for you to eat again after dinner.

No 5 Emerald Hill

The fish from the “Fish and chips” was disappointing. The saving grace was the fries, which quickly filled our stomach.

No 5 Beef Stew

“Why does the beef stew tastes like salmon?” This was one of the funniest comments made when we were at No. 5 Emerald Hill. It actually tasted like a normal beef stew to me. Nothing fanciful, something warm and hearty to go along with the bread.

* * *

No. 5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar has a 1-for-1 Martini for just $16 (from 9pm to 1am), which is a very good deal. Martini plus chicken wings after a long day at work? Sounds like a plan to me.

Edited (I forgot to include this para): I had a shock when I first stepped into No. 5 Emerald Bar. Everyone was throwing empty peanut shells on the floor. If you want to litter in Singapore without getting fine, No. 5 Emerald Bar is probably the place to go! Even though it was a little awkward initially, the place soon unleashed the monster in me. It felt so liberating to throw empty peanut shells onto the floor!

Do you have any recommendations of any good pubs/bars in Singapore to chill out?

// The Emerald Hill restaurants and pubs are located directly opposite 313 @ Somerset and Orchard Central.

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