Sweet Indulgence


Sweet Indulgence, the petite cafe at Stanley Street is as charming as its name. From the decorations, to the food, to the service, everything just made you feels at home. Your cosy corner, in the hearts of the city. My female companion and i arrive at the place at 530pm, but the restaurant was not opened yet as their kitchen starts at 6. However the staff warmly welcome us in to the place. Being early-birds, we were the only diners there, and we enjoyed every moment there. The feeling was though we had booked the restaurant, and had the whole place to ourselves.


Upon stepping into the restaurant, I felt as if I had transported into another world all together. The bar counter, the simple yet comfortable furnitures under the dim spot-light made us feel totally at ease. The staff was very friendly, and he told us to make ourselves at home. So we heed his words, and literally make it our home.


Pretty is the word to describe the place, cozy is the word to describe the feeling, and indulgencing in the sweetness basically sums up everything else. We took photos, every shot and angles of the whole restaurant. While being overly engrossed in taking pictures, we even forgot to take our orders until we saw the chef sitting behind us.

The menu ranges from appetizer, salad, tapas, to the main course like pasta, fish & seafood, meats, to desserts and wine. Although under each category there might not have a wide range of selections, but for what it lack in variety, it made up for it in the pure quality and the presentation of the food.


And just for your information, the restaurant starts its lunch menu from 1145 to 230pm, dinner is served from 6 to 10pm. Indulge in a sumptuous three course set lunch at an additional $6.80 on top of the main course’s price.

Selections of wine available

The painting of the wall and the furniture colour blends in well together

The cozy corner seats

As we were in quite a rush for time, we didn’t have any appetizer or tapas to start the delightful meal, so we proceed on and begin with our main course. A peek into the menu, we immediately know what we wanted. As my female companion is a fan of spaghetti & also a lover of fish, the spaghetti salmon & mushroom seems to be tailor-made for her. To complete the fish-lover experience, i had the pan-sauteèd salmon steak.

The spaghetti selections come in the price range of $13.90 to $17.90, while the main course starts from $14.90 to $23.90 for its beef tenderloin.

Spaghetti Salmon & Mushroom ($15.90)

Spaghetti tossed with fresh salmon, mushrooms & seasonal vegetables in cream sauce. Being the fan of cream base rather than tomato base, the Spaghetti Salmon & Mushroom suits the tastebud of my companion perfectly. The sauce isn’t very strong, therefore it doesn’t overwhelm the overall taste of the dish. Coupled with the generous helping of fresh salmon & mushroom, every slurp of the pasta seems to exist for your savour of it.

Pan-sauteèd Salmon Steak ($19.90)

Pan-grilled salmon accompany with daily vegetables, serve with vanilla infused cream sauce, finished with balsamic reduction & caramelised cherry tomatoes. First taste into the Pan-sauteèd Salmon steak tell me this is something special, the second bite confirms the truth. The salmon is pan-grilled perfectly, where pan-grilled salmon in the hands of less-skillful chef will becomes hard and dry, this is definitely not the case at Sweet Indulgence.

The Salmon fillet that i had at Friends @ Jelita was slightly different, that one is coated with cripsy cajun crust. In this case, the grilled skin did not prevent me for tasting the soft and freshness of the juicy salmon. Some pepper and salt are sprinkled to add additional flavouring to the salmon, not that it is necessary, the salmon is so good that it can be eaten on its own.

The daily vegetables of broccoli and carrot helps to balance the meal, and the mashed potato together with the vanilla infused cream sauce certainly taste specially good. The only thing that i have to add will be the serving could be better, but i guess good food comes in appropriate serving, too much of a good thing spoils the taste.

Warm Choco Lava Indulgence ($8.90)

To end off our delightful meal, there is no doubt desserts are a must at such a sweet place like Sweet Indulgence. Warm chocolate cake filled with melted dark chocolate, served with tropical fruits and a scoop of ice cream.

Warm Choco Lava Indulgence’s filling very much satisfied the chocoholic in me. As our spoon cuts into the chocolate cake, the melted dark chocolate ooshed out and filled our spoon. Eaten separately, the warm dark chocolate taste like dark chocolate, and the ice cream like any other ordinary ice cream, but combine both together, the result is totally different. The warm dark chocolate seems to fuse perfectly with the cold vanilla ice cream, and the effect is a yummy sensation.

Tiramisu ($7.90)

Dessert couldn’t have been more satisfying than in the form of the popular Tiramisu. Original Italian tiramisu made with mascarpone cheese and Italian sponge fingers soaked in espresso and lots of kahlua, rum & brandy.

The Tiramisu i had at Wild Rocket was creative, but in my personal opinion, this ought to be one of my favourite Tiramisu. The first moment the tiramisu goes inside my mouth, I fell in love with it. Touching the tip of my tongue, the super soft texture of the cake immediately melt and touch my heart. Beautiful is the word, heavenly is the feeling, and falling in love with it concludes the tiramisu. I’ll be back for this one, watch out for it yeah!

Total bill for 2 main 2 desserts for 2 person comes up to $52.60 which is definitely not expensive, given the quality and presentation of the food, the excellent service, the comfy environment, which makes our dinner perfect. Also please be reminded that the restaurant is currently opened during weekdays only, there are plans to open on Sat in the near future.

After we finish our dinner, the boss of the restaurant, Christopher came and we had a friendly conservation, and the restaurant even gave us two complimentary orange juice on the house. The orange juice are some of the ones that they are looking to bring in from new suppliers and are not on the menu as yet.

If you visit the place and may not agree with me that the place is that good even its a small restaurant, hidden in the heart of the city. But the fact is I enjoyed the place very much indeed, and that is enough. We received dining vouchers in the form of $15 discount for every $60 spend in the dinner menu for our next visit. I will definitely be back for more. memorable dining experience – Sweet 2 Indulge

Sweet Indulgence
2 Stanley Street
Tel: 6223 7707

” I fell in love with you “


Bobo ask: “but it’s open weekends yet not open on Sat? what do you mean?”

and “got another qn. got air con or not. cos from the pictures look like dun have.”

ladyironchef says: i make a typing mistake, what i mean was its open on weekdays only, there are plans to open on sat in the future.

And yes, there are air con : )

hey, the food looks yummilicious..
if u’re going again ask me along hor!!
haahaa..anyway, how to get to this place..is it accessible by public transport??

To carlosmamalei: hahahah! how do u know? haven been there love it already? lol!

To jaime: they have very good ambience! yeah, there are plans to open on sat in the near future. Do try them out : )

To gui: hahaha yeah very nice. i confirm going back to try other items on the menu one. lol! hmm, u nv work at shenton way before? lol u know where is amoy market? stanley street is jus beside there. if go by mrt is tanjong pagar mrt, if u go by bus, take 700 from bp. hahahah

jiaxin: They are open mon to sat 10am to 10pm. if you are going on weekdays, better go during dinner, i think lunch time they are more crowded.

Dinner time its like a ghost town there because its office area, so you can have the whole restaurant to yourself : )

You wouldn’t believe it… Have to admit that it is partially my fault for not looking closely at streetdirectory…

I wanted to celebrate a special occasion yesterday evening at Sweet Indulgence. Bringing the dSLR, wearing a dress with heels in a moderate drizzle is no joke. I vaguely recall it being at Telok Ayer and thus was there at about 7:30pm. My bad for choosing to walk along Telok Ayer Street and as expected, we didn’t find the place.

Nevermind, we called up the restaurant and ask for directions and the waitress was just saying “Silly Road” non-stop until we told her that no point telling us the road name when we are completely clueless of where we are at the moment. Later, a second waitress came and told us it is along Amoy Street near Bangkok Bank… Fair enough, we walked back to where we came from and turn right to Amoy Street, walked the entire stretch to realise the restaurant is no where in our line of vision. Called again at 8pm and the waitress told us to look for the 7-11, %&*#^* 7-11 was along McCallum Street!!! We turned right instead of left…

Drenched in the rain, bulky dSLR, hungry tummies for 2, a ruined evening…

1st time I come across a restaurant in which the staff fail to give the correct direction.

By the way, the Silly Street is supposed to be Stanley Street…

Anyway, I won’t condemn the restuarant but I just felt upset that I have indirectly ruined the celebration when I can just go to Chjmes…

fen: lol! stanley street became silly street. haha. next time give me a call i tell you where it is. ha! but hows the food? rule of the thumb, always check out the street directory before going : )

that time i went wasn’t very difficult, we alight at tanjong pagar mrt, den when we come out, its already at amoy market, so we jus walk down and reach in less than 5 min

hey saw your review on hungrygowhere, and looks really good! thinking of bringing my bf to eat on a sat on his birthday hehehe. thanks for the review :)

Hi ladyironchef.. oh i was there for lunch today.. had the set lunch by topping up $4.50.. with soup, drink and mini dessert.
Food portion very generous.. eat until i very full now.
and I felt like i have booked the whole restaurant today.

Jessica: Hello there! thanks for leaving your comment! Yeah thats precisely what i love about sweet indulgence, they are not very crowded, and if u go at the right time, it’s almost like booking and having the whole restaurant for your date and u. heh glad you enjoyed it :)

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