Cold Stone Creamery – Customised Ice Cream, Character-Themed Ice Cream Cakes & More

Cold Stone Creamery Singapore

Any time is a good time for ice cream—no matter what mood you are in. When we are feeling joyous, we celebrate with ice cream; likewise, ice cream cheers us up when we are unhappy. It is hard to imagine how something so simple is able to bring happiness to millions of people around the world, isn’t it?

Established in 1988, Cold Stone Creamery proudly dubs themselves as ‘Ice Cream Innovators’. Their ice cream is freshly made on the spot—smooth, rich and creamy.

At the same time, the popular ice cream parlour is also known for providing great entertainment value when it comes to their signature ‘ice cream toss’ dance and they throw pretty great private parties too—think party food, adorable character-themed ice cream cakes and colourful party decorations.

For kids and adults alike, Cold Stone Creamery is worth visiting countless times because it is always a good time there! And with the array of flavours, how would you even get sick of their ice cream? READ ON

LIC One Anniversary




Time flies, it has been a year already since ladyironchef (LIC) was started. With each post published, and each month flying by, the counter has jump twelve times, and LIC reach its first Anniversary!

Contrary to what many readers or visitors have thought that LIC was a female because of the nick “lady” in lady-ironchef, LIC is actually a Guy! Well just to clarify to prevent any future misunderstanding. Some of the common questions LIC encountered are as follows;

” Why ladyironchef? ”

” Why not gentlemanironchef? ”

” Are you pretending to be a female-blogger so that you can get more visitors? ” …

And the list goes on and on. Well i’ll like to say i can’t really remember the main reason for choosing ladyironchef as the name of my blog a year ago. In the first place i started this blog, it was more of a hobby, a place to document all the place that i had eaten at. It wasn’t begin with being a “foodie” in mind.

That was the main reason for the lack of direction, organisation, and even the content of the posts. Then slowly more and more visitors started to come in, and that was then LIC realise more have to be done, if not it’ll be quite disgraceful to show the visitors the low standard of the writing and the food blog.

LIC took pain, blood, sweat and whatever you can think of, to improve his writing of the food, much more time was spent writing the reviews, from mere mins to a few hours now for writing a single review. Its not as easy as you think because you’ll have to think of what to write, how to describe the food, how to phrase the sentences, everything will be easy if you are good in language, and this unfortunately is where LIC isn’t that strong in.

Following the improvement in the style of writing the food reviews (not that the current reviews are all very well-written), you must know people will get bored and won’t read the long paragraphs of writing (that is only human nature), and to attract readers’ attention, nice photos are needed, this is like what they say after all, pictures tell a thousand words. So LIC learn the better uses of his Canon Ixus, the different angles to take nicer photos (not that the current photos are very good, but slightly nicer than last time)

A shareholder is someone who has some involvement, or stake in, i shall hereby coined the term sharereaders for all the readers at LIC, for all that i’ve written are all shared with you. Thank you all for supporting my blog, be it positive or negative, you’re always welcome at LIC. has 47,906 total visitors as of today 6 April, even thought 47k is not a lot (given that some websites have tens of thousands a day), but i’m really satisified with the result. In addition, the first few months of the start of LIC there wasn’t much visitors, the numbers really pick up towards the last few months.

This marks the First Anniversary of LIC, and i hope to share with all my sharereaders many many more years of gastronomic food escapade. And with that, LIC is proud to present you with! LIC is moving to my own domain and hosting so as to provide my sharereaders with better, and more enriching food reviews. Please relink me, re-bookmark me, re-remember my website, there’ll be no from now on it will all be !!

Well, this speech can go on and on because LIC really has a lot of thoughts to share with everybody, but i know it is tedious to read each and every word, and most people might not have even read until this part, so i shall end this post here and now. With this, i shall mark the last post on and begin a whole new chapter at

I’ll also like to apologise for the seemingly lack of posts on LIC, no LIC has not stop eating, in fact LIC is eating faster than he blogs, thus the slow pace of the release of new posts. Be sure to check the up & coming posts like Absolute Haven, Rio Brazilian Restaurant, MINT, Social Media Breakfast, Relish, Melvados and many more …



You are always welcome at Whatever written herein are my geniune feelings about my food adventure, expressed in words that may be subjected to my personal distortion or bias.

Please do not feel emotional or distress should you have any violent objections. You can always click on the little X at the upper, extreme right of your screen. Otherwise, feel free to furnish me with comments or drop me a email at [email protected], may it be positive or negative : )

LIC Monthly Gathering I

Chapter 1

My Prologue for Ladyironchef (LIC) has been getting quite good response, so let the first of many chapters in LIC monthly gathering begin! It is quite a task organising a gathering because of various reasons.

The budget. Everybody have different budget, so its not easy to choose a place which everyone is comfortable to, so i thought since its the first time, i’ll choose a place which is not very high in budget, should be comfortable for most people

The Time. Everybody also have different time that they are available, so its not easy finding a common time slot to satisfy everyone.

The Location. The place can’t be too ‘ulu’ otherwise people who are staying out of the way will have difficulty going right?

The Food. This should be the main focus since we’re having a food gathering after all, if LIC introduce a lousy place, everyone will be blasting me from left right centre, or asking for refunds! 

Having said all that, the place LIC has chosen is Wild Rocket’s Relish, a gourmet burger restaurant.

Date is tentatively set on 6 April. If too many people cannot make it, then we’ll see how and shift it around, but it should remains on a Sunday lunch. And just in case you don’t know, King’s Arcade is just beside Coronation Plaza (see map). The bus services there are 171, 67, 852, 961, 66, 74, 151, 154, 156, 157, 170, 174.

Wild Rocket’s Relish
504 Bukit Timah Road
#02-01 Cluny Court

Date: 6 April, 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 12 noon

Please let me know asap because i’ll need to confirm the number of people attending, and do the necessary organising stuff. Send me your mobile number to [email protected], everybody is welcome to join!

See you there!

Bistro One Zero Three


Bistro One Zero Three sounds quite interesting right? Being the inquisitive me, i was naturally attracted to the name, and hence the visit to the place. Located at Pasir Panjang, its not a place where you’ll imagine a restaurant like Bistro One Zero Three will be situated. Nevertheless, the ‘ulu’ place makes it fun to go to, as though like we are on a food-hunting trait.

Initially we thought it was near the Haw Par Villa area, so we started looking for it there, but then how wrong we were, Bistro One Zero Three is at the other end of Pasir Panjang Road, quite near to PSA Building. If you are going there by train, i suggest stopping at HarbourFront and take a bus there, its only a couple of bus-stops away from HarbourFront.


Top 10 Rules for Fine Dining

Have you ever been out for dinner and been confused by the number of knives and forks? Don’t know what to do with that napkin? This is a list of the top 10 tips to help you get by if you are invited to a fine dining experience. The rules may vary from place to place but this should serve as a good guide.

1. Knives and Forks

This is one of the most common problems for people that are used to flatware (knives and forks) being brought to the table with each course. On a properly set table you usually see a series of forks on the left side of your plate, and a series of spoons and knives on your right (the table is always set for right handed people). The very simple rule is to always work from the outside in; the cutlery farthest away from your plate is for the first course. If you are still unsure what to do, wait and follow your hostess or host.

Always take small portions of food at a time and put your cutlery down between each mouthful. When you put your cutlery down, place it on the plate (never back on the table and do not rest it half on and half off the plate); cross the tips of the two pieces (if there are two) or angle it if there is just one. This tells the server that you are not finished. When you are finished, place your knife and fork together in the centre of the plate vertically. The tines of the fork should point up and the blade of the knife should point to the centre towards the fork.

You should always hold both your knife and fork – you should not cut your food up at the start and then use your fork only (this is an American tradition and is generally fine in America, but not in Europe). The tines of your fork should always point down toward the plate – for difficult foods like peas, you should use your knife to squash them onto the tip of the fork. The fork is not a scoop, do not use it like one.

Do not pick up any cutlery that you drop to the floor. It will be replaced by the server.


Newly updates

To all readers of ladyironchef

I have updated ” The list that everybody wants to go “, and also included the links to the posts i made on the places i had been to. Please click on the links to view the post, hopefully it’ll make it easier for you search my older posts.

Just in case you forgotten, you can find the link by looking at the right side, the third box under “Travel & Eat“. Kindly click on that link next time, and you will see my latest updated list.

This list will be updated regularly, probably once a week, so do watch out for new additions to the list, feel free to add comments, or suggestions to help me improve my site. Thank you!



Sweet Indulgence


Sweet Indulgence, the petite cafe at Stanley Street is as charming as its name. From the decorations, to the food, to the service, everything just made you feels at home. Your cosy corner, in the hearts of the city. My female companion and i arrive at the place at 530pm, but the restaurant was not opened yet as their kitchen starts at 6. However the staff warmly welcome us in to the place. Being early-birds, we were the only diners there, and we enjoyed every moment there. The feeling was though we had booked the restaurant, and had the whole place to ourselves.


Miss Clarity Cafe II

Well, always one true to my words, i said i’ll be back at Miss Clarity during my first visit. And here i am again. Nothing much has changed since my last visit, the kiddy decor, the colourful environment, the cute menu. Most importantly, the service has remained true to the Miss Clarity spirit, the food remains as good as well, with the price remaining the same.


As usual, we choose a main and add on $3 for an additional salad/soup, drink (barley/lime), and a dessert of the day.


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