Tiong Bahru Market

Tiong Bahru Lor Mee ($2.50)

Met up with Val, Serene, vyonne, lyn for lunch, went to Tiong Bahru market.

Price: $2, $2.5, $3
Verdict: Taste not bad, although the serving was a tad small

Serene got the famous Tiong Bahru Chee Kwah. I think got three stores claim that they are the original one, no idea which is the one, anyway Serene say the price increase again, mayb the boss say the “cai po” price increase because of GST hike. LOL!!

What Meat Eaters Should Know

Everyone knows that what you eat affects how long and how well you can live. Read on to discover how the question of meat factors into your longevity goals.

Vegetarian Benefits

Becoming vegetarian has more rewards in store than ethical integrity; it can also offer some wonderful health benefits. In general, vegetarians suffer from fewer degenerative diseases than their carnivore counterparts.

It has been estimated that one third of all cancer patients developed their disease because they did not include a sufficient amount of whole plant fibers in their diets. Studies have also shown that vegetarians – when following a well-balanced, low-fat, high-fiber vegetarian diet – often have lower incidence of coronary artery disease, hypertension, and obesity.

Save the Meat for the Weekend
The recent Western obsession with protein diets is turning out to have potentially fatal results, namely osteoporosis and kidney failure. During protein metabolism, your kidneys must excrete the excess components of protein, known as amino acids.

To complete this process, the kidneys neutralize the acids by binding them to calcium, which in turn, depletes your body’s store of this essential mineral.

The rate in the U.S. of osteoporosis is strikingly higher than China, where almost everyone eats a lower protein vegetarian diet. Evidence has also been found that excess protein weakens the kidney function. But you don’t have to give up meat entirely to attain longevity.

In studies of animals with chronic kidney failure, simply reducing their intake of protein extended their lifespan by up to 50 percent! Take this advice: limit your meat eating to only the weekends, and you will be taking a balanced and healthy approach to your diet.

Choose Fish
If you do decide to eat meat, you will want to make educated decisions about the meat you choose. Of all animal products, fish is the healthiest choice because it is high in protein and low in fat. The omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish protect your blood vessels from plaque, prevent high blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and help you maintain good respiratory health.

Populations that eat a diet consisting of mostly fish, vegetables, and local fresh fruits experience practically no cardiovascular disease and have a high percentage of healthy seniors.

Ladyironchef comment

This is just a article i found somewhere, i still eat meat, but i eat it with lots of greens and fruits : )

Uno Beef House


Decided to have a quick lunch at Uno after reading fatpig review on it. Didn’t know that the Jumbo coffee shop at Dover has Uno as its new tenant since the last time i went to the coffee shop it wasn’t there. Anyway for the introduction, Uno Beef House is something like Botak Jones, (and Botak Jones second visit here) ”restaurant-style” western food sell in coffee shop environment.


Noodles & Mee

The third weekend already! Yay!! Anyway, last weekend did not book in on sunday night because on mon morning we went to Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC), so they allow us to report at SDC 745am instead of booking back to tekong on sun night. Shoik!! Went SDC to learn about Singapore history (which we already knew), boring time there but at least half a day goes by faster : )

This week for some unknown reasons, they let us book out on Friday morning 11am. Cool rite? Never imagine so good let us out one day early instead of booking out on Sat afternoon which is now? haha! Anyway, yesterday came back never do much, had been sick for the whole week, but being elected as platoon-in-charge (for a week), i hang on there and waited until a new platoon ic was elected on thu before i went to see the Medical officer (MO). MO gave me “Attend B” which means that i am excused from light duties for three days, gosh how i regret seeing the doctor, thu fri sat no exercise, people run i cannot run. So bored seating there doing nothing. O well, next time i make sure i got a fever before i see doc.

 Saturday which is today, dad buy lunch back from Block 158 there, for people staying in Bukit Batok, should know/heard of this stall selling Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodles) there, quite famous i guess, even people not staying in Bukit Batok had heard of its fame before. Having tried the Hokkien mee (HM) so many times for so many years already, i would say the HM is not bad la, but then not really the best i ever tried, the best HM i feel is at Whampoo Market there.

This stall uses Opeh leaf to keep the HM (for $3 and above), but then again does wrapping HM in Opeh leaf really improves the taste of HM? After eating so many times, i still do not have the conclusion, so the ball is in your court to judge. For a $3 packet, the serving isn’t very full, so sometimes we rather buy two packs of $2 for one person. The strength of this HM i will say is its chili, the chili is just nice, not too spicy not too sweet. Service rating

Being hungry man after coming back from Tekong, i had another helping, Wanton Mee (WM)! This stall that i’ll like to recommend is at the coffee shop behind the Hokkien Mee stall. “Discovered”this WM stall after my mother brought it once and found it was good, and the rest is history, ever since then when thinking of WM will definitly think of this stall. WM may be a common street food found practically in every Coffee shop and hawker centre in Singapore, but then really, to be able to declare as good WM, few stalls come into mind.

Let’s see, the essential items in WM, first: Great noodles, second: Quality Sauce, third: Excellent Char Siew, last: Fantastic Wanton. Basically some stalls may have good wanton or char siew, but their noodles taste like shit. So for me, i personally felt that so long the noodles is great and the rest are okay, the WM is good. For the sauce of the WM, different stalls varies with different type of sauce, but generally speaking there are two types, the clear and the dark-sauce. I do not like dark sauce for WM.

This stall actually fulfills my requirement, the wanton here is average, char siew not bad, but most importantly are its noodles. Their noodles are really good, once u take a bite you will know what i mean, you can feel that the stall owner really has skill in cooking the noodles one. Seriously just eating the noodles without any wanton or char siew is good n’uff for me. And you-know-what? The damage is only $2!! Where can u find such good Wanton Mee at two bucks nowadays? Service rating

I can’t remember the name of the stalls, but if you still don’t know, feel free to ask me, i can “direct” you there. lol. Going for dinner later at Seafood station, so stay tune for the post on crabs & gang : )

Ng Ah Sio Pork Ribs Soup (Bak Ku Teh)


Wake up early early on a Sunday Morning to have breakfast with Mister Ang and Mister Ong. Cos mister ang say he long time never wake up early to have breakfast liao, and also i seldom got wake up early to have breakfast with mates one. So here we go, at first wanted to have dim-sum, but in the end we chose Bak Ku Teh. Mister Ang say there are two more famous one in Singapore, one being in Balestier (which S.H.E frequents when they come Singapore), and the other one which we went Ng Ah Sio at Rangoon road, which is the one that appears in the news last time because it refuse/cannot serve the HK Chief Executive, Donald Tseng at night. Rangoon road off Serangoon a bit far, but Mister ang driving, so no problem!

True to its name, when we arrived at 9am, it was close to full house already. But luckily for us, we got a table immediately and start ordering. While waiting for the food to come, we started experimenting with the teapot. Although we got eat Bak Ku Teh before, but none of us actually know the correct way to make the tea (usually other people do it for us). So we put in the tea leave and mister ong start pouring the water. But later we find out the correct way should be rinse the teapot with hotwater once first, den put in the tea leave? O well, since we are not very particular about tea, no harms done!


The main charactor of the day, Pork Ribs ($5.50)!! Now, i am not a expert in Bak Ku Tea, according to Mister Ang & Ong who had been to the Balestier one, the one here soup is different, must be the ingredients different, the pork ribs and the soup are better than the Balestier one (quote them not me) Service rating


Pork legs. Mister Ong and me don’t really like eating pork legs because got fat fat skin, but Mister ang likes so we ordered one plate and it turns out to be quite good! Not really a lot fat meat, except for the skin. But if compared to the Balestier Bak Ku Teh, they say the pork legs there are better than here. Your judgement, your call. Its good n’uff for me Service rating

We also had peanuts and you tiao (which i believe everyone knows how it looks like so i am not showing). Total bill was $32 for 3 person, is it expensive? A bit i guess, considering we had it for breakfast, but once in a while its ok. The place at Rangoon road off Serangoon road was quite inacessible if you are not driving, a 10min walk from farrer park mrt i think. Also, free-flow of soup, you can always “top-up” yr pork rib soup if not n’uff!

Service rating

208 Rangoon Road 218453

Tel: 6291 4537 

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Red Star Restaurant

Red Star is a very old, conventional chinese restaurant, located at chin swee road (some way behind people’s park). Its at level 7 of a old building just above the chin swee HDB office. Funny place to have a restaurant you will say, but when we reach there at 1pm, it is fully crowded. Having been to Red Star when i was young many many years back, i was relatively surprise when my colleagues want to go to Red Star for our farewell lunch. Red Star is still going strong after so many years.

A traditional Chinese Dim-sum restaurant with the trolley-pushing the dim-sum around, the waitress will push the trolley around with the dim-sum. Nowadays most dim sum restaurants does not do that anymore, it is usually ticking off the form of what dim-sum you want, and the waitress will bring it to you.

We had egg tarts, har-gau, siew-mai, cheong fun, char shao siew, glutinous rice in lotnus leaf, fried bean curd, fried prawn rolls, steamed pork ribs, century egg congee. The dim sum is quite good and simple. For desserts we had mango puddings and gui lin gao. No pictures were taken cos i did not bring my ixus with me.

Between the 9 of us, we had 41 plates of dim-sum, total bill comes up to $161.40 for nine person, which is like $18 for one person. Price quite reasonable i guess, each plate of dim-sum is about $2.80. Service-wise, it can be faster, but mayb there is too much people so they took a bit slower. We were like staring at each other waiting for more dim-sum to come.

Service rating

#07-2354 Chin Swee Road, 160054
Tel: 65325266/ 65325103  

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Well well, went to Alaturka at Bussorah Street with Weehong, Hongyi, Yixuan, Sherman. Wanted to try something more exotic because was getting a bit bored of eating chinese, western, and jap food. Its sort of a combination of turkey and mediterranean cuisine. I had make a reservation in advance, and they saved their best seat for us, which even had a roof that can be open so that we can look at the sky. So rule number one always make reservation before you go. We took a while before we can decide what to order because all of us did not try turkey food before : )


Origins of Hotdog

We have always been curious to find out why a hotdog is called a “hotdog” and not a “colddog”?

The origin of hot dogs started all the way from the main ingredient – the sausage. There is some disagreement though as to whether the Austrians or the Germans invented the sausage. However, most people will credit the origin of sausages to the city of Frankfurt in Germany around the late 1400s. The frankfurter sausage was later nicknamed as “dachshund sausage” by a Frankfurt butcher who happened to own a dachshund (a dog with a pretty long body).

It is from Europe that the “dachshund” sausage was introduced to North American. Again it not quite clear who actually was the first to introduce sausages with bread roll in the States. Whoever it was, the “dachshund” sausage roll became a very popular fast food in Chicago where it spread to the rest of the country. People began to serve the “dachshund” sausage rolls in baseball parks and soon having hotdogs at the games became an American tradition.

It was in 1901 during one of such games that the vendors were peddling pipping hot “dachshund” sausage rolls. A sport cartoonist, Tad Dorgan heard the vendors hawking their “dachshund” sausage rolls and drew a cartoon of barking dachshund sausages nestled warmly in break rolls. The term “hotdog” was immortalized when Dorgan was unable to spell “dachshund” and instead settled with the term “hotdogs”

And that’s how hotdogs came to be !

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