Uno Beef House


Decided to have a quick lunch at Uno after reading fatpig review on it. Didn’t know that the Jumbo coffee shop at Dover has Uno as its new tenant since the last time i went to the coffee shop it wasn’t there. Anyway for the introduction, Uno Beef House is something like Botak Jones, (and Botak Jones second visit here) ”restaurant-style” western food sell in coffee shop environment.


Actually from the name Beef House we can tell that Uno is famous for its steak, but then feeling rather full i wasn’t quite ready to eat steak for lunch, so i had fish & chips ($5). I think nowadays go out eat quite a lot fish & chips already (cos at tekong always eat chicken!!), i try not to eat fish & chips next time : )

The fish wasn’t too exceptional, quite normal like those normal coffee shop western food. The coleslaw was nice though. Prehaps u really have to try steak at Uno, they aren’t call Beef house for no reason. Service rating


Mister Ang had chicken chop ($5). I felt the chicken chop was okay, nothing too special but still slightly above average. Service rating

Overall, the food was quite okay, mayb we didn’t try its signature steak. But considering the rather cheap price at $5 for most of the items, it is still acceptable. Most importantly it doesn’t has a long Q like Botak, and it is near my home : )

19A Dover Cresent
Jumbo Coffee Shop

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