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New York New York (NYNY), the eye-catching restaurant located at the underground of Citylink. NYNY stands out with its dazzling name, and always caught the attention with its alluring interior decorations. The green and cozy furnitures are the signature of NYNY. Having pass by NYNY many times but fail to go inside, a timely visit is always due on the cards as my companion and me went there for lunch.


Up & Coming

Sorry for the slow delay in posting my Taiwan trip, everyweek booking out on Sat afternoon and going back on Sun night, and besides the updating of ladyironchef, i also need to do my stock research, go out with friends and watch drama shows.

Thus, the remaining Taiwan trip posts will be postpone until a bit later, meanwhile, do also look out for my up & coming posts on some of the restaurants i went for the past few weeks but haven updated yet, this includes the following; Secret Recipe, Ivins, Daily Scoop, and Hooked!

Recent buys: i got a shirt and skinny tie from topman, pondering over the hat from Zara, and oh ya, i need to get a external hard-drive soon (not enough memory).


Taiwan: Tainan-RiYueTai

After a superb lunch at Tainan Sutou restaurant, we carry on our advanture to Ri Yue Tai, sun moon lake with quite a lot attractions around it. We went to visit this temple, don’t start yawning dude. See see the nice view from the temple. 

Map of Ri Yue Tai

We are quite close to paradise aren’t we?

See picture at ladyirontravel for the next surprise:  ????

Taiwan very own Bing Lang Xi Shi ????! The tour guide knows this ????, so he invited her to come abroad our bus for a photo-taking session. See no touch, and only woman gets to photo with her.  Just in case some don’t know what they do, the woman basically sit at a stall by the road side, wearing very little (bikini), and sell Bing Lang ?? (a kind of fruit? something like chewing gum) to man who wants to buy from them. Of cos there also also stores manned by uncle and auntie selling Bing Lang, and the price is much much lower. Tour bus drivers usually buy from them instead because of the much much cheaper price.

The Bing Lang sell by ???? is one for one dollar (if i nv rmb wrongly), while the one not sell by them cost one bing lang for ten cents twenty cents? There u have it! Thats the reason why they are being paid SGD $3k a month just for sitting there to sell Bing Lang. Thats just a job, nothing really disgraceful, but then again there are ???? who provide extra you-know-what also.

Leaving Ri Yue Tai, we arrive in Taizhong around 6pm. We went for a dinner at a restaurant which is open by one of the tour guide’s wife. Good business idea right, husband tour guide bring tourist, den wife open restaurant for husband bring over. The food variety for the buffet is really pathetic.

But den again i couldn’t care less, you know why? Because we are in Taizhong Feng Jia night market!! Why eat this food when there is plenty of taiwan snacks waiting for us around the corner? So we hurriedly finish our dinner and went out of the place. Given 3 hours to shop around the night market : )

I decided to stop here, partly because not enough time already, and also because the next post about Feng Jia night market will be super long, lots of things to share and tell. Exciting!! But the next post will be out later, nowadays very busy hardly got time to blog.

For the full post, please go to ladyirontravel

” Anything and everything can be found in Taiwan’s night market “

Taiwan: Kaohsiung-Tainan

19 Sep 2007

Entering day 4 of our trip, we are in Kaohsiung now. We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant as usual, but today’s breakfast is rather lousy, first of all, its a buffet, but they only give us one plate, one bowl (for porridge), one pair of chopstick and one spoon. The plate and bowl have to re-use.

When you encounter problems like this, the tip is: take more of those food you find acceptable. lol!

After breakfast, we proceed on to Mei Jia Nong Shu Chun, a Hakka Village. The places showcast the Hakka culture, from the stuff they use, to the food they eat.


Arhh.. the highlight of this post, our lunch! Be warned, this is not a ordinary lunch, neither is the place ordinary. This ‘Wu Jiao’ restaurant is one a kind, never-seen-before, extraordinary place. The theme? The entire structure or building pillar is designed using tree logs! Cool right? All right then, take a peek inside! 


Taa-daa!! Does it looks more like a greenhouse than a restaurant to u?


Cant remember whats this

The ordinary yet delicious sweet sour pork is extraordinary here

Cod fish which is super nice


Hmm.. the meal taste superb! But is it really the chef cook so well? Mayb not, because the environment surroundings, plus the excellent presentation of food on specially-designed plates (by the boss herself) makes the food look food, resulting in you feel hungry, which in turns makes the food taste well. But lets not care whether the food taste good or not, kudos to the boss who make this place happen, who spend effort in designing up the place, and even carving the design for the utensiles.

After we finish our meal, we head up to the second level for some exploration. Gee! When we go the place not very crowded, so the second level is not used. But nice place really.

The end of this special meal marks the end of this post. The next post we will be going to Ri Yue Tai, and at night we will stay in Tai zhong, where we will visit Feng jia ??. Stay tuned!!

For the full post, please go to ladyirontravel

” Presentations make the food, the food make us “

Taiwan: Cijin-Kaohsiung

” Who says Singaporeans are kiasu? “ 

Not true, Taiwan is just as kiasu! We head out for our ‘night mission’ after we put out stuff in the hotel, while on the way to the fruit market, we pass by this street where there is at least 3-4 tution centre side by side? Maths, language, science, you name it they have it. The time was about 9-10pm, still got lots of students there having their tution. Tsk tsk


One of the many many shops selling fruits. The whole street got at least 20-30 shops selling fruits? Mayb more. hahaha. The fruits are very fresh, and its cheap. So we walk around looking at the many different variety of fruits, we brought some back to the hotel, of course mango is a must. We never walk the whole street cos its too long, anyway every store sells about the same fruits, and their price is also about the same. So its a matter of which shop is lucky to get us as their customer

Another shop

Yet another shop

Like i mention before, the convenience shop in Taiwan is really power, they sell everything and anything. Look what i got in my hand, Tiramisu, and where did i get it from? Bingo, the convenience shop. hahahah! And its quite cheap, i think its $1, and taste not bad too.

Thats the end of our third day in Taiwan, tomorrow we will travel to Tainan for lunch at a very special restaurant, please remember to watch the next post, follow which, we will go to Ri yue tai, and at night we will stay in Tai zhong, where we will visit Feng jia ??, a lot of things to eat and buy!! See the next post coming up soon.

For the full post, please go to ladyirontravel

” You see all kinds of different things when you travel “

Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen Ramen, “The best Ramen in Singapore”, or so they claimed. Started in November 1997, Ajisen opened the first Ramen shop at Bugis Junction. Ajisen Ramen is now the largest Ramen chain in Singapore, with a total of 12 outlets in Singapore in these 9 years.

“ There is something peculiar about Ajisen Ramen and it’s all in the soup. Their Ramen’s Tonkotsu soup can help to prevent aging!

The Japanese Society of Nutrition & Food Science announced in a general meeting, “The intake of collagen contained in the bones and cartilage, etc prevents aging.” Collagen is a protein, mainly found in the skin, tendon, bone, cartilage and other connective tissues. This protein is the essence of life because it easily makes up one third of the 60 trillion body cells. And our Tonkotsu soup has lots of collagen!

What is health without taste? A feature of Kumamoto Ramen is Senmiyu; a rich brown sauce that accompanies the fair Tonkotsu soup. Our unique culinary methods ensure that all the flavors are sealed into the sauce. In fact, Ajisen guarantee that your taste-buds will be bowled over by their Tonkotsu/Senmiyu combination! “


Sept 16-23: Taipei.Hualien.KaoHsiung.Taichung


Yippee!! Have been looking forward to this trip. The plane is 1pm, and no more Garuda airline, its China airline this round. This is my first time to Taiwan, and from what i hear, its gonna be whole lots of fun!!

This will just be the start of the many-to-come oversea trips. Ever since going to China, i discover the wonders of travelling and it really open my eyes and change my perspective about the world. There are so many places that are so wonderful and i have not been there. Top on my list: Europe, Spain in particular, Australia, New Zealand, and even China there are so many more cities to visit.

Will take lots of pictures on the food, culture and scenaries there. Hold it there and wait for me. See ya in a weeks time, will be back on 23th the next sunday noon : )

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