Taiwan: Cijin-Kaohsiung

” Who says Singaporeans are kiasu? “ 

Not true, Taiwan is just as kiasu! We head out for our ‘night mission’ after we put out stuff in the hotel, while on the way to the fruit market, we pass by this street where there is at least 3-4 tution centre side by side? Maths, language, science, you name it they have it. The time was about 9-10pm, still got lots of students there having their tution. Tsk tsk


One of the many many shops selling fruits. The whole street got at least 20-30 shops selling fruits? Mayb more. hahaha. The fruits are very fresh, and its cheap. So we walk around looking at the many different variety of fruits, we brought some back to the hotel, of course mango is a must. We never walk the whole street cos its too long, anyway every store sells about the same fruits, and their price is also about the same. So its a matter of which shop is lucky to get us as their customer

Another shop

Yet another shop

Like i mention before, the convenience shop in Taiwan is really power, they sell everything and anything. Look what i got in my hand, Tiramisu, and where did i get it from? Bingo, the convenience shop. hahahah! And its quite cheap, i think its $1, and taste not bad too.

Thats the end of our third day in Taiwan, tomorrow we will travel to Tainan for lunch at a very special restaurant, please remember to watch the next post, follow which, we will go to Ri yue tai, and at night we will stay in Tai zhong, where we will visit Feng jia ??, a lot of things to eat and buy!! See the next post coming up soon.

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” You see all kinds of different things when you travel “