Sept 16-23: Taipei.Hualien.KaoHsiung.Taichung


Yippee!! Have been looking forward to this trip. The plane is 1pm, and no more Garuda airline, its China airline this round. This is my first time to Taiwan, and from what i hear, its gonna be whole lots of fun!!

This will just be the start of the many-to-come oversea trips. Ever since going to China, i discover the wonders of travelling and it really open my eyes and change my perspective about the world. There are so many places that are so wonderful and i have not been there. Top on my list: Europe, Spain in particular, Australia, New Zealand, and even China there are so many more cities to visit.

Will take lots of pictures on the food, culture and scenaries there. Hold it there and wait for me. See ya in a weeks time, will be back on 23th the next sunday noon : )