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Any time is a good time for ice cream—no matter what mood you are in. When we are feeling joyous, we celebrate with ice cream; likewise, ice cream cheers us up when we are unhappy. It is hard to imagine how something so simple is able to bring happiness to millions of people around the world, isn’t it?

Established in 1988, Cold Stone Creamery proudly dubs themselves as ‘Ice Cream Innovators’. Their ice cream is freshly made on the spot—smooth, rich and creamy.

At the same time, the popular ice cream parlour is also known for providing great entertainment value when it comes to their signature ‘ice cream toss’ dance and they throw pretty great private parties too—think party food, adorable character-themed ice cream cakes and colourful party decorations.

For kids and adults alike, Cold Stone Creamery is worth visiting countless times because it is always a good time there! And with the array of flavours, how would you even get sick of their ice cream?

Cold Stone Creamery Slab


What makes their ice cream so insanely delicious could perhaps be the fact that all their ice cream are freshly made in-house daily.

And the sheer variety will make anyone go weak in their knees—adults and kids alike.

Cold Stone Creamery Waterway Point Singapore


Originating from Arizona, Cold Stone Creamery currently has more than 1,400 stores worldwide and in Singapore, we are blessed with four outlets that strategically located at Orchard Central, Vivocity, HillV2 and the latest one at Waterway Point, East Wing, #B1-K13.

Cold Stone Slab


Cold Stone Creamery caters to all by allowing us to customize our own ice creams!

Every cup of ice cream served at Cold Stone Creamery is called a ‘creation’ because you do not simply get a scoop of plain ice cream just like that. Scoops of your preferred flavours will be placed on a frozen granite stone and mixed with various types of toppings of your choice.

Choose among their Signature Creations or opt to create your own with fruits, nuts, candies, cookies and more. With more than 1000 different possible combinations, everyone can have their own favourites. It is like a personalized work of art!

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream


Cold Stone Creamery’s classic Signature Creations are well-received by people from all walks of life. From Founder’s Favorite® to Mud Pie Mojo® and Strawberry Banana Rendezvous™, there is something for everyone there—whether you are a hardcore chocolate fan or someone who prefers something fruity.

New to the menu are two uncommon ice cream flavours but they are certainly not something you wouldn’t have heard of. Welcoming Nacho Cheese and Chendolicious, Cold Stone Creamery’s flavour library has just expanded yet again. Now available at 1-for-1 Love It size, exclusively for Mastercard® Cardholders, till 13 May 2018.

The former boasts a light cheese flavour that is not too overwhelming and is topped off with our all-time favourite nacho chips while the latter is creamy and smooth chendol ice cream mixed with pandan green jelly strips and crunchy red beans.

Cold Stone Creamery Kids Party


Planning for a party for your children? Leave that to Cold Stone Creamery and get one step closer to throwing a fun and memorable party for your little ones.

Kids love parties and they love ice cream, sprinkles, cones and party food!

Complete with wall decorations, savoury snacks, and drinks, everything is done for you so busy mummies and daddies are still able to throw the best birthday party for their little one without much planning.

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Cake


Which kid doesn’t love watching films from Universal Pictures & DreamWorks Animation? Even as adults, we are still huge fans of their box office hits including Despicable Me, Madagascar and Trolls!

Make your little one’s day by allowing them to indulge in a decadent ice cream cake that comes with their favourite cartoon character. This is a special collaboration between Cold Stone Creamery and Universal Pictures & DreamWorks Animation that will surely put a smile on your child’s face.

Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake


You can expect favourites such as Despicable Me, Trolls, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon to be included as one of the many designs available. These adorable character-themed ice cream cakes are now available at all Cold Stone Creamery outlets. Pay with Mastercard® to enjoy 15% savings.

What’s more? Stay tuned to Jurassic World cake designs which will be available at all outlets from 17 May 2018.

Cold Stone Creamery Interior

Whenever you are ready for an ice cream treat to cool off from Singapore’s humidity and warm weather, drop by Cold Stone Creamery for the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience®!

This post is brought to you by Cold Stone Creamery.