Boyle’s Coffee – Artisanal Cafe At Bukit Timah Plaza With Excellent Coffee

Boyle's Coffee

Bukit Timah Plaza is an old shopping mall with many hidden gems and our latest discovery is Boyle’s Coffee which is situated beside Rise & Grind cafe. Nothing is over-the-top at Boyle’s Coffee and the most impressive thing you will find there is probably their chic espresso machine.

If you are looking for a change from the usual gimmicky cafes, Boyle’s Coffee is an artisanal cafe where you can settle in and escape with great coffee and some light bites. READ ON

Backlane Coffee – Coffee And Dessert Haven At Jonker Street, Malacca

Backlane Malacca

One of the best takeaways from our Malacca trip is visiting Backlane Coffee located at Jalan Hang Jebat, or more commonly known as Jonker Street. True to its name, the cafe is tucked at the back lane of the street where you can enjoy some quiet time away from the crowd.

While the team at Backlane Coffee has built a reputation for serving handmade grub such as classic breakfast sets, pizza and panini, most people visit the cafe for their enticing coffee and dessert selection. Also, the cafe provides free wifi!

This is a pit stop you have to make when you are around Jonker Street. READ ON

@Bagus Gran Cyber Café – #NextLevel Internet Cafe In Tokyo

Bagus Cyber Cafe

Internet Cafés in Singapore might not have very good reputations. Most of the time, they are just boring rented units equipped with computers, a working Wi-Fi connection, and perhaps some snacks and drinks to keep you satiated.

The Japanese, however, take their Internet Cafés very seriously. They are often associated with Manga Kissa (or Manga Cafés). @Bagus Gran Cyber Café in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is one such place, and a single visit there has completely changed our opinions of Internet Cafés.

The place is hygienic, comfortable, and they even provide private cubicles for napping! Here are a couple of reasons Why You Should Visit @Bagus Gran Cyber Café In Shinjuku Tokyo At Least Once In Your Life.


Bee’s Knees At The Garage – A New Secret Hideout At Singapore Botanic Gardens

Bee's Knees The Garage

Bee’s Knees at The Garage, nestled within Singapore Botanic Gardens, is a hideout away from the hustle and bustle of the city that allows you to dine within lush greenery, which makes it a perfect spot for weekend brunch.

The pet-friendly cafe serves a range of western dishes and specialises in pizza, pasta, sandwiches and desserts. Drivers should go by Cluny Park Road for direct access to Bee’s Knees.

Walk up a small pathway to a historical building which is home to two dining establishments—Bee’s Knees on the ground level and Botanico at the Garage right above. READ ON

BRICK Works Cafe – This Is A Cute Lego-Themed Cafe In Taipei


As its name implies, BRICK Works Café – located in Taipei Arena – is a Lego-themed café. The interesting concept features a spacious dining area and an onsite Lego toy store. We made a special visit to BRICK Works Café and confirmed that it is indeed an ideal playground for Lego fans.

There are plenty of Lego bricks displayed here. You can either admire the splendid exhibits or give into temptation and purchase some. Done with shopping? Now, you can sink your teeth into instagram-worthy food modelled after your favourite childhood toy whilst watching The Lego Movie.


Beginner’s Guide To Oysters – The Different Types & How To Eat Them

Hilton Oysters

Fresh from the sea, these hard-shelled wonders taste like heaven. Savouring a fresh whole oyster is bliss. Oysters from different parts of the world carry with them their own unique taste and there are hundreds of one-of-a-kind oyster varieties all over.

Oysters have slowly but surely become a food of choice for many, oftentimes recommended to be paired with some of the most luxurious wines.

Also known for being an aphrodisiac, oysters are high in zinc and are frequently referred to as the most romantic food to have on a date because of its containment of amino acids that scientists have proven to trigger production of sex hormones.

Oysters are just so versatile. But how much do we actually know about them? Today, we explore the different types and how to eat them. But because it is such a big topic that we can go on talking about for days, this is but the tip fo the ice berg—nothing too overwhelming for beginners.


Beringer Wines – Share The Flavours That Inspire You & Win A Trip For 2 To Napa Valley



Have you ever dreamt of visiting Napa Valley and the endless vineyards that stretch out into the horizon? Or experiencing how wine is transformed from a grape into the palatable bottle? Exciting news! Beringer wine is looking for someone to enjoy an all-expense paid trip for 2 to visit their vineyard in Napa Valley, California!

  • Take a picture of the flavours that inspire you with a glass of wine.
  • Upload your picture on Instagram (don’t forget to make your profile public).
  • Include the hashtags #BetterBeckons #BeringerSG in your caption to complete your submission.

The most creative image that shows why certain flavours fill you with optimism will win the trip for two to Napa Valley. The contest ends on 31 January 2017, and every week from now until the end of January, there will be other prizes to be won too! You can learn more about the contest at


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