Bali Pork Star – This Humble Eatery In Seminyak Is A Pork Lover’s Paradise

Pork Star Bali

Bali Pork Star is an eatery in Seminyak, Bali that specialises in pork dishes. Imagine our excitement when we found out it.

Bali Pork Star is unique in such a way that they deliver traditional Balinese food with a twist. Diners can expect a fusion between Indonesian cuisine and other Asian influences such as Japanese and Chinese spices. While we love the classic Indonesian dishes, we are always game to try something new.

Go to Bali Pork Star with an open mind and be prepared to be blown away by their unpretentious, yet mouth-watering food. 

Pork Star Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur is THE local food to try when you are in Bali and we simply cannot get enough of it. However, when you are at  Bali Pork Star, forget everything you know about Nasi Campur and your expectations of how the dish should be like.

While Bali Pork Star’s Nasi Campur (RP48,000/ S$4.80) is different from the typical mixed rice dish with small sides, we love how diners get four kinds of savoury pork—Babi Sambal Matah, Babi Sambal Hijau, Babi Rica-rica, and Dendeng—with steamed white rice.

The Babi Sambal Matah was so good that we were considering to get an a la carte portion of it.

Pork Star Pork Belly

Bali Pork Star’s Pork Belly (RP50,000, S$5) features French-style pork belly accompanied with truffle sauce or black pepper sauce. Diners also get to choose between steamed rice, baby potatoes or french fries.

Although the ingredients used seem ordinary, the pork belly came with the right amount of fats which melted in our mouths almost instantly. It is a must-order when you are at Bali Pork Star.

Pork Star BBQ Pork Ribs

Bali Pork Star is also rather known for its Pork Ribs (RP75,000/ S$7.50). Our ribs came drench in sweet and spicy sauce and we chose baby potatoes as a side. To be honest, it was decent but not something that we would come all the way here for.

Pork Star Menu

Bali Pork Star
Jalan Nakula 88C
Seminyak, Badung, Bali
Tel: +62 0818 817 760
Daily: 10am – 10pm

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