[Closed] Brawn & Brains Coffee Run – A New Coffee Kiosk At Penhas Road

Brawn And Brains Coffee

Officially opened on 03 July 2017, Brawn & Brains Coffee Run is a new coffee kiosk by the good folks behind Brawn And Brains at Guillemard Road.

Situated at Fragrance Hotel – Imperial along Penhas Road—just a short walk away from the Lavender train station—this coffee kiosk is a great spot for those who work in the neighbourhood.

Brawn And Brains Kiosk

Brawn & Brains Coffee Run is a grab-and-go type of coffee joint with no seats or tables.

Upon arriving at this humble little establishment, we were greeted by really friendly staff members who were willing to educate us on the coffee bean varietals that they carry there. Baristas this passionate about their brew is almost always a sure sign that the coffee is going to be good.

Brawn And Brains Kiosk Menu

The kiosk offers beverages ranging from organic teas to sparkling sodas and great coffee.

Brawn And Brains Latte

The signature house blend ‘Pen & Pencil’ which comprises bean blends from Ethiopia, Columbia, and Brazil is roasted in-house to produce a flavour that is nutty and chocolatey.

Each sip of the Latte (S$5.30) was smooth and creamy without that the bitter mouthful you often get with most artisanal coffee.

Brawn And Brains Hot Chocolate

We also ordered the Hot Chocolate (S$5.80). It is everything you could ever want in a decent hot chocolate. Decadent, brimming with chocolatey aromas and incredibly creamy.

Brawn And Brains Coffee Run (Kiosk)
28 Penhas Road #01-03
Singapore 208187
Mon to Sat: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Nearest Station: Lavender