Spice Brasserie’s Festive Buffet – Turkey, Mai Ya Tang Ham, Black Char Siew & Crispy Pork

Spice Brasserie Festive Buffet 2020

Spice Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road has reopened its doors and we are all ready for their Christmas buffet. It has become a tradition for us to dine at Spice Brasserie every Christmas, and we are glad that despite the pandemic, this year is no exception.

Helmed by Executive Chef Robert Chan, a buffet affair at Spice Brasserie is a satisfying one that does not require you to break the bank. With safety measures in place, it will be an a la carte buffet instead. But this is not a shortchange, by any means. If any, everything will be plated and served to you and you can truly dine comfortably in your space.

The cherry on top? You can quote “Ladyironchef” to enjoy 25% off Spice Brasserie’s buffet when you make your reservations. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and to feast!


This Traditional Bak Kwa Shop In Serangoon Gardens Is Selling Bak Kwa Fries

New Eastern Kim Tee Bakkwa Fries

New Eastern Kim Tee—a traditional Bak Kwa shop in Serangoon Gardens—is now selling Bak Kwa Fries. The popular Bak Kwa shop has created the Bak Kwa Fries using its popular signature recipe.

Unlike their usual Bak Kwa slices which are made considerably thinner than most Bak Kwa that you get in Singapore, they have made the Bak Kwa Fries thicker, chunkier and juicer.

Forget about spam fries, you need to try this new Bak Kwa Fries!


Sukiya Singapore – Famous Japanese Gyudon Chain Is Opening In Singapore

Sukiya Singapore

Famous Japanese gyudon chain Sukiya is opening in Singapore at Suntec City.

Sukiya is literally in every corner of Japan. It is the go-to place for a quick and good meal, because gyudon is such a staple to Japanese.

And what makes Sukiya different from the other popular gyudon chains in Japan (mainly Yoshinoya and Matsuya) is that Sukiya serves a variety of gyudon, including a cheesy don.


1-Day Food Itinerary In Singapore – #EnjoyTheFlow and Indulge In Local Gems

Food Itinerary Gojek

With many countries’ borders remaining shut and various travel restrictions still in place, it looks like we will be “grounded” in Singapore for a little while more. The silver lining? We get more time to rediscover our sunny island with loved ones.

If you are looking for something touristy to do in Singapore, we’ve got a gourmet adventure for you. After all, Singapore is a food paradise in its own right and its food culture is enthralling.

So take a day off and treat yourself to a gastronomic journey with this itinerary we are about to share. It is a myriad of experiences that include a local-style breakfast, Michelin-starred hawker stall, and a refined Mod-Sin dinner in a chic and trendy hotel.

Also, we have a giveaway happening at the end of this post. 3 lucky winners will each enjoy an all-expenses-paid experience of this exact itinerary, including a stay at The Warehouse Hotel, courtesy of Gojek.

Let’s get moving; Singapore is waiting for you!


9 Restaurants At Shaw Centre & Shaw House To Dine At During The Festive Period

Shaw Centre Food

Christmas always means lots of family feasting, and this year, without any travels, all the more we should treat ourselves to some superb meals to conclude the otherwise gloomy year.

Planning a gathering and want somewhere centralized and convenient for everyone to meet? There are 9 restaurants at Shaw Centre for you to check out and celebrate Christmas at. Everyone knows Shaw Centre for its cinema but their F&B options are way better and more exciting. You can go there for 2 meals a day x one week and still not get bored of dining there, because there is just so much to eat!

There are cuisines of different sorts to please all kinds of palates and to spice things up, they’ve got festive specials and promotions all lined up. Here are 9 restaurants at Shaw Centre and Shaw House where you can celebrate Christmas with your loved ones over good food.


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