The Marmalade Pantry Mid-Autumn Collection 2023 – Enjoy 20% Early Bird Discount

The Marmalade Pantry Mid-Autumn Festival

This Mid-Autumn Festival, well-loved homegrown bistro The Marmalade Pantry is launching a new Mid-Autumn Collection with a new selection of mooncake flavours that are presented in an elegant gift box.

Crafted from low-sugar and no-lard recipes, the delectable mooncakes are exclusively available in two special edition gift sets.

Thoughtfully encased in a gift box that ingeniously transforms into a sophisticated jewelry vault, these mooncakes become exceptional and practical presents for both loved ones and professional connections.

Their elegant packaging adds to their charm and functionality, making them a perfect gift choice for the Mid-Autumn Festival, suitable for both personal and business relationships.

Customers who order and pay using Mastercard® by 27 Aug 2023 can enjoy an exclusive 20% early bird discount; the use of promo code <MCG20> is required for online purchases.

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Fans of The Marmalade Pantry’s mooncakes will definitely be getting the signature flavour of White Lotus with Double Yolk—a must-have mooncake for every Mid-Autumn Festival.

On top of that, The Marmalade Pantry has its modern take on the traditional mooncakes by introducing three new interesting flavours this year – Assam Tea and Hokkaido Milk with Raisin; Taro Coconut with Red Bean; and Red Lotus and Black Sesame with Pecan.

The Assam Tea and Hokkaido Milk with Raisin mooncake presents a contemporary twist on the traditional baked lotus paste flavor. It combines a smooth lotus paste infused with the tamarind tea and shredded lemon peel. A luscious Hokkaido milk lotus paste is blended with plump raisins that offer bursts of natural sweetness.

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Drawing inspiration from the yam-filled Teochew-style mooncakes, the Taro Coconut with Red Bean mooncake carries its own distinctive flavour profile. It features a velvety lotus paste enriched with luscious yam and Taiwanese red bean paste.

The Red Lotus and Pecan with Black Sesame showcases the harmonious fusion of flavors with a luscious and nutty black sesame paste that is artfully balanced with a subtly sweet red lotus paste. Enclosed within a buttery baked crust, every mouthful reveals delightful morsels of pecans, imparting a delicate crunch to each bite.

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The carefully curated assortment of mooncakes is gracefully nestled within a refined jewelry box, with the purchase of either The Marmalade Mix or The Classic Collection.

The Marmalade Pantry has always been creative with the design of their mooncake boxes which can be reuse/repurpose. And it is no exception this year.

This limited edition Jewel Vault, measuring 27.5cm (L) x 21.5cm (W) x 6cm (H), is meticulously crafted and adorned with contemporary scarlet red illustrations of The Marmalade Pantry’s iconic olive stalks.

The Marmalade Pantry_Mid-Autumn Festival 2023_Jewel Vault_2

Blending luxury with practicality, the spacious interior of the jewelry box is lined with plush grey velvet and divided into four sections, each designed to hold a mooncake. These four compartments can be repurposed for storing watches and bracelets. Additionally, the box features cushioned slots on the side, providing an exquisite display space for rings, cuff links and earrings.


Orders can be made at the ION, Downtown (Downtown), Anchorpoint, and Bugis outlets from 1 Jul to 29 Sep 2023, while stocks last (last day to order is on 29 Sep 2023). Customers who order and pay using Mastercard® by 27 Aug 2023 can enjoy an exclusive 20% early bird discount; the use of promo code <MCG20> is required for online purchases. The delivery and collection period is from 28 Aug to 29 Sep 2023.

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