Ohayo Mama San – Modern Japanese Restaurant With All-Day Brunch, Afternoon Tea, Fusion Menu & Sake

Ohayo Mama San

Ohayo Mama San is the newest and possibly most chic restaurant in Somerset. Very conveniently located on the first level, just right beside the entrance for 313@Somerset, Ohayo Mama San is a sexy and modern Japanese fusion restaurant & bar with an enthralling menu.

You will not miss this swanky space, for sure. Decked in vibrant-coloured furniture that are so tres chic, Ohayo Mama San is an extremely comfortable and inviting place to be for a meal, for a catch-up with friends, or just a spot to rest your aching feet after a day of shopping in town. Prices are extremely reasonable, too.

On its menu, you will find a spectrum of offerings from all-day brunch sets, Japanese tapas and sushi rolls, Jap-fusion mains and afternoon tea sets. We don’t deny that we were a bit mind-boggled by the extensive menu, but this also means more reasons to go back to Ohayo Mama San. Here’s everything we tried and loved so far, and we are sure there are more yummy dishes awaiting our discovery!

Ohayo Mama San Interior

Ohayo Mama San is situated strategically beside the entrance and is right across the MRT station exit, making it the go-to spot when you are in town. Its inviting interior includes cosy booth seats, high tables, and small tables for smaller groups/ couples.

The menu is a comprehensive one and it definitely has something for everybody – from all-day brunch sets, afternoon tea sets, mini rice bowls and riceless sushi, Japanese Tapas and fusion light bites, Jap-Indo fusion mains, sashimi platters and sushi towers, and more.

To begin, there are sharing items such as canapes and Japanese Tapas. Choose from a range of Jap-style pizzas, wagyu bites, oysters, carpaccio and Jap-style tacos.

For the brunch lovers, Ohayo Mama San also has a brunch menu which runs from 11.30am to 2pm and 6pm to closing daily. Served on a classic Japanese wooden tray, with an assortment of light bites and mains, think of these as Japanese bentos in a light-hearted, Modern take. Prices start from S$18 per set – how attractive is this?

Ohayo Mama San Salmon Obsession Platter

For the raw food lovers, Ohayo Mama San also has several sashimi platters, but we have to say there are two that really stood out – the Salmon Obsession Platter (S$58++) and Uni Garden (S$228++, available with pre-booking).

Now, can we look at this Salmon Obsession Platter? It is massive and will make any salmon lovers delirious. You have salmon done in many ways, and it is a good platter to share between 2-3pax. The price is unbelievable, to say the least.

Ohayo Mama San Uni Garden

The Uni Garden (S$228++, available with pre-booking) is for the ones who are willing to splurge a little. The uni is flown in multiple times a week to ensure its freshness, so no matter which way the uni is done, you get really good, plump and creamy fresh uni direct from Japan.

It features a variety of premium Uni and ingredients including Oyster Uni Ponzu Citrus Shot, Shiro Ebi Uni with Umami Sauce, Uni Shiro Ebi Wasabi Ebiko, Uni Chop Toro, Uni Shiro Ebi Dashi Jelly, Uni Chop Toro with Ikura and Nori Sauce, Uni Snow Crab Meat with Nori Sauce, Narabi Bafun Uni Toro, Botan Ebi, Aka Mutsu with Uni.

Ohayo Mama San Temari Sushi Kyuden

Fancy some sushi? Go for the Temari Sushi Kyuden Set – a cute tower of sushi that symbolizes good luck and happiness, usually enjoyed during celebrations in Japan. At S$48++ per set, these hand-crafted ball-shaped sushi feature exciting mish-mash of ingredients that are pleasantly surprising with every bite.

Otherwise, if you prefer something simpler, there are also basic sushi sets starting from S$18++ for 8 pieces of sushi. Told you their food is very affordable!

Ohayo Mama San sake

You should also try the Bocconcini di Buffala al Sashimi (S$28++) which features thick slices of Toro, Salmon, Salmon Belly, Hotate, Akami and Akamutsu on top of Bocconcini Cheese and sprinkled with a touch of Truffle Shoyu.

Ohayo Mama San Wagyu Rendang

Onto the mains, you can choose from ramen, and donburi. And on top of that, Ohayo Mama San will be introducing several new Japanese fusion mains from 2 April 2022. You would never imagine Indonesian flavours to go so well with Japanese ingredients, but Ohayo Mama San did it, and boy, were we impressed.

The Onion Baked Rendang Wagyu with Garlic Rice (S$26++) was beyond imagination. Imagine buttery, tender A4 Mizayaki wagyu cubes pan-fried to perfection with a beautiful red center, complemented with homemade Indonesian rendang that is slightly spicy but still super palatable; the explosion of flavours was one so unexpected, it left us salivating for more.

Ohayo Mama San Jalapeno Sauce Fish

Then, there is the Creamy Sambal Ljo (Green Chilli) Fish with Garlic Fried Rice (S$24++) that totally won our hearts and we would totally return to Ohayo Mama San for this. The star isn’t even the fish, but the freshly-made jalapeño with white wine sauce. The fiery kick and aromatic pepper taste is one so fragrant and so addictive that we would go back to Ohayo Mama just for this!

Sweet & Sour Balinese Sambal Matah Seafood Medley

There is also the Sweet & Sour Balinese Sambal Matah Seafood Medley with Garlic Rice (S$24++) featuring housemade samabal matah. For the uninitiated, Indonesians love their sambal and there are hundreds of different sambal. Sambal matah is a raw chilli and on its own a broad category, but by and large, they are made with garlic, chillies, shallots, lemongrass and shrimp paste.

At Ohayo Mama San, they take pride in their sambal matah and make theirs from scratch. And with the local diners in mind, their sambal matah is given a slight sweet and sour twist so that the heat is not so overpowering. This comforting seafood dish is nothing but pure goodness and top-notch quality.

All of the three main courses above are served with a portion of garlic fried rice.

Ohayo Mama San sake

Ohayo Mama San offers a wide selection of Japanese sake and cocktails at very reasonable prices and the daily happy hour starts from 11am.

Ohayo Mama San Afternoon Tea

Tea Party Sets are for the afternoon tea lovers, and what is a shopping day out without stopping by for some sweet treats, right? Ohayo Mama San’s tea sets begin at S$38++ for two, and comes with a pot of tea too. Top it up to S$58++ for 2 pax and you get two glasses of Passion Mimosa; top it up to S$65++ for 2 pax and there will be house sake. Absolute deal, we must say.

Ohayo Mama San
313 Orchard Rd, #01-29, 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 8875 2777

This post was brought to you by Ohayo Mama San.