Mushroom Oden — Your Favourite Instant Oden Snack With A Non-spicy Flavour

Mushroom Oden Snacks Delivery

If you’re a fan of the Mala Oden by, you’d be excited to know that there is now a different flavour of this popular oden snack for you to try.

Cue Hei Ren Bu Luo Mushroom Oden, an instant noodle option that is perfect for a midday snack or to satisfy your midnight hunger pangs.

Mushroom Oden Non-spicy

While the popular Mala Oden provides you with a fiery kick that leaves your senses tingling, the Mushroom Oden is the perfect option for people who have a low spice tolerance. Each cup comes with a variety of fishcake that is doused in a rich and savoury soup; we promise you that it’s good till the very last drop!

mushroom oden ingredients

Open the box and find everything you need to put together your Mushroom Oden instant noodle snack, including sweet potato noodles, dried vegetables and an air-tight packet of chewy fishcakes.

Preparing it is easy; all you need to do is to unwrap all the ingredients, pop them into the cup and add hot water. After 5 minutes, your Mushroom Oden is ready to be enjoyed.

mushroom oden fishcake

Tastewise, the soup is similar to that of the Mala Oden, minus the tongue-numbing burn. Rich and savoury, the soup, true to its name, has an earthy mushroom aftertaste. We also love how the varying fishcakes of the Mushroom Oden add plenty of texture and bite to this instant snack. Our favourite is the one that is chock full of juicy bits of roe!

The provided sweet potato noodles also have a slippery and chewy texture that soaks up the goodness of the soup and pair well with the fishcake pieces.

mushroom oden

Want to try the Mushroom Oden yourself? Order it from Aside from the Mushroom and Mala Oden, they have a whole variety of other snacks for you to choose from such as the Hai Chi Jia Hua Jia Fen and Tsurai Spicy Salted Egg Fish Skin snack.

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