KFC Flossy Crunch Chicken — New Fried Chicken Topped With Spicy-Sweet Chicken Floss

KFC Flossy Crunch Chicken cover

Before the salted egg and mala trends kicked in, Singaporeans used to be obsessed with something else that was just as addictive.

Fluffy, savoury and extremely fragrant, chicken floss was and still is until today, something that is loved by Singaporeans. We love our chicken floss with buns, as a topping for our porridge or even as a snack on its own. It was especially popular during festive occasions like Chinese New Year, where jars of these used to be given away as gifts.

KFC Flossy Crunch Chicken inside

Just in time for Singapore’s 55th National Day, KFC has released a new chicken flavour featuring—you guessed it—chicken floss! It will be available in all KFC restaurants from 21 July 2020 onwards excluding KFC Singapore Zoo.

The new KFC Flossy Crunch Chicken is essentially KFC’s Hot & Crispy Fried Chicken seasoned in a medley of fragrant curry and local spices that is generously coated in a layer of addictive spicy-sweet chicken floss.

Flossy Crunch Chicken KFC

We love how the aromatic chicken floss is infused with spicy dried shrimp, giving it a sweet yet mouth-burning kick that enhances the flavours of the chicken. It also provides our favourite chicken with a unique texture that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Flossy Crunch Chicken KFC new

Every umami-filled bite of the KFC Flossy Crunch Chicken promises to evoke a sense of nostalgia within you, reminding you of the good old days where we used to enjoy adding chicken floss to everything. When you’re done chowing down on all that chicken, chances are you’ll be snacking on the chicken floss bits and licking the remnants off your fingers; it is that addictive.

The KFC Flossy Crunch Chicken is available in different meal bundles at all KFC restaurants except KFC Singapore Zoo.

A single Flossy Crunch Chicken costs just S$3.65, while a 2 pieces Flossy Crunch Chicken Meal (S$8.95) comes with 2 pieces of Flossy Crunch Chicken, 1 regular Whipped Potato, 1 regular Coleslaw and 1 regular SJORA® Mango Peach.

KFC Flossy Crunch Chicken new

If you’re feeling a little more peckish, you can also opt to get the Flossy Crunch Chicken Box (S$10.95) which comes with 2 pieces of Flossy Crunch Chicken, 2 pieces of Hot & Crispy Tenders,1 regular Whipped Potato, 1 regular fries and 1 regular SJORA® Mango Peach.

For those of you who want to share this with a friend, get the 5 pieces Flossy Crunch Chicken Meal (S$19.55) which comes with 5 pieces Flossy Crunch Chicken, 2 regular Whipped Potato, 2 regular Coleslaw and 2 regular SJORA® Mango Peach. There is also the Flossy Crunch Family Feast (S$36.95) which comes with 8 pieces Flossy Crunch Chicken, 9 pieces of Nuggets, 2 medium Whipped Potato and 2 medium Coleslaw.

The KFC Flossy Crunch Chicken is available on KFC Delivery, dine-in and takeaway from 21 July 2020. Want to see what the floss is all about? Try it for yourself!

This post was brought to you by KFC Singapore.