Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D — New Dessert Spot In Kovan With Kaya Toast Steamed Pudding

Sweet Thoughts by MOD Cover Photo

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Sweet-Thoughts-by-MOD-109685083973868/

Home to the famed Ponggol Nasi Lemak and Lola’s Cafe, Kovan is easily one of Singapore’s most underrated foodie gems. As if we needed any more reason to visit Kovan, this food haven has a new prized addition to their collection of treasured eateries.

North-east siders now have one more option when they’re hunting down a sweet fix after dinner. Meet Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D.

Taking the form of an Asian dessert cafe, Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D. is a new venture by Chef Francis Wong (previously the Chef Entrepreneur of the popular Non Entrée Desserts) has 12 years of experience in creating novelty ice cream and frozen desserts up his sleeves.

Correction on 17 Mar 2020: Chef Francis Wong, previously the Chef Entrepreneur of the popular Non Entrée Desserts, has joined Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D. However, this is not a new concept by Non Entrée Desserts.

While Non Entrée’s signature bak chor mee and nasi lemak desserts aren’t making an appearance in Sweet Thought’s menu, you can still expect the same level of craftsmanship in their creations.

Their menu features a wide selection of flavoured shaved ice and steamed puddings, some with an inventive local twist. Think delectable flavours such as Matcha and Kaya Toast. Yes, you read that right.

Sweet Thoughts by MOD Kaya Toast Steamed Pudding

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Sweet-Thoughts-by-MOD-109685083973868/

Their Kaya Toast Steamed Pudding (S$5.50) is topped with pandan sago, gula melaka bubbles and served with crispy toast.

As for their shaved ice selection, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see flavours such as Taro, Houjicha and the majestic Mao Shan Wang. The best part? Each flavour is thoughtfully paired with curated toppings to create the most satisfying indulgence.

Sweet Thoughts by MOD Black Sesame Shaved Ice

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Sweet-Thoughts-by-MOD-109685083973868/

Their Black Sesame Shaved Ice (S$6.90) sees a mountain of nutty shaved ice loaded with adzuki red beans, peanut muah chee and brown sugar jelly. It’s the absolute dream for sugar junkies with an Asian palate.

Sweet Thoughts by MOD Exterior

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Sweet-Thoughts-by-MOD-109685083973868/

This dessert joint shares its space with Lim Chui, a beverage concept owned by the same people, and Tie Fun Wan, a Taiwanese-inspired cafe serving fusion rice bowls. So if you’re looking for savoury grub to fill you up first, you’ve hit the jackpot with this one.

You might want to plan a trip there soon before fans of Chef Francis Wong bombard this space.

Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D
50 Hougang Ave 1, JForté Sportainment Centre, #01-00
Singapore 538885
Tel: +65 9389 1276
Tues to Sun: 11am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Kovan