19Tea Singapore – Popular Soufflé Pancake and Milk Tea Cafe Chain From South Korea

19Tea Cover Photo

Jiggly, airy and soft, soufflé pancakes are one of the most legendary hybrids in the history of desserts. It doesn’t matter if you can barely stand after your meal — you’ll always have space for this lightweight indulgence.

Singapore has seen many cafes serving up these cloud-soft pancakes. People just can’t seem to get enough of them. But, just when you thought you’ve seen them all, another cafe strikes again. 19 Tea, a popular chain in South Korea known for its soufflé pancakes and tea has opened at Our Tampines Hub.

Their souffle pancakes are some of the most wallet-friendly ones we’ve seen — any one of them will set you back at less than $5!

19 Tea Interior Shot Portrait

19 Tea is a dainty little cafe offering a range of soufflé pancakes and milk tea drinks. Their interior is dressed in vibrant pinks and minimalistic touches, providing customers with a youthful, bright atmosphere.

19Tea Souffle Pancakes

We tried the signature Soufflé Pancakes in three flavours — Original (S$3.90), Matcha (S$4.20) and Tiramisu (S$4.20).

19Tea Original Souffle Pancake

The Original Pancake was slathered in thick, milky cream and finished with a strawberry garnish that could have been a little bigger. The pancake itself was light and airy, but the cream sauce was a little too sweet for us.

19Tea Matcha Souffle Pancake

Their matcha rendition was underwhelming, with the only thing setting it apart from the Original being a sprinkle of matcha powder atop. It would have been even better if the matcha powder was incorporated into the pancake batter itself.

19Tea Tiramisu Souffle Pancake

As for their Tiramisu Pancake, there was nothing distinctively “tiramisu” about it, apart from the cocoa powder dusting. Nevertheless, it was still pretty delicious.

19Tea Signature Milk Tea

Of course, we couldn’t leave without getting one of their milk teas. We ordered their Signature Milk Tea (S$5.10), a classic brown sugar boba milk tea. Sadly, it missed the mark. The milk tea was too thin and the pearls were too dense.

Overall, we can’t see ourselves making a trip to Tampines just for 19Tea. But, if you’re looking for an aesthetic backdrop for an Instagrammable photo, this is the place to hit up.

1 Tampines Walk, Tampines Hub, #01-82
Singapore 528523
Sun – Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat: 11am – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Tampines