Republic Plaza Food Guide – 12 Wallet-friendly Lunch Deals Under S$15 To Try

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Working in the heart of Singapore’s CBD can be tough — splurging on overpriced, mediocre lunches is something that every white-collared worker has gradually gotten used to. However, we have got you covered to save you from burning an unnecessary hole in your wallet! 

Nestled within Raffles Place is Republic Plaza, a flourishing office building that has introduced new eateries in their all-encompassing retail enclave serving affordable, delicious lunch fare. These lunch spots at Republic Plaza offer lunch deals under S$15! 

Now, you can dine with your kakis and feast on fantastic nosh as much as you want without fretting about needing to scrimp and save for lunch tomorrow. From healthy salads to traditional local delicacies and even nutritious herbal soups, there is something for everyone at Republic Plaza.

Big Daddy Cover


Big Daddy is a relatively new kid on the block which offers wholesome, hearty protein bowls.

This is the restaurant to make a beeline for if you are craving a well-balanced lunch consisting of a mixture of delicious fibres, protein, and carbs. Depending on your choice of protein bowls, it will all be generously topped with a variety of sides.

Big Daddy Dishes

Highlights of their menu include the well-received Grilled Wagyu Beef (S$13.90) and Norwegian Salmon (S$11.90), which are both appetisingly plated with colourful, crunchy sides and runny egg. The beef bowl was our favourite; each beef cube was grilled to perfection to ensure diners taste its utmost smokiness and char.

Accompanying each rice bowl is their specialty dressings, such as the iconic Peri Peri and Mentaiko Sauce.

Big Daddy
9 Raffles Place
#02-04 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Cedele Cover


Diners looking to dine at a crisp, comfortable lunch spot will love Cedele which provides an extensive sweet and savoury menu. Expect nothing less than quality food at reasonable prices here.

Cedele Dishes

For the health conscious, we would recommend their Grilled Beetroot Patty and Avocado Plant-based Sandwich, which is served together with a small bowl of soup (S$11.50).

The Cake Set (S$10) includes both a chunky cake slice and a choice of either Wellness Tea or Hot Organic Black Coffee; we had their iconic Carrot Walnut Cake — each thick layer was coated with cream cheese and studded with dozens of walnuts, leaving us hankering for more of their sweet treats.

9 Raffles Place
#01-08 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 6974 6201
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Heybo Cover


Hitting the CBD area is a popular eatery, Heybo, touting a “feel good fast food” concept. Churning out build-your-own grain bowls, each meal is prepared within a couple of minutes and is chock full of nutrients, flavour and ingredients.

Heybo Dishes

The Kampong Table (S$9.90) is one of their most popular items on the menu. Served with mixed grains and grilled lemongrass chicken, this is a bowl that will surely remind you of the good ol’ days hanging out at the kampong with your pals.

Fish lovers can also opt for their Mighty Mekong (S$9.90) that is served with baked chilli dory. Those who also prefer something a little more traditional will like their Spice Trade (S$9.90), which is served with cauliflower rice and lentils, falafels, fried eggplants and murukku crackers.

9 Raffles Place
#01-04/05 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 6974 6209
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Knead to Eat Cover


Offering sumptuous, humongous portions of sandwiches and toasts, Knead To Eat serves grab-and-go meals for diners on a short lunch break.

Now, you do not need to skimp on lunch! Take a short walk down to the basement, grab your desired sandwich of the day, and munch on a hearty takeaway meal in the office.

Knead to Eat Dishes

We would recommend trying their Wholesome Chicken Avo (S$9.90); the multigrain sandwich is lightly toasted and charred, while their chicken slices were thick and succulent. Chunkily filled with a variety of greens, the bread was also huge in portion and kept us full for the rest of the day!

Knead To Eat 
9 Raffles Place
#B1-14 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 6702 0887
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Kueh and Mee Cover


Kueh & Mee is a humble eatery serving up traditional Indonesian comfort food, handmade kuehs and local delicacies.

Kueh & Mee Dishes

Get a taste of the past with their Asian Delight Set (up to S$7.90)! Indulge in a diverse selection of familiar comfort food including their Signature Mee Siam, Mee Rebus and Indonesian Nasi Uduk, all of which are accompanied by either Kopi or Teh.

A meal is also never complete without desserts! Sticklers for tradition will love the array of sweet treats Kueh & Mee has to offer — nothing hipster or modern, they specialise in old-fashioned Indonesian kueh-kueh and cakes which are all lovingly baked daily to ensure freshness and is sure to stir a sense of nostalgia in you.

Kueh & Mee
9 Raffles Place
#B1-20 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 6226 2516
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Ramen Hitoyoshi Cover


Fans of ramen rejoice! Known for being one of the better Tonkotsu ramen chains in Singapore, the prominent noodle restaurant has opened its doors at Republic Plaza and is dedicated to serving the busy office crowd its signature Tonkotsu ramen.

Other than Tonkotsu ramen, they also dish out donburis and sides.

Ramen Hitoyoshi Dishes

The pork bone broth is tediously prepared to ensure a thick, rich, flavour. It is then garnished with huge chashu pieces and Ajitamago. Spice lovers should definitely try their Spicy Tonkotsu With Ajitamago (S$14.90); chewy noodles sit upon a fiery broth, guaranteed to leave your tongue numb and give “mala” a run for its money.

Those who also prefer the original will love their signature Tonkotsu with Ajitamago (S$13.90), while diners craving for a dish much more familiar and homely can go for their Chashu Chahan (S$11.90), a chashu, egg and rice combination.

Ramen Hitoyoshi 
9 Raffles Place
#02-13/14 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Salad Stop Cover


Satisfy your cravings with SaladStop yummy nutritional wraps, warm grain bowls and hearty soups! Nothing is better than being able to enjoy a nourishing meal that is not just affordable, but tasty.

The highlight here at SaladStop! is their salads. Each signature salad is topped with a myriad of greens, such as lettuce and mixed grains depending on your choice of salad; you can also create your own wrap or grain bowl.

Salad Stop Dishes

Fans of fish will love their Tuna San (S$13.80), a wholesome salad plated with freshly seared tuna and avocado. Their Sabai Sabai (S$13.80) and Beyond Me Salad (S$13.80) are other crowd-favourite items on their menu as well.

For drinks, definitely check their smoothies out! We had Get Shrek’d (S$8.00) and Berrylicious (S$8.00), and we absolutely loved the latter. Well-blended with a combination of various berries, the smoothie was refreshing and definitely perked up our day.

9 Raffles Place
#B1-21 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 6974 4223
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Simple Burger Cover


This wallet-friendly burger joint serves up a mouthwatering selection of burgers and toasts. They even have an array of ingredients where diners can choose to customise their own free-flow fillings.

SIMPLEburger.Inc stands out with its tasty burgers and well-grilled thick patties. You can choose to order them a la carte or in a set, which comes with a side of either rosti or fries.

Simple Burger Dishes

We will go out on a limb to say that the Natural Beef Burger with Fries (S$11) was one of the best burgers we have had in a while; the burger consisted of a succulent meat patty and fluffy toasted buns. Made with a mixture of premium beef cuts, the Natural Beef Patty was unseasoned to let its natural flavours shine, then grilled to a perfect medium doneness.

9 Raffles Place
#B1-02 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 6285 8839
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Sukhumvit 100 Cover


Sukhumvit 100 is a new takeaway kiosk at the basement of Republic Plaza dishing out well-loved Thai favourites.

You can watch the chef behind the wok up close in action as he cooks your food and get a whiff of the aromatic fragrance from the Thai spices used! Every dish on their menu — from their Beef Boat Noodles to the Traditional Phad Thai — is guaranteed to bring you right to the heart of Thailand and allow you to experience their local flavours.

Sukhumvit 100 Dishes

Sukhumvit 100′s Beef Boat Noodles (S$7.90) brings back fond memories of the Thai Boat Noodles that we had in Thailand! Each strand of rice noodle is deliciously soaked in a herbaceous beef broth and has just the right texture of springiness.

Their Crab Meat Fried Rice with XO Sauce (S$11.90) was also a winner for us — huge tender chunks of crab meat mixed with polished white rice and eggs, what’s not to love?

Sukhumvit 100 
9 Raffles Place
#B1-18 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 9485 9909
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

The Herbal Bar Cover


The Herbal Bar at Republic Plaza is known for a spread of nutritious dishes and herbal soups that has followed their family for four generations! The soups were originally created by the owner’s mother, a TCM physician of over forty years, who wanted to incorporate Chinese medicinal elements and herbs in her traditional soups. 

The Herbal Bar specialises in serving a comprehensive menu of natural, nutritious dishes that are gluten and MSG-free with less salt, sugar, and oil. They even have homemade Chuan Bei Almond drinks which give you the taste of each Chinese almond nut due to the stone grind that they use!

The Herbal Bar Dishes

Try out their signature soups that come in a set: the Chinese Cabbage Fish Maw and Handmade Meatballs Soup with Chicken Stew Meesua Set (S$13.80), and Ginseng Chicken Soup Rice Set with Herbal Tea Egg (S$13.10).

Expect nothing less than strong, wholesome soups that are full of herbaceous, authentic flavour. They also serve sides to complement your meal! We went for their Oriental Salad with Black Fungus and Lotus Roots (S$3.80) and a small platter of Homemade Dumplings (S$4.80). This is the place to go for if you would love to try wholesome Chinese food!

The Herbal Bar  
9 Raffles Place
#B1-22 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 9185 2835
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Uncle Ho Cover


Feast upon a myriad of authentic Hanoi delicacies at Uncle Ho’s Cafe and experience a sensational culinary journey with their authentic Vietnamese dishes! If you think Vietnamese food is only about pho or banh mi, this rustic cafe will be sure to prove you wrong and leave you impressed with other lesser-known delectables.

Uncle Ho Dishes

The star of the show is none other than their House Special Hanoi Buncha (S$13.90): a sweet, tangy broth consisting of a meaty mixture and pickled vegetables, meant to be eaten soba-style. Throw in the platter of cooked rice vermicelli and vegetables, give the combination a good mix, and you are good to go!

The Banh-Mi (Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich) also deserves mention. It is freshly baked in-house daily in the morning, resulting in a crispy crust and a soft inside with a mouthwatering roasted flavour. The Banh-Mi can be ordered with a variety of meat or vegan fillings (from S$8.90). For salad lovers, the Banana Flower with Chicken Salad (S$12.90) tossed with a special home-made dressing is a must-try.

The other highlight would also be their House Blend Vietnamese Hot Drip Coffee (S$5.80) — made from three different coffee blends and served with a metal filter, you get to savour your cuppa as it slowly blends into a cohesive mixture of both sweet and bitter nuances.

Uncle Ho’s Cafe  
9 Raffles Place
#02-05 Republic Plaza II
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 9185 2835
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Din Tai Fung Fried Rice with Shrimps and Eggs


Locals are all familiar with the household name, Din Tai Fung, the famous restaurant known for their legendary Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao, fried rice and noodles. They have recently opened their latest restaurant at Republic Plaza, and diners around the CBD area can now stop by and relish in the true Taiwanese dining experience!

Din Tai Fung - Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao

Every true blue Singaporean has got to sample their signature Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao, which is available in a basket of five (S$7.30) at the Republic Plaza restaurant. A delicate dumpling with a minimum of 18 exquisite folds, it contains a lean, juicy meat filling wrapped in a silky smooth skin.

Check out their Steamed Yam Xiao Long Bao (5pc/S$7) as well! Featuring a unique flavour, the Premium Thai-imported yam is first mashed, then enveloped in skin and steamed. Do not miss out on their other well-loved classics such as their Fried Rice with Shrimps & Eggs (S$13.80) or Crispy Golden Prawn Pancakes (S$11) either!

Din Tai Fung
9 Raffles Place
#02-08 Republic Plaza II
Singapore 048619
Tel: +65 6226 6988
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

Besides the attractive lunch options, all below S$15, some of the outlets are also open for dinner. So, if you are working late in the area, or too lazy to stop by somewhere for some quality dinner, pop by Republic Plaza to end off the day on a scrumptious note.

This post was brought to you by Republic Plaza.