Candlenut – The Hits & Misses Of Singapore’s Only Michelin-Starred Peranakan Restaurant

Candlenut Collage

Boasting high ceilings, a bigger space and decked out in Peranakan-inspired tiles and furnishings, one-Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant Candlenut offers an Omakase menu—which they cheekily call ‘Ahmakase’.

The restaurant has a different, somewhat contemporary approach towards Peranakan cuisine, delving away from traditional methods.

Boasting a wider array of dishes (ranging between S$20 – S$30 each), we got to try a good many dishes, with our favourites being the Blue Swimmer Crab Curry, Turmeric, Galangal, Kaffir Lime Leaf and Westholme Wagyu Beef Rib Rendang, Serunding, Turmeric Leaf.

Candlenut Assam Prawn with Stink Bean

The Wok Fried Tiger Prawns, Petai Beans, Tamarind, Fried Shallots (S$28++) comes with plenty of crunch from the vegetables and the tamarind provided a sourish tinge to the dish. The prawns were sweet, succulent and complemented the strong flavours of the petai well.

Candlenut Blue Swimmer Crab Turmeric Lemak, Sweet Potato Leaf

The Blue Swimmer Crab Curry, Turmeric, Galangal, Kaffir Lime Leaf (S$32++) is something that instantly stole our hearts. The dish sees a generous portion of de-shelled crab, so much such that every scoop is riddled with bits, if not chunks, of fleshy crab meat.

The curry is spicy and rich in coconut, but just enough to give you that rich creaminess without overcompensating for the natural sweetness of the crab.

Candlenut Kueh Pie Tee

Executed decently but with room to improve, their Homemade Kueh Pie Tee Shell, Braised Local Turnip, Pork Belly, Prawns (S$20++) comes with 4 shells and a platter of ingredients for you to craft your own one-biter.

The ingredients were fresh and immaculately prepared, however, the turnip filling was a tad underwhelming with regards to seasoning. A quality that no amount of sweet sauce nor chilli can do to salvage, unfortunately.

Candlenut Lamb Skewers

An interesting take on the classic satay, the allure of this dish would be the choice of meat used. Kurobuta pork from Snake River Farm is known to be extremely well-marbled, tender and flavourful.

Licked with a sweet kicap manis glaze every few turns and allowed to develop a deep, caramel-coloured char on the outside, the skewers were truly sublime in both aroma and flavour, penetrating down deep into the meat.

Candlenut Ice Cream

An interesting dessert that comprises one of Nonya cuisines most prized ingredient, the Buah Keluak Ice Cream, Valrhona Chocolate, Chilli, Warm Chocolate Espuma (S$15++) intrigues with its nutty flavour and quirky make-up, that sees granules of pop rocks and chocolate.

Not something we would consider getting a second time, but it’s worth a try for its creativity.

Candlenut Interior

COMO Dempsey
17A Dempsey Road,
Singapore 249676
Tel: +65 1800 304 2288
Daily: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Farrer Road