Bollywood Veggies – A Hidden Sanctuary In Kranji With A Multisensory Farm Tour

Bollywood Veggies Poison Ivy

An oasis hidden away from the ever-buzzing activity of our little island nation, Bollywood Veggies is a lush and rustic getaway situated in the countryside of Kranji to allow visitors to appreciate the simple yet often overlooked pleasures in life.

Bollywood Veggies was started in 2000 by Ivy Singh and her husband, Lim Ho Seng. Named after Ivy’s half-Indian heritage, and inspired by the lively personality of Bollywood, the 10-acre wide farm boasts plenty of family-friendly activities to spend the day with the kids.

Bollywood Veggies Farm Tour

Educate the children on how fruits and vegetables are grown and end up on the shelves in our supermarkets, or simply take in the many breathtaking shades of green here. The farm has a wide diversity of plants and edibles grown for visitors to explore.

Set with a rustic touch, with charming signs that are painted by hand in shades of dark green and warm yellow, Bollywood Veggies is a true gem of Singapore. The flourishing plant life here is grown without the use of pesticides, growth hormones and chemical fertilisers. This is to ensure that the local produce that is shared for eating is readily consumable.

Bollywood Veggies

Ivy places heavy emphasis on protecting our natural environments in Singapore, which is also why Bollywood Veggies offers a detailed farm tour amongst the myriad of other fun activities you can discover here.

Join the Bollywood farm tour led by Bollywood Veggies’ experienced and friendly guides where visitors are invited to use all of their senses to discover the thriving plant life the farm has to offer. Touch, smell and taste the herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables; we can think of no better way to experience the farm.

As Singapore’s largest producer of bananas, Bollywood Veggies has over 20 types of bananas grown here! You definitely have to try some while on the tour, these bananas have a creamy texture and a natural sweetness, unlike other bananas.

Bollywood Veggies Farm

Amongst a multitude of lessons on which herbs help to cure certain ailments and gawking at the abundance of shrubbery here, a valuable takeaway from the farm tour would be the message of sustainable living and planet-friendly farming.

Regardless of your age, background or nationality, there is something we can all learn at Bollywood Veggies to benefit and protect the natural habitats surrounding us. From plant potting sessions to terrarium making and rice planting in the paddies, this farm is filled with exciting activities that the whole family can discover.

Poison Ivy Bistro

Poison Ivy Bistro Group Shot

After a long and hot day out in the farm, head over to Poison Ivy Bistro. Opened in 2005, the bistro features farm-to-table local and fusion dishes and provides air conditioning; a welcoming escape from the scorching heat outside.

A popular hangout amongst locals, we were not surprised to see the place filled with regulars on a weekday for lunchtime.

Poison Ivy Bistro Nasi Lemak

The Nasi Lemak Platter (S$12) was served to us with generous portions that enticed our senses the moment it reached our table. The fragrant rice stood out to us instantly, being beautifully coloured in a blue that is naturally derived from organic blue pea flowers.

We enjoyed pairing the sayur lodeh with the rice as it made for an aromatic combination due to the presence of coconut in both.

Poison Ivy Bistro Warrior Thali

The Warrior’s Thali (S$14) is for those looking for something even heartier and more wholesome with the plethora of side dishes that it is served with.

Dig into the Warrior’s Fish, which is a dish of battered deep-fried fish with a tangy sweet and sour sauce. Lightly battered and non-greasy, the moringa tempura was a delight to munch on with the fresh and crisp earthy taste.

Poison Ivy Bistro Curry Chicken

We also had the Chicken Curry (S$12) which was served with a side of oven-baked prata.

An unconventional method of preparing prata, the flatbread was crispier and flakier which complemented the chicken curry nicely.

Bollywood Veggies
100 Neo Tiew Rd
Singapore 719026
Tel: +65 6898 5001
Wed to Fri: 8am – 5.30pm
Sat & Sun: 8am – 6.30pm