Asian Rad Afters – Instagrammable Bubble Waffle From Japan Opens in Singapore

Asian Rad Afters Waffle Compilation

Hailing from Osaka, Asian Rad Afters specializes in beautifully handcrafted egglet waffles, of which they have termed “Bubble Waffles”. They are served with various flavours of ice cream and a plethora of delicious toppings.

They have finally opened up a small storefront at hipster cafe-hopper paradise, Bali Lane, and have created a special Singapore-exclusive menu for their brand new outlet!

Asian Rad Afters Exterior

The storefront is conveniently located at the front of Bali Lane, along the same street as other well-known cafes such as Stateland Cafe and Krave. The space sports a bright aqua coloured exterior with floral decor that is hard to miss.


Asian Rad Afters Egglet Waffle

Some of the flavours they offer in Osaka for their Bubble Waffles range are the Nutty Caramel (topped with banana slices, caramel, nuts and popcorn), Very Berry Chocolate (topped with dried berries, nuts and oreo) and their ever-popular Blue City Chocolate (topped with oreo, blue whipped cream, popcorn, nuts and banana slices).

Asian rad Afters compilation

For their Singapore outlet at Bali Lane, they have released a special lineup of fruity desserts and colourful drinks, featuring all sorts of tropical fruits that Singapore has to offer. Their signature Bubble Waffles will be topped with dragonfruit, pineapple and fruit loops, named Peranakan Road. Their tropical fruit parfaits, coined “Fruitful Day”, are topped with pineapples, strawberries, kiwis and more pineapple.

For drinks, you can expect four fruity refreshers (from left to right): Princess Yang Kweifei, Kuta Beach, Arabian Nights and Bonsai Citrus. Like the rest of their Singapore-exclusive menu, their drinks are also made with various tropical fruits and citrus.

Give their beautiful ice-cream filled bubble waffles a try if you’re in the area and maybe you can update your Instagram feed while you’re at it, too!

Asian Rad Afters
33 Bali Lane
Singapore 189869
Nearest Station: Bugis

(All photo credits to Asian Rad Afters Facebook and Instagram)