NY Night Market – Next-Level Korean-Western Fusion Food With 30cm Steak Frites

NY Night Market Singapore

More than just another Korean restaurant dishing out your typical Korean stews, fried chicken and soju, NY Night Market impresses with its unique, over-the-top renditions of popular Korean delicacies. No, this is far more than just another joint for you to drown out your post-Seoul vacation blues.

Hailing from Seoul, this restaurant brings to Singapore a taste of new-age, contemporary cuisine fusing the best of both Western and Korean influences. Imagine this: the vibrant cuisine of cosmopolitan New York City intermingling with the nuanced, hearty flavours of Korea. The result? A smorgasbord of mouthwatering delights that are just too decadent to handle—on your own at least. Nearly everything on the menu comes laden with melted cheese, cream or bacon which is never a bad idea—unless you’re dieting.

There are so many items to choose from, each with its own unique quirks and delicious appeal, but if we had to pick a favourite, we’d easily go for their M.A.C Feat Bacon (a twist on the classic mac & cheese) as well as their unique take on a Korean classic, Budaejjigae—a dish that sees a heaping mound of bulgogi beef and a jumbo pork sausage on top of the usual trimmings.

We hope you brought along your appetite because NY Night Market is anything but light, what you can expect is a full-on feast of next-level fusion food—one that perfectly fuses the best of Korean comfort food and New York City-style attitude.

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NY Night Market Waterfall Cheese Shrimp


If you love the crunchy texture of fresh shrimp, as well as the idea of warm, savoury liquified cheese, doused over its sweet flesh then their Waterfall Cheese Shrimp (S$14.90++) will work up to be quite the treat.

The shrimps are first grilled along with a combination of herbs, vegetables and simple seasonings before being covered with a generous pour of melted cheese. The cheese sauce here is a combination of mozzarella and emmental—which is mildly sharp, buttery, slightly nutty but more importantly, stretchy enough to give you a satisfying cheese pull.

NY Night Market Cream The Curry


A dish that packs serious heat and comes with a rather intimidating surprise is their Cream The Curry (S$14.90++). The dish arrives looking rather uninspiring at first, but not until a heaping mound of whipped cream is layered over it. Dig in through the layer of cloud-like cream to reveal a layer of chewy Korean rice cakes swimming in a lip-smacking red curry along with a handful of softened bell peppers.

Spicy, sweet and creamy all in one mouthful, this velvety smooth mammoth of a dish is given a sprinkling of curry powder as a finishing touch. Warm, savoury and oozing with a milky richness, this dish is one that really grows on you.

NY Night Market Waterfall Cheese Steak


If you’ve never experienced a proper cheese raclette meal before, you haven’t missed out on much and we’re willing to go as far as to say that their Waterfall Cheese Steak (S$15.90++) is heaps better than the posh Swiss delicacy.

Certainly gimmicky, the dish sees chunks of sautéed beef on a hot plate loaded with sweet cherry tomatoes, broccoli coated in barbecue sauce before a cascade of cheese sauce is poured over top. Beyond the drama aspect of it, the dish was actually pretty good. The beef cubes were soft, tender and juicy and the cheese sauce complemented the sweet barbecue sauce well.

NY Night Market Bacon Sandwich


Korean sandwiches have been the fad as of late, but trust NY Night Market to do more than just serve up everyday sandwiches. Available from 8am to 6pm daily at NY Night Market’s 313 Somerset outlet only, tuck into a wide variety of sandwich options spanning the humble Bulgogi Babe (S$7.90++) to the bacon and cheese loaded You’re Bacon Me Hungry (S$7.90++).

More than your everyday bacon sandwich, their version is essentially a big breakfast compressed between two slices of toasted brioche, the contents of which see generous strips of fried bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brown, cheese, shredded cabbage, their house-made jam and tartar sauce. For lack of a better word, it was divine. It has everything you’d want in a sandwich from the fried, greasy components to the sweet, savoury and tangy profiles that make it incredibly addictive.

Mac & Cheese NY Night Market


What’s a cheese-forward menu without a section dedicated to the comfort food classic, Mac & Cheese? Here they have 3 varieties for you to choose from but we opted for the M.A.C feat Bacon (S$11.90++).

Enhanced with lashings of potato and bacon bits, the dish had a nice, smooth texture underscored by a rich, smoky and savoury flavour. Cheesy and all in all satisfying, this is one dish we wouldn’t mind stuffing ourselves with as we binge on Netflix.

Beef Leek Pizza NY Night Market


The Beef Leek Pizza (S$15.90++) is a treat for meat lovers. Think thin slices of medium-rare steak neatly laid over a crispy tortilla sheet brushed generously with a sweet, luscious barbecue sauce with bits of savoury leeks scattered around. The result? A crispy, thin-crusted pizza oozing with sweet, smoky and beefy flavours, accompanied by a fragrant, umami hum from the sautéed leeks.

NY Night Market Budae Jigae


If you take a classic Korean army stew, load it up with a jumbo pork sausage that’s long enough to line the circumference of a round dish, bulgogi beef, melted cheese and possibly a pump of steroids as well, you might end up with something that’s a fraction of NY Night Market’s Budaejjigae (S$18.90++).

It is what it is—a heart attack in a pot—but for what it’s worth, it is essentially a pot brimming with both fried and stewed goodies, closely resembling a classic Korean army stew but double the satisfaction.

30CM Steak Frites NY Night Market


The crème de la crème of all of NY Night Markets steak offerings has got to be their colossal 30cm Steak Frites (S$22.90++). A feast for the eyes, what you get is a 30cm board that’s topped generously with grilled ribeye along with thick-cut fries and a medley of roasted vegetables.

NY Night Market Rosti


Made with finely shredded russets, the Rosti & Beef (S$11.90++) was crispy around the edges but pillowy soft in the middle. Topped with a dollop of sour cream, the sharp, creamy flavour of it did well to balance out the sweet, intensely meaty flavours of the bulgogi beef.

Although this dish is by no means American or Korean—it’s actually Swiss—we must admit that they were pretty spot-on with their own rendition of it.

NY Night Market Pasta De Dak-Galbi


The Pasta Dak-Galbi (S$17.90++) is a whimsical, calorie-dense fusion dish comprising the likes of Korean dak galbi (spicy grilled chicken) and an assortment of vegetables with a heaping mound of spaghetti covered in a sweet, tangy tomato sauce and topped with gooey melted cheese. Not for the faint of heart, this pasta dish packs an intense fiery punch and you’ll likely be needing to gulp down a drink two bites in.

NY Night Market All-in Platter


If you’re finding it hard to decide on a specific dish to order, why not order up a bit of everything to try? Provided you’re in a group with people who can seriously eat, order up the All-In (S$34.90++), a ginormous sharing platter comprising steak, shrimp, grilled pork, mac & cheese, bread rolls as well as an assortment of dipping sauces for you to choose from.

This really had us stuffed but if we’re talking about some of the best sharing platters we’ve ever had, this would easily come up among our top three. Every component was cooked perfectly, from the crunchy, lightly spiced skewered shrimps to the pink-hued medium-rare steaks.

From 21 March to 10 April 2019, our readers can quote “ladyironchef” to enjoy the following discounts at NY Night Market:

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