Burger & Lobster Singapore Is Opening On 20 May 2019

Burger & Lobster

The famous London dining concept Burger & Lobster is finally opening in Singapore on 20 May 2019 with its first outlet at Jewel Changi Airport.

This isn’t the restaurant chain’s first outlet in Asia—there’s one at Genting Highlands and another in Bangkok—but we are glad that there is no need to cross the borders anymore if we want to have a taste of their iconic grilled lobster and lobster roll.

Burger & Lobster Singapore will be located at the Canopy Park on Jewel’s topmost level. Changi Airport has just announced that Jewel Changi Airport will be opening on 17 April 2019, but the Canopy Park will be open to the public only in the middle of the year.

Are you ready for Lobster and Burger to open at Jewel Changi Airport? We definitely are!

Burger and Lobster Singapore

Burger & Lobster Grilled Lobster

For those of you who are not familiar with Burger & Lobster, its rustic, yet luxurious concept is fairly straightforward—diners choose among three options on the menu that see the likes of burger, lobster and lobster roll.

Burger & Lobster Lobster Roll

Other than the three main dishes, you can also look forward to new dishes that are inspired by local flavours at the Singapore outpost.

Burger & Lobster Lobster Roll

As mentioned earlier, Burger & Lobster is opening its first Singapore outlet at Jewel Changi Airport and we have no doubts that the queue will be insane! The 81-seater restaurant is going to comprise both seating areas and a bar, just like how its London restaurants are. There will be live lobster tanks too.

The prices of the dishes are unknown so far, but we heard from the Marketing Manager himself that the menu is going to be very similar to London’s where you get a burger option, lobster rolls and whole lobsters, along with some side dishes.

With the opening of Pokémon Centre, A&W, Shake Shack and Burger & Lobster, Jewel Changi Airport is set to be the dining destination in Singapore.

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