Pokémon Centre Set To Open In Jewel Changi Airport – The First Ever Outside Of Japan


Singapore? I choose you!

The world’s only Pokémon Centre outside of Japan is set to open in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport next year. As with every Pokémon Centre, you can expect to find seasonal and regional exclusive toys, stationery, trading cards, jewellery and even chopsticks!

Pokemon Packaged Bun

This follows a positive response from a Pokémon event held at Changi Airport in 2016. It’s safe to say considering how we absolutely love Pikachu mascot appearances from events like Natsu Matsuri, Pokémon pop-up cafes, Pokémon Run and the surprising enthusiasm of those who still play Pokémon Go!, that we would absolutely love having a Pokémon Centre here in Singapore too.

Longtime connoisseurs and fans would be elated to know they no longer have to travel out of the country—whether to Japan for their Pokémon Centres or even Hong Kong for their Pokémon Hub—just to get their favourite Pokémons now!

Jewel Changi Airport

Photo Credit: TODAYonline

Apart from the Pokémon Centre, you can also expect many more shops and brands to open alongside them when Jewel Changi Airport opens its doors next years. Other popular names include Shake Shack, A&W, Pink Fish, Nike, Naiise and more. Jewel Changi Airport will also feature Singapore’s largest indoor garden; known as “Forest Valley”, as well as a 40-metre tall indoor waterfall.

Excited? So are we! While we still await more news regarding the Pokémon Centre’s eventual opening date, we know for sure we definitely won’t be disappointed.