iShopChangi – 5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online For Duty-Free Products Before Your Flight


What is iShopChangi? It is a godsend for all online shoppers. Tax-free shopping is always a good idea.

iShopChangi is basically Changi Airport’s online shopping portal that allows you to do your duty-free shopping prior to your flight, so as to avoid any time wastage or rush at the airport. Shop at the comfort of your home, shop at your own time and pace, and simply pick up your loots at the iShopChangi Collection Centres before boarding for your flight, or with the collection-on arrival service when you return.


How easy and fuss-free, right? You can shop over 6000 products from 400 different brands online at iShopChangi, and the purchases can be made two weeks in advance to 18 hours before your flight. So you really need not hurry through pre-flight immigration.

From wine and spirits, to beauty products and electronics, the prices are arguably cheaper than that of city’s. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online For Duty Free Products Before Your Flight. You can also stand a chance to win up to S$888* this CNY! Scroll down to find out more.


12 Things You Never Knew About Singapore Changi Airport

Changi Airport Guide

For frequent travellers like us, Singapore Changi Airport feels like our second home. But even though we head there on a monthly basis, we were somewhat astonished by how little we knew about our beloved airport – until a recent life-changing tour that had us falling in love with our world class airport on a whole new level.

From catching a free movie at the airport’s theatre, to taking a stroll at the Sunflower Garden and the Butterfly Garden – there are so many things to do, see and eat at Changi Airport before catching your flight. The next time you go on a holiday, be sure to arrive early at the airport because your holiday truly begins at Singapore Changi Airport.

Here are 12 things you never knew about Changi Airport.


Singapore Changi Airport, My Favourite Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

Chasing planes is always a thrill that adds on to the entire travel experience, and this was what we used to enjoy, until we got spoilt by Changi Airport and decided we all need a travel ritual to kickstart a true blue holiday.

No two airports are identical, and for that, Changi Airport is outstanding and amongst the best in the world. A holiday actually begins at Changi Airport, because our award-winning international airport has an enthralling list of offerings that makes it all worthwhile to check-in early so as to enjoy the facilities and amenities to its best.

Need to fill your tummy? The F&B options cater to different taste buds and time allowances. Whether you are rushing for a flight and need a quick take-out, or looking for a cosy diner to enjoy a meal with family and friends who are sending you off, there are plenty of options in both the public and transit areas.

Shopping at Changi Airport

And if you need to pick up duty-free items, the shopping is so irresistible that we strongly advise putting aside more time for some retail therapy. From perfumes and cosmetics, to books and electronics, you can find everything you need at Changi Airport.

Here is a guide to Changi Airport, featuring some of our favourite dining options, places to go, and things to see at the World’s best airport.